fkn perfect

How I feel about SVT's new title song...

I actually can’t.

“Dont Wanna Cry” is everything I could have asked for and more it’s literally so fkn perfect.

The vocals were all so so so strong, absolutely stunning and I almost lost it when Vernon started singing… that they had the rappers sing really showcases how multitalented the entire group is.

The choreo was so smooth like the transition from one move to another, from one formation to another was fucking flawless. Every move was powerful but also graceful and so meaningful. Like I don’t understand much Korean but watching the choreo… it was like watching a story unfold before my very eyes. I could almost feel the pain.

The song…

Good lord, the song is breathtaking. The music, the lyrics, the delivery, everything was spot on for me. I had my reservation about a more “ballad-y” song but damn, am I ready to swallow all of them. While it is definitely not as hype and happy as their previous title songs, it’s still not strictly speaking, a ballad. It still has a bit of that upbeat-ness that I’ve come to associate (and love) with Seventeen.

As for the members, I gotta say hip hop team surprised me. I know they could rap verses with power and might, literally spitting fire, but they took a complete turn by singing with such emotion. We’ve all joked by saying that Vernon has the weakest vocals but damn, this boy can sing.

Performance team. Wow. Jun’s part right at the chorus was so beautiful. The moves were smooth with a hard edge to them. The8, Hoshi and Dino equally outdid themselves during the entire song. I found my eyes automatically drawn to them because they just have this thing.

Vocal team. Well fuck. Joshua and Jeonghan improved so much. Undeniably, they are vocally weaker but wow. Joshua’s solo was so perfect. The lowkey falsetto resonated so deep in me. Like I gasped aloud when he started singing. Dk, Seungkwan and Woozi were naturally flawless. The first two introduced us to the chorus impeccably and with such emotion. Jeonghan’s part in the bridge is my favourite part. The falsetto. The emotion. The choreo. When I first heard it in the teaser, I couldn’t even believe it was him. He improved so much since debuting.

Al1 in al1 (heh), this title song has been perfect and I love it to bits. It might even be my new fav song. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves and it only serves to further prove how seventeen have so much potential in that they are not a one trick pony. They never stagnate and constantly find ways to surprise us.


Do yourself a favor && meet Björk. On September 22, 2017 this album will be twenty fkn years old. To think that this album came out when I was ten, long before I even met her is mind boggling. With the monotonous, recycled garbage you are met with today on the radio, I can’t stress how important it is for people to meet this lovely Icelandic lady. 

Her lyrics are beautifully written stories. The sounds are haunting, daunting, predatory at times. The music videos are fkn films!!!! Her fashion, her aesthetic is fkn art. Please, please please PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!!! Listen to her. She’s fkn brilliant

shit man i forgot how fucking hard on himself the mayor is

anonymous asked:

hey just wanted to say i've totally done the same thing, been slack and gained a tonne and feeling absolutely shit. and at lunch all my friend were talking bout body types and comparing each other and omg i was so fkn triggered i nearly cried fml especially when my best friend who has a fkn perfect body is like ew my legs are fat like can she fuck off srsly my legs are literally double hers

it’s a humongous trigger for me when someone who is thinner than me refers to themselves as fat or something.

i’ve done this before and it will only get worse and worse unless we get our shit together and make a change!!! stay safe and stay strong <3 xx