fizzeh character

Down on the ground, the dog’s acting like it’s nothing
It’s injured, but it’s glad, it’s glad to bow wow out
Today… rainy day,
Rainy day

Sobbing girl up on the roof, once she’s done crying her eyes out,
She licked her candy apple and then looked into the sky
Today… rainy day,
Rainy day

I’ve got my lantern, I’m singing out,
Ready for tomorrow, don’t have a doubt
Hear out my special words, it’s time to shout:
C'mon, hyneri lanla!

Even with a fish face, sing a song
Jump the barbed wire, and head right along
Let’s play today; let’s laugh all day!

Singing my little love to everyone all throughout this town
And yet once the lights are lit, there’s nothing at all
One, two, three, four, five, on the signal, that’s when I go meet you
Now then, I’ll be off to find a brand new light!

Request picture from Fizzehbeard for my Drac and his( and OC!Drac’s adoptive Daddy) Richard Cypher~. Inspired by Hachi’s “Song of Wonderland and Sheep”~. u wu