november 5th is me and anna’s one year anniversary

this time last year we had just been introduced via our friend jenny and so began a beautiful bestfriendship 

so yeah, my life would be so so different without anna like i literally cannot imagine it? ??? who would i talk to?? ? ? ? who would share my forbidden love for one direction??? ?? ? who would come to my house and eat my food? ??  ? ? ??

i just

really love anna and i feel perpetually sorry for everyone who doesn’t get to be friends with her because going through life knowing you have one definite person you can always rely on and who knows you better than anyone else is the best feeling ever

/here ends soppy anna feelings post

elderthomas  asked:

198, 189, 171, 53

198: I am really: fucking lame. good at pretending im marginally cool. angry inside. sad a lot. not as nice as i pretend 2 be

189: Last book you read: i just started reading perks. before that i started reading the second asoiaf. but the last book i finished was the first asoiaf book

171: Do you play an instrument? ya i play guitar and i try to play ukulele and frankly i am FABULOUS piano (im not). i wanna learn drums too. and bass too.

53: How do you like your steak cooked: i cant tell if this is ur idea of a joke or if you’ve actually forgotten i’ve never eaten meat

also thanxxxx