a question for my followers w celiac:

what made you decide to get tested and what symptoms do/did you experience?

my chiropractor has been pushing me to try gluten free for a year now to see if my health improves but today after i explained some symptoms to her she is really pushing for a medical test bc if it isn’t celiac it’s something else serious. 

i have a restrictive #ed so any diets are incredibly dangerous for me and i don’t want to try anything unless it’s medically necessary

yeah thanks and here’s a question mark?

Entry From TH3 SLK:

I’d like to open my tumblr up to the fans and let them know I will be writing more entries from myself as well as creator content. Where do I start…..maybe with a Thank you to God for putting me in this position. Music was always my passion. 1 year ago I suffered a still lingering knee injury that put me out from work. Still dealing with swelling and pain I fought off depression by doing what I love, making music. TH3 DON Jordan was birthed and then I followed with the now #viral G.O.A.T. EP and really planted my feet in the game. The notoriety from you all has been healing. I live my live vicariously through the music. Now I’m creeping into your living room. Success is humbling and I owe it all to you. I hope my music touches you in ways other artists fail to. I hope I represent what’s fresh and true about NY and Hip Hop. To the people who got me here I love you and I’m forever #Loyal


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