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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (heaven 1) ~translation/traducción~

*Sorry for the mistakes~

Esta traducción esta en español abajo de todo

Place: City center

Ayato: —Where do you want to go now?
Yui: Hmm… Is there somewhere you want to go?
Ayato: Nope. I’m accompanying you today
Yui: Well then…
Yui: (Let’s go to the store we usually frequent)
Yui: (Wah! The people are bumping into me…!)

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Light Skin Girl Rant

If you believe all light skin black women live privileged lives please unfollow me. I mean have u seen my life? TF.  If I say “we are all black” you say i’m ignoring my privilege. I’m saying “we are all black” and i’m living a black womans life. Where is my privilege…more brain washed fk boys wanting to hump me than they do u? I’m not even being rude because this is what I see yall using as examples…black men like light skin girls more than dark skin girls. This is what I see yall saying everyday….But who is checking for these brain washed calcified fk boys? I been with my man for like 7 years. Its a revolution going on outside….real men are not still only looking at “redbones”. The ones that do are zombies and no one should b offended or hurt by a zombie….a soulless body. Ijs my hair gets kinky and nappy like urs….i’m in the hood with u…..i need to make sure my son gets to live a full life like u….i worry when my man leaves the house like u do….why do you want me to be an outcast? I cant fit in with the whites….i’m not white. Im black. WTF is wrong with yall….how can we get passed the “glorification” of light skin females if yall dont want to accept “we are all black”?