He’s done it again, and his boyfriend is not going to be happy about it. But does Zayn care? Not really. He hums quietly to himself as he feeds the new addition to their family, a boston terrier puppy- barely older than weaning age- which the male has named Noodle. He sets the bowl down as he pets the animal, not hearing Liam return as he’s solely focussed on the dog- the others in the back garden. [ fixxedatzero ]


Jay is eternally grateful that he had kept in contact with his childhood best friend, especially because he had a place to stay whenever he was in town. That landed him here, using his spare key to unlock the door and prop open the door with his foot in order to stoop and pick up his photography equipment as well. He hums to himself as he walks in and then immediately freezes, staring at the other person already in the apartment - definitely not his friend, though seemingly familiar. “Hello…?”

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love it <3

yes same! whos your fave?

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but it’s like 3856356 episodes

not really nat :)it’s like 3856356 episodes in Santa Barbara and in friends there are only 10 seasons with 24 or so episode in each season

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and i assume you  all watch it ?