fixing powders


How to: fix any powder makeup


what you’ll need:
• rubbing alcohol
• a eyeliner brush (or any pencil-like object)
• a spoon
• plastic wrap

1st: pick up the broken pieces and put it back into the compact/container

2nd: wrap plastic wrap around the compact (only wrap it around once)

3rd: using the tip of the eyeliner brush (the opposite side of the brush), cautiously smash the rest of the peices

4th: take off the plastic wrap

5th: take off the plastic wrap & let it soak in

6th: now take your spoon and smooth down the makeup

7th: grab the eyeliner brush again and smooth out the edges (the rim) of the compact/container using the brush side

8th: let it dry & you’ll be done!

High end dupes (e.l.f)

•Smashbox/ Makeup forever studio finish primer : e.l.f mineral infused primer
• too faced better than sex mascara : e.l.f mineral volumizing mascara
•makeup forever hd microfinish powder : e.l.f studio high definition powder in sheer
•Bobbi brown brightening finishing powder in porcelain powder : e.l.f tone correcting powder
•mac fix + : e.l.f studio mist & set
•mac prep and prime highlighter in radiant rose : e.l.f studio radiance enhancer in spotlight
•nars multiple in copacabanna : e.l.f essential all over color stick in persimmon
•nars highlighting blush in albatross : e.l.f studio blush in gotta glow
•benefit moon beam : e.l.f essential facial whip
•nars bronzing + blush duo : e.l.f studio contouring blush & bronzing powder
•laura mercier baked blush bronze : e.l.f studio baked blush in rich rose
•nars in desire, depthroat, angelika and luster : e.l.f studio blush in pink passion, candid coral, fuchsia fusion and peachy keen
•benefit brow zings : e.l.f studio eyebrow kit
•Bobbie brown natural brow shaper mascara : e.l.f studio eyebrow treat and tame
•benefit high brow : e.l.f studio eyebrow lifter and filler
•mac fluidline in blacktrack : e.l.f studio cream eyeliner in black
•mac eyeshadow in soba : e.l.f studio eyeshadow in wild wheat
•nars lip lacquer in chelsea girls : e.l.f studio conditioning lip balm in nice & natural
•mac cream d'nude lipstick : e.l.f mineral lipstick in natural nymph
•bareminerals blemish therapy : e.l.f mineral blemish kit
You can literally find e.l.f products anywhere and they are super inexpensive I’m almost positive nothing on this list is over ten dollars enjoy your savings!!

holy grail products 🗣

• nivea for men aftershave balm
• makeup forever step 1 skin equalizer (smoothing primer)
• l'oreal true match lumi cushion foundation
• mary kay timewise matte-wear foundation
• maybelline fit me! concealer
• makeup forever ultra HD concealer
• it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer
• mac studio fix powder
• maybelline fit me! matte+poreless powder
• too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
• milani baked blush (luminoso)
• anastasia beverly hills glow kit (that glow)
• becca shimmering skin perfector pressed (champagne pop and opal)
• cover fx custom enhancer drops
• the balm mary-lou manizer
• lush lip scrub
• jesse’s girl matte finish lip color (all shades)
• nyx butter glosses
• too faced better than sex mascara
• l'oreal telescopic mascara
• anastasia dipbrow pomade
• mac fix+ spray
• urban decay all nighter setting spray
• morphe palettes (35B & 35N so far)
• too faced chocolate bar palette
• too faced natural eyes palette

if you have any questions about these products, message me :-)

Return of the Pout - AbbyCatsUK

So yesterday I got in a little stress that my beard shadow was showing through and making my make-up look grey. Well today I tried a little fix, altering my matte powder and think it’s made an improvement.

It still is a little grey, seriously after I’ve shaved I still look like I have 5 o’clock shadow but after my little fix I feel it’s looking a little less noticeable. I feel the problem is not down to my colour corrector or foundation but the matte powder I am using is too light in colour. It’s acting as a highlighter rather than covering the darkness of the stubble.

I don’t think it will ever be perfect, I can live with that, up close you can see the roughness of my stubble, no make-up can hide that.

My aim is to reduce the distance at which you can tell I have stubble and I feel that I keep reducing that distance, slowly but surely. It can be a frustrating process but also very rewarding to when a try something new and I can see an improvement :)

Anything for my mermaid. (Emison fanfic)

“Ugh.” Emily sighed whilst moving her hands down the blue dress she was wearing.She sat down on the bed and pulled off a pair of black heels. A date tonight with Alison was on the cards, but she just could not decide what to wear. Was it the blue dress or the black dress? Or maybe the date was going to be casual. Was it too much? “Grr.” Emily croaked whilst pouting and letting some air escape her mouth which moved a stray strand of her brown locks away from her face.

“Casual or Fancy?” she tapped into her phone before sending the message to the girl of her dreams.

“You always look great, Em.” replied Alison.

“Great help.” Emily sighed. She eventually got annoyed and decided she was just going to wear the figure-hugging blue dress, which showed off her curves.
She fixed her lipstick, powdered her face a little more and grabbed her black bag and a black blazer because it was kind of chilly.

She walked out of the hotel room, locked the door and took the elevator to the ground floor. There she was met with a man who held a huge bouqeut of pink roses. Emily didn’t expect Alison to be this romantic. It was like the tables turned.She was escorted out of the beautiful hotel, which was actually quite expensive and luxurious. The man opened the door to a black limo.
“Oh my god, a limo?!” Emily gasped in surprise and admiration.Ali clearly went to a huge effort, but why?

After the ride, she pulled up to the sidewalk and the lovely chauffeur opened the door and helped her out. “Thanks.” she smiled before walking up to the blonde girl who was standing in the most beautiful dress. It was a flowing salmon pink dress, with a leg split. Alison had her hair straight. (It had grown long, again.) and a pair of silver heels.

