;-; I started this so long ago…. and i reopened it because I couldn’t think of anything to draw - I kept scrapping. So I fixed a lot of edits and instead of colouring it which I was originally going to do- I decided to paint it in monotone b&w u3u; 

It’s hard to believe I started this as a lineart… it had crisp lines and everything pfft- I just ended up painting over it.

This is an image of Neesha, she is an OC and she is a bandit from a country of Aradic Elves woooooo. She’s pretty hardcore tbh, n'aw now I wish i drew Syn. 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, I’ve been busy with all my accounts and I have 2 ask tumblr accounts, so though I am sketching ALL the time, It’s not always um… postworthy to this account hahaha

But I promise to start posting here again seouhfdnv

So I drew the lineart for this about a week ago now? 

And never came around to colouring it but look i’ve done it now huhuhuhu

This is for Jin, I already did his other OC and this is another. ho hohohoho i’m more happy with this one over the other one uayrusgugsjh though i can still see way too many mistakes but im lazy… but yeh um topless man enjoy.