fizz drink

autistic paladins

theyre all autistic, i maade it a Rule 


- (lance voice) executive functioning? i dont know her

- his special interests were nasa and the kerberos mission so he was like “well fuck. i Have to be a Space Man now.”

- loud noises dont bother him at all! in fact, he even kinda likes them. loud machinery? children crying? battle cries from keith? “its stimmy”

- bright lights, however… A Different Story. he wore sunglasses all the time at the garrison and everyone thought he was a douche but no, hes An Autie

- fidget fidget fidget he bounces he taps he kicks and swings around 

- “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- oh sorry i just needed to yell and stomp around for a sec :)”

- tactile stims!! he loves to play with his boyfriends’ hair (especially keith’s.. Its Long) and hugs from hunk are the Best omg…




- Horrible in battles… its sensory Hell…

- (keith voice) you know what they called me back in flight school? they called me The Chewer because of how i destroy everything with my teeth

- Very prone to meltdowns. when he was younger his foster families used to scold him for all of his “temper tantrums” and then shiro’s family took him in and were like “oh my God this poor kid is burning in sensory hell we must help this child????????????” 

- ok so i know the special interest in cryptids is A Thing and yeah thats good!! but consider: geography

- one time when he was like twelve the fire alarm went off bc of burnt toast or smthn and that night he removed the fire alarm from the fucking ceiling 

- lance: yells slightly louder than usual | keith, sobbing and covering his ears: shut the fuck up!

- “hey [random paladin] i see you are not wearing the color of your lion, which is stupid and fuck you for doing that”

- doesnt know how to spell…. forgets how to spell “specifically” and also cannot pronounce it :/

- Has To Eat One Specific Safe Food… its cream of wheat

- if lance is the routine master then keith is the opposite, what is time and why does lance eat breakfast at 6:30 every morning and how come there’s a specific time to go to bed???


- the biggest hyperempathetic man youve ever met… he cries when he bumps into trash cans and greets the spiders in his room to make them feel good

- PRESSURE STIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always hugging

- flap flap flap flap

- echolalia!!!! he likes to hum too :)

- Very Wary of new people for some reason but at the same time, very touchy

- hunk, holding rolo’s hand and resting his head on nyma: i don’t trust you

- special interest in mechanics!! obviously lol 

- stims by playing with bread dough

- flashing lights, aka the Devil Himself


- unlike keith, she is Shutdown Girl

- gargoyle sits

- “pidge get off the counter” “pidge get out from under the table” “pidge get off of that shelf,” 

- a super light chewer… shes had the same necklace for years…

- one of her old special interests was languages so whenever one of the paladins says something in a different language to Be Slick And Secret she Knows;

- long hair was Bad and also Hell she feels so much better with short hair it doesnt get hot 

- temperatures are The Bad Sensory

- she really likes carbonated drinks? the fizz…

It’s A Big Deal

A/n: You already know. It’s the bae’s birthday - how else could I celebrate?Warnings: None. It’s a birthday fic!
Word Count: 3690

Draco stirred from his peaceful dream waking to find that not only was he alone, which wasn’t all too unusual but still a bit of a let down but that there was a card floating above his head. He looked up seeing the cause of his waking, the card suspended above his head tapping his forehead, reaching up he picked it from the air and opened it, Happy Birthday Draco!

It wasn’t signed and that alone made Draco a little nervous in the fact that it was just there, holding it to his chest he stood up from the bed with a small stretch and headed to the bathroom and yet another thing out of place. A card was stuck to the mirror, he paused looking at it before pulling it off and opening it to read, Happy Birthday Draco! scrawled across the otherwise blank card. On the front just like the other was a cake this cake had two candles. Other than that no difference.

He stared in shock laying the both of them on the counter before starting his morning ritual; stripping, using the bathroom, brushing his teeth, washing his face and then it was time for the shower. He pulled the curtain back and gasped. There plastered to the black shower tile of the wall was another card. A cake on the front with three candles, and inside? Happy Birthday Draco! was scrawled.

Now he was alarmed, who the fuck? He looked around slowly and walked out of the bathroom with the cards in one hand and his wand, which he grabbed from the bedside table, in the other at the ready. On top of the dresser was a card propped open with four candles, the same message inside. Then another was in front of his half opened closet on the ground which he bent down and picked up slowly - five candles on the front. He hurried through the bedroom door checking the hallway before hurrying down the stairs no card in sight but as he stepped into the kitchen on the counter next to the coffee maker was a card with six candles, Happy Birthday Draco! scrawled across the blank inside.

What the fuck… He thought carrying all six cards in his hand, pausing a moment to think back to last night. He had gone out for drinks with Pansy and Blaise after work. He had an extremely stressful case and was looking to unwind but he could remember all of last night, he wasn’t drunk nor had anyone come home with him he was a little old for one nights stands, anyway. Probably Pansy. He decided with a sigh, and sat the cards down on the island before hurrying up the stairs to finish getting ready.

