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I'm just starting out in makeup, like JUST starting and just wondering some good products to use and such? I wanna feel more confident and I think makeup with help.

Make-up definitely helps! I could go on and on about natural beauty but I think it’s all a journey and make-up is super fun, in general. Make-up can be so therapeutic as well. Like sometimes when I’m staying in because my mental health isn’t its best, I do a wild eyeshadow look or eyeliner and try different techniques to distract myself. Anyway, here are some my tips:

  • Make up is fun but skin care is important. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin and investing in that! Get a good cleanser, exfoliate, moisturize and use sunscreen! Give yourself days without make up to let your skin breathe. Not only will your skin thank you, but your make up looks 100x better when you are taking care of your face. 
  • If it’s accessible to you, try to sample products at home before buying them. I always ask the Sephora employees for samples and do my best to not buy a product right when it is recommended by someone in the store, especially if it is expensive.
  • Don’t straight up start buying expensive, high end make-up! I did that mistake and I wasted so much money. Again, try to get a sample and see how you like it and if it’s worth it. If you’re gonna spend a good amount of money on something it should be foundation imo. Recommendations for that depends on your skin type, shade and budget.
  • But also, treat yourself! Get a $40 highlighter if you really want it and have extra money for it.
  • Invest in good brushes! Real Techniques has good brushes that are decently priced. Some companies sell their brushes super expensive though. Like one brush will cost $40 and in my opinion, that is way too much.
  • If you want to start wearing eyeshadow, my personal opinion is not to go bold right away. I started with colors that were lighter so I could practice blending and once I got the hang of blending, I start wearing bold colors. I’m still learning myself though. 

Some brands I recommend based on what I have tried: 

  • Real Techniques for brushes, obviously.
  • LA Girl has nice lip pencils (so smooth!) and concealers.
  • Cetaphil is a good cleanser! For other skin care, that is very specific. 
  • Make up Geek is a good option for eyeshadows.
  • the Balm sells all types of make up. Their eyeshadows are really nice and blendable and I love their powders, bronzers and blushes. I don’t recommend their skin care, primers, or brushes tho. 
  • Colourpop is also another good start for make up because it’s cheap, though their eyeshadows can be tricky to blend. 
  • Too Faced makes good quality products and my first palette came from them but their shade range isn’t wide.
  • Stila is another really good brand to look into. They have so many colorful eyeliners. 
  • NYX is a good, drugstore brand. I gave up on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow pomade and use NYX’s eyebrow pencil and a spoolie i bought at CVS and my eyebrows always get compliments. 

I haven’t had the chance to try out brands that are black owned because I’m super broke (the last time I bought make-up just to try was probably over 6 months ago), but I definitely recommend checking out those brands. Here is a list of some!

i think that’s it. If anyone has any more tips, add them!!

-mod S 

every time i see the “sga is a conversion therapy term” argument i want to just be like
. “ok. it’s asg now. attraction to the same gender. problem solved, shut up”

because honestly?? it’s not like “same-gender attraction” is some scientific term or creative portmanteau like it’s a very basic description of…experiencing attraction to your same/similar gender like. ssa is the term that derived from conversion therapy and it’s also harmful bc of the use of the word “sex” in lieu of “gender” and like

even if sga was occasionally used in those situations, it wasn’t the term specifically put together for those purposes, ssa was. sga was also used in black lgbt communities who have been generous enough to open the term up to non-black people.

so like. what do you want from us..should we call it asg? is that the problem? or is the actual issue that you don’t want us talking about the attraction we feel for people of our own genders, that people who experience sga have come together in a way that excludes people who do not experience it? what’s the actual issue here lmao i’m so tired idk if this is even coherent it’s late idk idk