Midsommerdagsvandring over Storfjorden, i nærheten av Liabygda, Møre og Romsdal, 1984.

Thought it appropriate on the first day of autumn to post a photo taken near midnight on Midsummer Eve (21 June) above Storfjord. Liabygda is south of the Arctic Circle, but for about 6 weeks in midsummer the sky is always bright (of course for about 6 weeks in December and January there is little daylight). The View straight ahead is into the famed Geiranger Fjord, and the Storfjord below my cousin’s house sees many cruise ships in tourist season.


➳ Probably the rainiest Midsummers Eve I’ve ever experienced. Hiked to Skageflå and back to get a look at the Seven Sisters.

Slovakia Aesthetic

Requested by @veronikatheslav

Being at one with your home, feeling a connection to the land, rolling hills and mighty fjords, aesthetically pleasing villages, being mistook for the drunks of society, dark humour, beautiful headpieces, traditional garments, pride in where you are from, stories passed down generations, snow that coats everyone and everything, holding to the past at the detriment of moving forward. 


The Herdalssetra area offered some of the most wonderful views (lots of dreamy waterfalls). But at this point we were pretty tired of the damp and the rain.