honestly,  it’s appalling  how some people think.  being a  good,  white  actor  doesn’t excuse the  fact that you are  literally  taking away representation  AND  whitewashing a  certain  role.  you’re not  a  sjw  just because you  despise how an entire race of  people are  being poorly represented on  screen.  and please,  this talk about having big - named stars??  how can  you not have  a  big - named asian  star when you  don’t  CAST any to  begin with?


what jacked up crap they accuse you of in there, huh!? those bastards trying to throw you in jail like they did your old man!? well screw that! i will rip keller a new one for trying to pull that on you. [settle down.] hey. hey! he’s my son! he is my son, fred! you’d do the same for your boy.