fizzy family forever

Okay so 4 ½ years ago I started watching Damon Fizzy on YouTube and he inspires me so much

I have looked up to him for a long time and he is such a good person

and he is also really funny and good a cheering people up

if you dont like him, i am pretty sure you are lying

and I am so glad that I started watching him when I did because I honestly think my life would have been so much different without him

so thank you damon ily<3

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So Damon and I Reunited at Playlist!

So basically I waited hours and hours to meet him since the lines were all messed up and such. I was terrified that they were going to cut the line off… But, of course, Damon wouldn’t ever allow that to happen.

Anyways, I finally got to meet him and I got everything my heart desired to get signed and this worker lady offered to take the pictures. The first came out really dark so I edited it…

The second came out blurry so I edited it as well…

And the third… He was trying to get her to take the picture correctly…

It could’ve been worse so it’s okay.

He remembered me from last year’s 4/20 meetup so I was more than happy. He was as sweet as ever and made sure everybody had enough time to talk to him.

At around 2am, my friends and I went to the lobby and saw that he was hanging out with people. There was a balloon involved and many laughs. I had brought my fisheeye (which was later lost and found by some stranger) and took a neat picture.My friend that I hung out with that I met at the last meetup, Bela, had been kind enough to take some pictures for me as well. He was getting tired at this point and had been starting to try and go to his room to go to bed.

I managed to convince him that I’d be able to carry his weight and he hopped on my back. We had a jolly ole time. This is probably my favorite picture of us.

The next day, he was hanging out in one of the other buildings and had a little crowd going. I made sure to bring my cat shirt that he also owns and had to get a picture of us while I was wearing it.

If Damon sees this, I’d just like to thank him for making Playlist the best days of my life. :-)