I don’t know if anyone needs or could use this, but my brother’s friend is doing a Fix-it Felix cosplay for Otakon, and I was given the duty of making the logo for his hat.

I also made one with a texture overlayed onto it, which you can get a nice high-res version of if you click here

The above, non-textured version is better quality if you click here

Free to use however you’d like~


Even if you can’t commission me, reblog this post! It helps :) I need money because I have to take into account that I’m taking out two conventions out of my line up next year.

These prices are estimates and not set in stone. I do NSFW stuff but no nipples of any sex and no naughty bits. I do very soft core NSFW. Most kinks accepted. I don’t charge extra to do NSFW stuff.

Price per char may go up or down depending on character complexity. I can do things in a variety of styles, but the styles I’m most comfortable drawing are Sonic, Pokemon, Undertale, South Park, and My Little Pony.

When you commissioning me, you may not use my art for commercial purposes (turn it into buttons, prints, charms, etc for sale). That comes with a much higher, different price tag. Also, I may use the art you commissioned me to make for selling prints of at conventions (depending on the nature of the art). If you prefer me not to do that, we can discuss that.