i would consider myself a very, fearless person… when it comes to well, just about everything… except boys… im the most CONFIDENT in everything else, but for some reason those qualities go away when i even THINK about trying to talk to a boy i like… its strange, i can give killer advice and i am probably the BEST wingman (or woman) in the world, but i cant seem to help myself… i guess its a curse, or weakness… yeah.. maybe thats it… 

so there’s a post circulating of a dinosaur waking up and realizing he’s a dinosaur bc that’s what he was in a past life and it’s exciting bc he loves dinosaurs and it’s funny

the context is even funnier. that scene is from yu-gi-oh! gx, and the character is actually that into dinosaurs; on an archaeological dig, he was injured and they replaced part of his leg with a dinosaur bone (which changed his dna somehow, so when threatened he sometimes acts like a lizard. what)

the scene in that post is from when he literally temporarily became a dinosaur spirit, after which he flew up into space to destroy a satellite