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When did you guys first kiss? You're so cute together!

AHHHH okay yeah this is a pretty gay story but it’s cute.

so for our first date I took her to the riverside on an afternoon but it was windy as fuck so we couldn’t actually go near the river, so we just ended up chilling with our beers in the parking lot which still has a nice view of the river and the city behind it. SO basically we were just leaning against my car drinking beer and at that point I was all ‘’holy fuck she is gorgeous it’s hard to look at her bye’’ so I kept sipping on my beer and looking away and she…………. kept staring…………. rly gayly at me……………… and so I was like ‘’WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT don’t do that please’’ and she’s like ‘’lol why can’t I look at you’’ and I just turned to her and told her it just got me really flustered when people stared and also…….. that it was tempting me to kiss her because our faces were rly close and I have shitty self control…….. and she just went ‘’and why is that a bad thing that you want to kiss me?’’ and she did the whole Looking At Me In A Gay Tempting Way thing and the whole ‘’looking at each other’s lips and back at our eyes and then back at the lips’’ thing started and we just went for it and it was A++++++++++++++++++ would do it all over again 10000000000 times over.


1. Lunch date at the Thai restaurant. It’s the place with a pretty view.

2. Massaman curry and a Bar Harbor Real Ale. Both divine. I think my wife and I did the exact same thing last year, come to think of it.

3. Valentine’s Day dance tonight. We’re chauffeurs, not chaperones. My younger daughter got asked by the boy she likes. With some prompting. My wife suggested it to his mother, who told him to ask, and he was excited because he’s had a crush on her for years.

4. My older daughter had to buy her boyfriend two presents since his birthday and Valentine’s Day are so close together. She bought him some chocolates, as you do, and some steak sauce, because that’s what he wanted. I think I like this kid.

5. My son isn’t going to the dance. He doesn’t have a date. He’s going to stay home and hang with me. Party on Fin, party on Dad.