“Hello, Em.” Alison smiled then bit her lip. “You look really beautiful.”
“Says you, Ali.” Emily blushed. Alison hooked onto Emily’s arm and they kissed, softly on the lips. Emily rested her head on Ali’s shoulder as they walked to their destination. Nothing could be more perfect. All the horrible things, all the secrets and all the lies were over. A fresh start.

Emily was expecting a little bistro or a small restaurant, but when they arrived, Emily was overjoyed. Alison looked at Emily, a grin spread across her face as she watched her girl’s eyes glisten. “You like it?” she asked.
“Like it? I love it!” Emily replied. 

Emily glanced. Wine and candles, on a blanket under the moon, right beside the Eiffel Tower. The lights sparkled, the moon seemed to wink and the stars danced. It was just perfect, Alison really thought of everything.

After they had a few glasses of wine, Emily grasped Alison’s hand.“I love you.” she whispered, placing a kiss on her bronzed cheeks.
“I mean, who doesn’t.” Alison replied bluntly. Emily paused about to speak up before a grinning Ali chuckled. “I’m just kidding,” she laughed. “I love you, more than the stars.” the two embraced in a kiss. Alison’s hands holding Emily’s hip and Emily’s hands clasping to Ali’s face, ever so gently.

“I need to ask you something.” Alison played with Em’s fingers.
“Sure.” Emily’s eyebrows frowned in confusion.

Alison looked down, moved her hands away from Emily and reached into the picnic basket, filled with wine and cookies and cheeses.

She pulled out a small pink bag, with a little tag. She passed it to Emily.
‘To Em, My love. x" Emily read the tag with a huge smile.
She opened the parcel. There was a pink box. She opened it slowly. “Oh my, Ali!” Emily giggled. “It’s beautiful.”

She held a silver necklace in her hands. It had a blue jewel, inside a heart. It dazzled, beautifully. Emily pulled her hair to the side and Alison helped her put the necklace on.

“If you like that, you’ll like this more.” Alison pulled out another box. Smaller in size. She opened it. Emily’s face dropped in surprise, joy and excitement.
“Emily Fields,” Alison bit her lip and looked down.“Would you be my wife?”
A tear came to Emily’s eye.
“You’re the girl I want to be with. I knew a long time ago I loved you and that I could never let you go, ever.I wanted this day to happen. I dreamed of it all the time. I thought of it every time I saw your smile, or your eyes. You complete me, Em.”
“Wow."Emily chuckled a little. A flicker of joy flashed across her brown eyes. "Yes, Ali.” Alison slipped the ring onto her finger. They just smiled at one another for a short while. Everything was right, in that moment.

“Now, maybe a celebratory dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower?” Ali laughed.Emily’s face dropped in disbelief. “You did not!” she put her hands over her mouth.

“Anything for my little mermaid.”


😍😍😍 Amazing makeup tutorial by @kilprity 🙌🏿🙌🏿 Deets below! #CocoaSwatches #Repost
1 Minute Video FINALLY⭐️
Thank you @beautifulblkbarbie hair!
Model: @Modish_Dav

Smoke eye: I use @anastasiaBeverlyHills Creme Stick Foundation, studio fix powder, Eyeshadows “ Carmel, Red Earth, Fudge and Smoke” then went in with @MacCosmetics “Blackground” paint pot, after that I washed a deep black eyeshadow over.#MakeupByKilprity
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face routine

i first wash my face (my skincare routine is in my faq) and then i start on my makeup:

primers: nivea men aftershave balm all over my face, cover fx illuminating primer in my t-zone and on my cheeks, l’oreal magic lumi light infusing mixed in with my foundation

foundation: mary kay timewise matte-wear foundation with a damp real techniques complexion sponge

concealer: i switch between the it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer and the urban decay naked skin concealer, but i put it under my eyes, my forehead, nose, and chin

powder: i set my undereyes with the elf hd powder (great if u have crease-y undereyes like me) and then i set my face with the mac studio fix powder or the maybelline fit me matte+poreless powder

brows: i dont do too much on my brows but i brush them out with a spooley and then i fill them in with the anastasia diprow pomade and set them with the brow gel from estee lauder

contour/blush: i use the too faced chocolate soleil bronzer for contour and the elf baked blush for blush (obviously)

highlight: i use the becca cosmetics shimmering skin perfector in champagne pop on the top of my cheekbones, my nose, cupid’s bow, forehead, and chin (im a dry bitch dont judge me)

setting: i use the mac fix+ spray to help my foundation look less cakey and to instense my highlight and then use the urban decay all nighter setting spray to keep my foundation on ALL day

this routine gives me a flawless face and it stays on literally all day, ive stuck with this for a month and it works sososo good :~)


I had a lot of things planned today of which I did exactly 2 things. And that’s fix up two of my wigs. 

Since my Sapphire wig pictures get A LOT of notes right now, I bet you can remember how shiny it was. Same with my Jane wig. AAND I fixed it!
With baby powder!
I really needed a lot, like three times powdering it and combing it all out. And partly I was so scared I could ruin them! It worked out so well tho! I mean, LOOK AT THAT!
Have some pics of how messy the bathroom looked xD


“Less is more” Makeup Attempt

One day last week I practiced my makeup during my lunch hour. I went with a less is more approach and I really like how it turned out. I should note that it is thanks to many months of electrolysis and now several laser hair removal sessions that I can even try this more natural look. Most notably, there is no orange undertone to hide a shadow on my upper lip or chin, which allows me to go with a lighter application of everything from foundation to my studio fix powder. Hair removal can be extremely painful and it is so very time consuming, but I am grateful to finally see it paying off some :)