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you would think as people get older, they get less and less petty, but seeing CC literally change her twitter bio to “creator of the Shadowhunters…” is just so childish… why would you give them the rights to your books if you’ve never been pleased with the writers of the show??

Messing Around - Part 1

“Hey, here’s a thing

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DAY 1 - The Plan

“Alright so, here’s the plan!” A.A pulled a scroll out of her left sleeve, laying it across the table as Spark, Hawn and Char-Onan watched with curiosity and excitement. The paper had flashy titles with small sketches of the group and their victims in different positions. 

“Just before we start, Spark and I will be supervising all of this, just in case anything goes wrong. Plus, whenever we get a chance to talk to them, we’ll be building up Spark’s part of the plan. Alright?” They simultaneously nodded.

“Tomorrow, we’re going in slow, so that as the days progress, we can catch them by surprise! Therefore, Char-Onan is going to spend the day with them, just relaxing ya know? The calm before the storm.” She pointed to the first image, showing the fire dragon and the werewolves all cuddled up, sleeping together peacefully. The dragon gave a nod of approval, letting A.A continue talking. 

“Spark’s going to be there too, she’ll be acting more of a cat rather than her normal self during the days so that these lovely boys can get riled up into thinking more of a dog type of way.” 

“I hate how this plan is going but A.A promised me not to pull another one of her tricks on me for the next few months so… That’s a thing” Spark noted.

“Then the next day, Hawn’s going to be following them around, shining her lovely light to their surroundings. It’ll catch their attention and bring them to me. I’ll be able to spawn some nice toys for them to play with.”

“Erm… A.A, that kinda sounds… you know?” Hawn commented, her soft and echoey voice seemed to carry a bit of sin into A.A’s ears. She’ll keep note of that for later.

“Anyways! On the final day, Spark and I will just be having a little talk near the werewolves. Hopefully, they’ll be so riled up that they chase Spark down and I’ll be able to calm them down with some nice treats. Courtesy of Pyx.” The trickster pointed with her thumb in the direction behind her, the group looked up to see Pyx give a polite wave before returning back to work. 

“And that’s it, girls. That’s our plan. I’ve been meaning to put this together for a while now since Jon and I made a small theory about the werewolves. See if they’re secretly little cute puppies in the inside.” 

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This was based off a quote from @spiritualsuicune ’s Discord server.

I can only imagine Monsoon (blue girl on top) with their voice. 😂😂😂

Airin (yellow) has no idea why she’s bring called that. Lirin (green) is confused. Rinrin (red) finds it funny. Feirin (other blue next to Rinrin) is not amused.

Attentive - [NCT] Ten!Au

[A/N] This is not a Taeten one shot. It’s a you X Ten, but Taeyong is mentioned. Flights are the best things in the world. I get so inspired when I’m in the skies.

At peace. Finally.

The odd smell of the cabin and cheeky smiles from the handsome male steward have finally swarmed you. Just like how you imagined it to be. You particularly slummed yourself back to your tiny seat, squezzing yourself, in between two large African males. The other crew members are on the opposite aisle.

The original owner of this seat wants to sit next to her boyfriend. If you think that’s hard to spot, try to search for a nauseously sweet lovey dovey pair at the far front. It makes you wonder how such couple exist in these circumstances. Why didn’t the male switch seat with you. That would be more comfortable.

Your eyes were droopy. It was an early flight. You practically had to wake up at dawn. And to be honest, you haven’t even been asleep the whole night/day before. It was a miracle for you to be awake as long as you did. The magic of caffeines.

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anonymous asked:

something really kinky you enjoy in fic and wanted to write, but have been too nervous to? OR if not then what is a kink you'd like to write in a fic but haven't?

foot kink. that’s a Real Life Kink™ for me, but… about two years ago, when i was under a different username, i wrote for a different fandom about my foot kink and like… people were straight up commenting on my fic how disgusting it was. coming to my inbox like, “i love your writing usually but that’s so gross :/” and do you have any idea how much that hurts? bc i felt so fucking alone. i get it, i’m a nasty horrible person for writing properly tagged and disclaimered foot kink lmao

so i haven’t written it since.

honesty hour 👀 anon or not I have to answer