hi friends! so i love you all and want to give you stuff so here we go


  • must be following me, this is a giveaway for my followers (my blog is mostly aesthetic stuff! try to see if you like it before you follow, i don’t want you to have to deal with it on your dash if you dont like that. also don’t follow me if you’re just going to unfollow when the giveaway is over)
  • follow me on instagram (message me your @ so i know you did! if you dont have an insta thats totally cool, don’t worry about it)
  • only reblogs count, likes can be used to bookmark; reblog as many times as you want! try not to spam your followers though
  • no giveaway blogs please


  • a fjällräven kånken mini backpack (x)
  • a set of 12 copic markers (x)
  • four pairs of art socks (x)
  • four bath bombs of your choice (pick from here)
  • a $25 dollar amazon giftcard
  • random stickers
  • a letter from me!


  • don’t delete this caption!
  • i’ll be using to pick so it’s going to be unbiased choosing
  • i’ll pay for shipping (we’ll discuss how i get it to you if win and live outside the u.s.)
  • this will end on april 7th, 2016 because that’s my mum’s birthday

good luck and have fun !! x