Reasons why I didn't go to my baby cousin's christening today (because apparently I need to give fucking reasons):
  • No one reminded me it was today.
  • No one woke me up for me to get ready.
  • I’m sick.
  • I was unaware that I had to go.
  • My mother didn’t even go, so why should I have gone?
  • That whole side of the family treats me like shit, and I’d rather not sit there in a church with them. They’re arrogant towards me and it’s offensive, even more so in a Holy Sanctuary.
  • I didn’t have a way there.

Reasons why I would’ve gone if someone had woken me up and waited like 5 minutes for me:

  • I love my baby cousin.
  • I had nothing else to do.
  • Babies are entertaining, and that side of the family has lots of babies.
I love the followers that've never left me.

The ones who’ve always been here, and have been here to read/view everything I post. 

The ones who’ve comforted me when I needed someone most, and have cheered me up when no one else could.

Even the ones who’ve never said a word to me, but are still there.

My followers are pretty fuckin’ awesome. Fuck the ones that leave. =]