10 Fics that stayed with you

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Rules: In a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them! 

Picking just ten fics without some sort of theme seemed like an impossible task. Rather than a list of greatest hits, here’s my list: ten fics that have stayed with me…because they were the hottest things I’ve ever read (and re-read).

I’m probably revealing way, way too much about myself with this post, but oh well.

Explicit ratings on all of these. All utterly lacking in plot.

In Practice – greywash (fizzygins)
Irene helps John and Sherlock figure it out. Greywash was one of the first fic writers I really loved. The Good Morrow series is one of the fics I read early on that turned my into a Johnlock  lover for life. But this fic, oh man I love this fic. Everyone in this fic is just so damn sexy, there’s just no other way to say it.

Take a Bite of My eart Tonightabundantlyqueer
From the Two Two One Bravo Baker world, this one is McMath/Henn, about whom I wish there were a thousand fics. I like to call this one old reliable. If you know what I mean, and of course you know what I mean.

Six Crates of Beer and One Cigarette, iampeevee, persiflager
I don’t generally like John with anyone but Sherlock, but I make an exception here, because John is very young and I tell myself, just hasn’t met Sherlock yet. But he’s met Lestrade and they have a very hot time together.

Voice Controlledcorpsereviver2
John and Sherlock aren’t even in the same country, so you know what that means? Dirty talk. Lots of filthy, hot dirty talk. Yum.

Morning Glorycorpsereviver2
Yes, I have two CR2 fics on this list. What can I say? She writes very, very hot fics. I looooove this one. Omegaverse. Features John doing things with his hands that has brought me back to this fic again and again.

Spoils of War – sweetcupncakes (vaginal-diabetus)
Normally, domination stuff doesn’t do much for me, but mmm, there’s something about Captain John Watson in full command that is just irresistible.

No Sense of Decencymistyzeo
Prior to reading this fic, I didn’t think I’d touch RPF with a ten-foot pole. But goddamn this fic is so incredibly hot. Don’t like RPF? You’ll like this. I promise.

 I Don’t Know Why (I Didn’t Think of it Before) - doodle
This fic is filthy and glorious.

By far the kinkiest fic on my list, I approached this fic with trepidation the first time I read it. I thought there was no way I’d find it anything but squicky. But it is scorchingly hot. (Read the tags, not for the faint of heart). Filthy, but at the same time filled with affection and love. Marvelous.

Shameless – 1electricpirate (rumregrets)
So much shameless, filthy dirty talk here. Just a delight from start to finish.

I tag… earlgreytea68, mydwynter, antietamfalls, watsonsdick, graceebooks, avawatson, mamajosrefugium, kestrel337, taylorpotato, and northray  – though I’m pretty sure some of you have done this one already. Still, it is mightily fun, so please feel free to consider yourself tagged if you’ve read this far!?

Texts I’ve received in the past 48 hours since telling my cohort about the wonders of Miss Fisher:

I want a gold-plated mini pistol like Miss Fisher

it’s possibly that I watched 4 episodes last night. but I can neither confirm nor deny it.

why does she always wear white when handling bloody bodies?

Not all from the same person, mind.

What writers really talk about with their betas
  • roane: Well you know, this is sex with two penises, which I have never experienced.
  • roane: And I get now, why people go straight for anal sex (pun intended) because it's easier to 'get', you know?
  • greywash: re two penises: true
  • greywash: yeah
  • greywash: idk
  • greywash: I always default to frottage just because it seems very logical to me
  • greywash: step one get naked, step two wiggle
  • greywash: step three profit!
  • roane: Clearly, I need to have sex that involves two penises.
Please excuse the mess while this brain is undergoing renovation

I owe emails/responses to a whole bunch of folks for a whole bunch of things, but I’m having a particularly strong case of guilt about my failure to reply to those who were helping me brainstorm a week or two ago.

Life and school are conspiring against me–my PhD comp exams start in six days, my basement flooded over the weekend, and I remembered this morning that I have to pack up my office on campus (a guaranteed hilarious time!)–and I’ve been really bad about responding to things in general as a result. This is especially true in the case of things that are actually interesting or fun to think about, as your suggestions were, since those tend to hijack my brain and then I have a hard time wrenching my attention back to–I’ll use today’s agenda as an example–the snoozefest travel lit theory reading.

(What is an authentic travel experience? Does the process of producing lit obviate any potential authenticity? Remember that you aren’t allowed to use the word “authentic”, or indeed the word “experience,” in your answer, since X foundational theorist claims neither word can be given a viable definition, and therefore any academic/intellectual construct which makes use of them is inherently flawed. ARGH.)

So, yes. I really do appreciate it and I don’t want you to think your notes and things have fallen into a void–I’ve got the first chapter drafted!–I’m just finding it necessary to pace myself a bit when it comes to dealing with some of the specifics and it’s turned me into a bit of a rude bastard.

