I didn’t do this last week so here we go! The blogs that make my heart explode and people that I love rather dearly. These are the blogs that I would never in my life unfollow and that make my dashboard more bearable and beautiful. And a special shout out to Manca who reached her 40k followers! congrats! You deserve it!

hazibo | guydirectioners  | ledalliance  | fixmydirection | -harrystyles  | 69withstyles | harryssupras  | tomlegendson | cheekyniam | hale-benson | smileeniall | d1rection | fiveerections | theirishboy | heyhoran  | queenlouis | dailyhoran | 5wonders | liam–payne  | ifuckedstyles | lelilo | maistyles | hazomo | fallingwithstyles | smileymxd | onedirectionrunmyvagina | wmyb | -somerhalder | glorifyhoran | tomlinsarse | the1dblog | boobears-butt | fallenforpayne | malikqueen | laffingwithliam | weheartpayne | lostincheshire | yeahziam |

aaand that was for this weeks blogs of the week! I love you all 

anonymous asked:

what's your top 10 favorite 1d blogs? and can you pleaseeeee update again soon?

1. I knowwwww I’ve been away for a while, I’ve had lots of stuff on my mind. I promise to make lots and lots of stuff this week.

2. wow, this is hard, but:

love them all,they bring so much quality to my dash. ♥ besides, they’re all so lovely :3

Here is this week’s follow friday! These are the blogs I have raped the living shit out of and that I more than adore. These people make my time on tumblr so enjoyable, as well as make my dash so beautiful. All that you do is beautiful and I am really happy that I decided to follow you, thank you all so much :)

these are in no particular order.

lovingharrystyles | queenliam | maistyles | 69withstyles | fixmydirection | theirishboy | 1dxratedjoshdevinesfuckyeahzarry | smileeniall | narrylicious | hazomoniallslaughtomlegendson | onedirection-slo | onedirectionwhore | harryuslut sweetlullabys smileymxd queenlouisperfectlikestyles | dailyhoran | heyhoran |

Again, thank you to all of you flawless people that have amazingly beautiful blogs! I bow to you


Happy birthday Coral!

עד 120 שנים שיהיו מושלמות ומלאות צחוק ואהבה ואושר, שתגשימי כל חלום (כולל המלוכלכים יותר של וואןגיי) ובאופן כללי תשארי כמו שאת כי את כזאת מושלמת. ♥