fkn hard

After a round of some very simple communication, Stan manages to convey that he is quite proficient in mechanics, but to his disappointment it wasn’t with much kindness that he was offered a job by this alien, it was for more labor with little to no pay. But as far as he cares at the moment it’s better than being stuck out in the multiverse with nothing to his name, fairing only a little better than he was on Earth before this catastrophe.

not to be dramatic or anything but sean is probably blaming himself to death knowing he couldn’t really save the mc and must think they’re dead and he can’t do anything about it and it’s probably killing him because he’s always trying to put everyone’s well being before him and now he couldn’t protect the mc, and it wasn’t his fault at all but he must think it is and it’s so unfair

“why are you so obsessed with rpdr?”

  • lgbtq+ media spotlight
  • the amazing (unfortunately sometimes sad) stories of the queens and their resilience (this is mostly why i added the “amazing” part)
  • rupaul(/mama ru)’s legendary speeches to the queens about their self worth and loving yourself and overcoming your inner demons
  • again, ru’s history lessons
  • the queens’ killer looks which take a lot of thought, mental prep, and hard fkn work
  • unique challenges that really strive to take people out of their comfort zones
  • judges that go in and really let them have it BUT only to challenge them to be themselves
  • “as gay people, we get to choose our families; we’re a family”
  • the fucking buffoonery that goes on in the workroom
  • THE CATCHPHRASES THAT ALWAYS SEEM TO CATCH ON (eg. IM NOT JOKING BITCH, girl look how orange you fuckin look, see me with them hands, this is some bullshit, etc.)
  • listening and seeing the queens overcome so much to get to where they are now
  • taking everything from rpdr and feeling better in my own skin? and being queer? i love it
  • also the looks (i’ve said this before but seriously)
  • also also the fucking T and shade because of the reality tv component to this

idk just SO MUCH?????????

hi yall 🌼

just thought i should let you know that starting tomorrow, i wont be as active as i usually am. i have a lot of stuff going on in real life and i really need to focus and figure everything out. and because of that i can’t be here as much as i would like to. i’m still gonna be here, you can still message me, please, it’s just gonna take
me a little more time to answer. i probably won’t be as active in gcs too (this one is gonna be painful, i love all of my gcs so much).i hope yall understand and i hope yall don’t forget my annoying ass!!!!! everything will probably go back to normal after the first week of november (hopefully).

i love all of you very very much 💕



inevii  asked:

how about pynch first date headcanons? or how they got together?? srsly you have the greatest hcs ever im reading through them all rn

-so they’ve discovered that they both like each other and have discussed it and what not but they have yet to go on an actual date

-so ronan passes adam a note during class (bc he is a middle school boy when it comes to flirting)

-it reads: do u want to go out with me? Circle yes or no

-he then passes it to tad who passes it to henry who passes it to gansey

-and ofcourse gansey assumes the note is for him bc the world revolves around gansey and god created the world so that gansey would have somewhere to stay (this dweeb my god)

-and he reads the note and ronan is watching him and shaking his head and making ridiculous hand gestures

-and gansey is mouthing what? to him but ronan can’t read lips and it’s a disaster

-the teacher notices and

-“Mr. Lynch what is going on?”

-“I was passing a note”

-“To whom?”


-“And what did the note say”

-“do u want to go out with me” says ronan proudly bc if there is one thing he is not ashamed of it is his love for adam parrish

-“Well Mr. Parrish?”

-adam at this point lifts his head, his face is bright red and goes “sir?”

-“Will you go out with Mr. Lynch?”

-the class fkn loses it

-“Um-yeah-I guess-sure” stammers mr.i got a 99 in English last semester I s2g

-“Well Mr. Lynch where will you be taking Mr. Parrish?”

-“Actually I hadn’t gotten that far yet”

-“Oh wonderful how about detention? After school? Great I’ll see you both there”

-and the teacher resumes teaching

im in the mood to like,,, straddle someone and let them cuddle me very tightly idk if that’s like oddly specific but that’s the feeling I’m yearning for rn and idk why,,, I need an s.o

do u ever start watching a cartoon while babysitting and develop headcanons that u really like and want to draw? 

idk what that background is tho im sorry i tried my best

Can I just rant!

Why do people still spell my last name wrong when They had a look at my ID. And the parcel I am picking up has the correct spelling! Why???? Is it so fkn hard to like fix it. I told the person and they said sorry and supposedly fixed it and gave me back the pdt to sign and it still had the incorrect spelling like fk sake people