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So first of all I love this tumblr and literally everything it has done to help me easily find Sterek goodness. Lately though I've been craving radio!Stiles and I saw your tag page for that tag, but there is only one fic. I was wondering if you've possibly stumbled upon another one? Or if maybe something else has? (I need more radio talk show Stiles in my life) :D Once again y'all rock.

all earz on me by theteapirate (1/1 | 26,448 | NC-17)

Stiles is a college radio DJ with a talent for pining and hooking up with douchebags. Derek is a college baseball player with a talent for eyebrows and misrepresenting himself. Neither boy is particularly talented at communication.

The Midnight Howl by skargasm (series wip | 12,487 | R)

Stiles is a radio show host who talks about the supernatural happenings in his home town of Beacon Hills. And if somehow his pack make their way into all of his chats - including ladies-man Isaac, his sexy fiance Derek - well it all just adds a personal touch!

Alpha Radio by EnchantedEvil (1/1 | 1,159 | G)

Stiles works at Alpha Radio. Derek is his boss.
Derek likes to remind him of that.

radio host derek:

Welcome to Casa McCallinski, Derek Hale by chantelle82 (1/1 | 5,278 | PG-13)

Scott and Stiles need a roommate. Derek needs a place to stay. The problem: He hosts a radio relationship advice show, “Love in the Afternoon with Derek Hale”; Stiles loathes him.

Part 1 of the The Rules of Romance

and this short ficlet