Pull the Stars from the Sky outtake

So several folks asked about what happened when Sherlock spent the night in Irene’s room. This is… not that scene. But it is what happened the day after the mirror-writing at the end of Chapter 3, when Sherlock and Irene spent the morning together.

Written almost entirely at the behest of fizzygins, who wanted to see Sherlock and Irene being girlfriends. ;)

(Entirely unbetaed. So, you know.)

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FANFIC FRIDAY REC: Truth Is Always Relative (The Revisionist History Remix) by greywash/fizzygins

As promised, a fanfic friday rec that relates to my previous rec; the story I want to share with you today is a brilliant remix of the previous one.

Truth is Always Relative (The Revisionist History Remix) by greywash

Pairing: Irene/Molly

Rating: T

Word count: 2,481 words

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Author’s summary: Molly has always had a scientist’s relationship to certainty.

holyfant’s comments: As much as the original focused on Irene, this remix focuses on Molly; which makes reading the two fics together a very pleasant experience, as much as they hold up well on their own. greywash develops a Molly who is deeply believable, deeply human, deeply relatable to. The way Molly relates to medicine and why she decided to start occupying herself with the dead rather than keeping the living alive is explored in a satisfying and touching way in this piece. We get references to her dad, to her training, to the way she handles keeping Sherlock’s secret. In the spirit of the original, this remix focuses on one half of the pairing: Molly, with Irene nearly an afterthought. Together, the two stories give us the full scope. Apart, they develop characters we can nearly touch. To be honest, I love every word in this fic so, so much, and I urge everyone to run, not walk.

Now that I’ve finished The Verdant Heart my self-imposed Sherlock-fic-reading-hiatus is over and I’m LOSING MY MIND WITH ALL THE FIC.

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeels, I have them. 

  • Greywash: Build Your Wings
  • Pennypaperbrain: It’s Not All Fine
  • Quietasasleepingarmy: Hounds

That’s in the last 24 hours. Oooof. Next up: the other SSSS stories! YAY!

How I know I'm an introvert:

While I have had a great time this week, and wouldn’t have missed Frankenstein or the 221BMichigan folks for the world, my plans this weekend are as follows:

Me. On the couch. With the laptop. And the television. And the dog, if she promises not to bug me every 20 seconds for attention.

If anyone tries to interrupt that, I will punch them. I can’t even promise I’ll answer the PHONE.

Of course, you probably won’t see a difference, because Tumblr is like being social for the anti-social. :D Besides, I’m going to see if I can’t emulate fizzygins and manage 5-6k words of fic this weekend.

5 things make a post: Tumblr edition
  1. Woke with a MASSIVE migraine which I seem to have treated mostly with ibuprofen and a LOT of caffeine.
  2. I will post chapter 8 today if it kills me (which it might do).
  3. Maz, goddamn it, I can’t stop giggling. People: go read “Across the Sky”. I know. You’re gonna look at the premise and go o.O because I did, but shhh just come. And if you were a teenager in the 80s, you will lose your shit.
  4. Also, fizzygins and abundantlyqueer posted marvelous things yesterday, in case you missed them (which of course you probably didn’t).
  5. And unrelated to any of the previous 4 points: TUMBLR THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

reluctantabandon  asked:

What's your favorite Sherlock fanfiction? Can be yours or someone else's =) ( I have such a huge list right now I don't think I could pick just one, so maybe your top three or so? lol)

oh god. I can’t. Um. okay, I’ll list the three that have influenced me the most?

  1. Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer: do I even need to explain why? Aside from LITERALLY being the first slashfic I ever read, it set me down the road towards insane John Watson fangirling and a fetish for ID tags. Tired of hearing me talk about John Porter? AQ gets some of the blame for that. ;)
  2. the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep, greywash: This was the first WIP that I followed obsessively, and the first time I really understood just how much writing talent there is in this fandom. And considering how much I’ve learned about writing from greywash… yeah. 
  3. Give Me the Keys, mazarin221b: Number 3 was a tough choice  because there are SO many stories that I love out there, but this was one that really caught me off-guard. I read it and got to “His jeans were stretched tight across his arse, his blue t-shirt a little short in the sleeves, his tattoo barely peeking out. It was John Watson dialed back ten years at least, a glimpse of a less-staid man showing through.” and I nearly started to cry from the sheer amount of sexual frustration that two short sentences triggered. And I keep going back to read it, and it keeps working. :)
  • fizzygins: do you follow game of thrones? either via book or tv?
  • fizzygins: because I really think it deserves an award for "fandom most confusing to people not in the fandom via tumblr"
  • roane: I've read the books, and watched the first season.
  • roane: It's confusing even if you've read them. ;)
  • fizzygins: but it's downright BEWILDERING if you haven't, ahahaha
  • fizzygins: like
  • fizzygins:
  • fizzygins: ……james potter?
  • fizzygins: is james potter in it….
  • fizzygins: why is that stag so angry lisa
  • fizzygins: idek