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hard to love // lh

pairing; luke x female reader
word count; 1.5k
warnings; lots of swearing yay
summary; luke’s been coming home late a lot, and you finally confront him
a/n; this was really popular when i last posted it and i quite like it so i thought it’d be cool to add it to my new masterlist. originally posted on calsthunder, titled “you’re so hard to love”

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Armide (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Word Count: 1,322
Summary: Reader is an agent working for a rival spy organization. Her mission is to kidnap Eggsy for interrogational purposes. Some flirting (and poisoning) ensues.
A/N: I don’t own anything and this wasn’t edited, so any errors are mine.
Warnings: Non-sexual dubcon.

March in Canada is mucky business.

It’s cold for one, which turns you off to the prospect of staying entirely, but a mission is a mission and you’re going to stick it out regardless. The comm buzzes to life in your ear and you listen in to hear if Catherine has any new information.

“Target is just up ahead, around the corner. He’s heading into the theatre now.”

You nod to your handler though you’re well-aware she can’t see you and tighten your scarf. The early spring breeze still has an edge of winter upon it and it cuts through your dress. Anne did good in making this outfit. The dress is outfitted with pockets (POCKETS!) that are deep enough to hide a sizeable knife, your heels are sharp enough to kill a man if needed, and there are several tubes of pepper spray disguised as lipstick.

God, you love your job.

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chad aesthetic moodboard ⚜️💠
left - lana // right - bren

Chad is long nights at the gym, heavy breathing, fizzing energy drinks, practice until the sun sets, the feel of a freshly washed jersey, finally breaking in a new pair of sneakers, learning a new play, out of breath make out sessions, sneaking touches and kisses where no one can see, sitting under the water until his lungs burn, chasing the sun as it rises during a run, cool showers against hot bodies, hidden bite marks, scratches trailing down his back, & the look of an untouched jar of hair gel.



  • 1 large pineapple
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice (roughly 3 limes)
  • 5-6 large basil leaves
  • 6 ounces light rum
  • club soda, as needed
  • granulated sugar, as needed


  1. Peel and core the pineapple.  Cut into chunks.  Place the pineapple into a high-powered blender and puree for 1 to 2 minutes (use a tamper if necessary), or until smooth and pureed completely–it should yield roughly four cups of pineapple juice. The texture should be that of a thick orange juice. Transfer the pineapple juice to a large container or pitcher, and allow it to chill completely in the fridge.
  2. Place the lime juice and basil leaves in a clean blender container. Blend until the basil has been incorporated fully and no pieces remain.
  3. Combine 3 ½ cups of pineapple juice, the lime-basil mixture, and rum in a pitcher. Stir thoroughly.
  4. Moisten the edges of chilled glasses with lime juice and dip the edges into granulated sugar. Distribute the drink evenly among glasses–leaving roughly ½-1-inch of space at the top. Finish with club soda. Garnish the glass with a sprig of fresh basil and slice of lime. Serve immediately.
more summer aesthetics

the fizz of of cold drinks. sticking your head in the freezer. painting your toes random colors. taking “what kind of ____ are you?” quizzes. the squish of wet grass. the hum of insects at night. sighing when you walk into a cold building. feeling fresh faced when you wipe all your makeup off. getting excited when the ice cream truck passes. finishing seasons of your favorite tv shows. feeling old friends slip away. the sting of brain freezes from slushies. peeling old sunburns. falling in love with new things.

anonymous asked:

If you drink 7 up or Sprite after taking your pain meds your nausea should go away. The best thing to do would be sprinkle a little salt in the soda and drink the fizz it's a remedy my mom taught me and saved my ass when I needed hydrocodone lol

Why is hydrocodone the worst lmao that’s what I’m taking I’m gonna try it

And now, a Fizz X Soda moment
  • Fizz: Hey, Soda, what do you think of me?
  • Soda: Well... I think you're FANTA-STIC!
  • Fizz: Oh no, please don't start.
  • Soda: You're so soft, gentle, and SWEET. I mean, after all, you ARE a SOFT DRINK.
  • Fizz: Soda, no, please.
  • Soda: We're definitely a team, we should do a COLA-BORATION sometime.
  • Fizz: It's time to stop.
  • Soda: I love everything you DEW!
  • Fizz: Alright Soda, that's enough.
  • Soda: I'm always ROOT-ING for you!
  • Fizz: Oh my god... *Covers face in embarrassment*

@egg-boy-officialyou stole my fucking fuzzy ass fizzing lifting ass drink you fucking stole my fizzy fucking lifting drinks it’s not fucking funny you my fizzy fucking ass lifting drinks ass fizzy stole my fizzy lifting Dranks you ass fucking stole my lifting fizzy ass drinks you fuc

I am a paper cup friend.
How easy it is to dispose of me,
To replace me with another,
Just as cheap and dispensable.

I am filled with drinks, fizzing with
Bubbles and cheap love.
But when the last drop is drunk
I am tossed to the wind
And she embraces me with fondness
as if I were made of glass.

-Sadia A.
—  Paper Cup