The Judge received the most social media buzz in the first six days of the Toronto International Film Festival, in a study conducted by social analytics firm Fizziology.

Per Mashable:

“In terms of getting social media buzz out of the Toronto International Film Festival, it helps to go early. Having Robert Downey Jr. in your film doesn’t hurt, either.

Downey Jr.’s drama The Judge, which opened at the festival on Sept. 4, not only enjoyed the most social media volume overall, but got the biggest bounce from pre-festival levels to midweek.”

This corroborates information already previously published by Variety, with data gathered by media analyst company Way To Blue.

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Which Film Won The 'Fav7Films' Hashtag On Twitter?

Twitter has spoken, determining the seven greatest movies of all time, thanks to the hashtag ‘#Fav7Films’, which appeared online on Monday this week and quickly went viral.

And the movie at the very top? Drum roll please…

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It’s Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’.

The Batman movie, featuring Heath Ledger’s iconic final screen role, scored the top slot, but only a few mentions ahead of Quentin Tarantino’s serpentine classic ‘Pulp Fiction’.

Entertainment industry social media consultancy Fizziology determined the top 15 list by counting up the movies mentioned with the hashtag between 5am and 7pm on Monday as things started to take off.

For a while, the debate was the top trending topic on Twitter in the US, and was tweeted about nearly 100,000 times on Monday.

Here are the findings in full…

1. The Dark Knight – 5,056
2. Pulp Fiction – 4,966
3. The Shawshank Redemption – 4,910
4. The Empire Strikes Back – 4,772
5. The Godfather (all films) – 4,604
6. Goodfellas – 3,877
7. Alien (all films) – 3,730
8. Fight Club – 3,574
9. Harry Potter (all films) – 2,757
10. Jaws – 2,622
11. Forrest Gump – 2,530
12. Jurassic Park – 2,356
13. Blade Runner – 1,862
14. The Big Lebowski – 1,860
15. Rocky (all films) – 1,807

According to Mashable, unusual trends spotted included ‘Suicide Squad’ receiving more mentions that ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, and ‘Space Jam’ topping more lists than critics’ fave ‘Annie Hall’.

Meanwhile, ‘Up’, rather than any of the ‘Toy Story’ movies, was the top animated film, while 2003 stinker ‘The Room’, notably panned, labeled one of the worst films ever and once called ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’, received more mentions than Oscar-winners ‘Spotlight’ and ’12 Years A Slave’.


Image credits: Miramax/Warner/Columbia