okay but chowder was a super quiet baby and kid all the way through elementary school and didn’t really do well in school it was hard for him, and then like?? imagine this kid going fucking wild in the summer before 7th grade because he got deep in sharks world

will not stop wearing the signature shade of blue that the sharks wear. memorabilia is everyone. will use the sharks as a conversation starter. wants to see real life sharks at one point and his dads just supply whenever they can because they love seeing their son invested in something that really is good for him!!!! 

and just like. being around like-minded hockey people makes him SO happy. going to samwell is great because everyone’s like “oh yeah, that’s chowder, our goalie and san jose sharks extraordinaire. he’s gr8″ and people don’t think he’s annoying or anything!! for being such a big fan. and then he meets caitlin who had a mild interest in hockey already, and was leaning towards the sharks and he was just like “…………..lemme tell u everything u need to know” and they have a great relationship!!!! because caitlin can respond in the conversation and she’s so pretty and so kind and so sweet on chow. like. that boy had no chance woo

just. chowder. excitable, talkative, nervous, hard-working, dedicated, chowder who just loves being able to be himself and being surrounded by people who love him too

Flowery Foleo for @soranker 8′DD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI AAAAAAA Im so happy I was able to make it phew im safe :^) BUT ANYWAY I love you and FoleO loves you and I hope you had a great awesome bday today :>