fkn perfect

Thank you Carissa @leavingforever for tagging me as always! 

Rules: Choose 5 friends of yours and write a 3-5 sentence paragraph about each of them. Then tag 5 other people (they can also be the friends you’ve chosen) 💖💖

@princediana​; Nic, She’s my rock. She’s my first fandom best friend. I been kinda using her as a vent and therapy session lately. I’m always apologizing for that also. We met last year in 2016, i don’t communicate make friends easily and Nic kinda took me under her wing and made me feel so loved. I will never forget her honestly she’s one of the best humans i ever come across. Oh by the way ladies, she’s taken. She has the biggest crush on emily prentiss, and our new dc lady Diana Prince obviously. She’s the emily to my jennifer honestly. I will always be grateful having her by my side. ALWAYS. i love you so fkn much, love! 

@afreefallingfeather; Kait, She’s my best friend since she was about thirteen. We met through online also. She’s literally my soul mate. Not my boyfriend corey. HER. We had a gap in our friendship for several years we finally december 2016 got everything out in the open and fixed all the miscommunication. We been sewn to each others hip ever since! Literally no day goes by now we don’t text or skype, even a short facetime call. When i gave up hope, she was there. Even when we didn’t speak on speaking terms she found a way to check up on me i will never forget that. She’s always been like my guardian angel. When we met i was like her big sis and she’s my little. Sorority talk guys. Anyways, I’m so excited for the end of 2017 for our first disney world trip! This will be our second meeting vacation together! I will finally get to see hogwarts all the little shops! I’m so excited! i love you so much, Kaitlin Ashley. You’re the love of my life. When we’re older and in rocking chairs i will still be holding your hand till the end. You’re still so damn beautiful, best view to see! :* xo 

@leavingforever; Carissa, She was my first friend i met on my luxury blog. As i was jealous of her html skills and making me so confused and lost. We still to this day from our busy schedules try to keep up with each other and fill each other in on what’s going on. Lately, we been distant i hope to get back to talking over the spring and summer. She’s one of the most incredible kind people i met. She’d probably do anything for anyone. Such a sweetheart! So check her out, drop her a message even. Love you bunches, Car <3;

(Most of my friends have kinda hiatus and been deactivated so, oh well. I’ll add the two blogs i do enjoy viewing the most though) 

@stilestlinksi; I stalk her honestly a lot, she has one of the best psds i enjoy. I love colorful gifs and icons what can i say? opps. 

@elizabethscooper; Carol. I came across her blog she’s kinda my tumblr platonic crush. We both had a love for haley james scott. Her gifs are absolutely beautiful, all her creations in fact. She’s one of the most sweet, and nice blogs i found. So check her out honestly. You won’t regret it! 

shit man i forgot how fucking hard on himself the mayor is