American Alpha barely get on TV, never get to promo, and then when they do get to have a match, their screen gets minimized so we can watch Shane McMahon slumping. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable deserve better tbh.


 *knock knock knock knock * 

Meadow: “Hi… we weren’t expecting you to come by…” 

Rowan: “Yeah, me and Willow were in the neighbourhood.”

Meadow: “Your sister, Willow?! It’s nice to finally meet you!”

Willow: “It’s nice meeting you too … um…???”

Rowan: “This is Meadow. And where’s the little dude?”

Willow:Little…? Rowan?!” 



June 4 2016 - The Scottish Defence League held an anti-refugee protest in Glasgow where tens of people showed up, as always containing some prime examples of the master race as you can see in the gifs. They stood around for about half an hour giving nazi salutes while being drowned out by the hundreds of antifascists who showed up to show their solidarity with the refugees and their opposition to racism and fascism. [video]

  • joshua speaking korean: hey i'm joshua, the one who speaks 5 languages, seventeen's gentleman joshua. say the name, seventeen!
  • joshua speaking english: HEY i'm JOSHUA !! have you watched SOUL EATER??!!I LOVE ANIME!!!! i L O V E chocolate and nutella, and sleeping and eating have you seen jeonghan, my ANGEL? he's so beautiful and gorgeous I'M BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS *randomly poses sexily and b-boys* wanna see me play guitar? i LOVE chocolate here lemme play my chocolate song for you-

Jasmine is over a lot … Gabriel might be regretting giving her the keys to his apartment.  She shows up uninvited when he’s at work to use his shower. 

Jasmine: “Come on, you need to go out once in a while!  What about the bar down the street… I hear it’s ‘singles night’. I’m not going alone.”

Gabriel: “Isn’t that the point of a ‘singles’ night?” 

Jasmine: “Exactly. Which is why you need to be there.”

Gabriel: “Why are you assuming I want to go? What makes you think I need a date?” 

Jasmine: “I dunno… you’re a slob that plays video games for a living and lives by himself and  is sometimes mistaken for being a vampire because you never see sunshine. At least get out sometime!” 

Gabriel: “I’ll have you know, young miss, that in fact, I do have a date.” 

Jasmine: “Your online Night Elf Druid girlfriend who lives in Canada doesn’t count.”  

Gabriel: “What? Wait… no. I’m seeing Willow.” 

Jasmine: !!!