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Powder Keg - Ch 3

Happy Monday, Everlarkers! Last week’s episode of EYOA’s Powder Keg left our Katniss with a dilemma - call in Grumpy Gale on his day off, or spend an entire day with archnemesis Peeta, who somehow broke her heart.

You chose for Katniss to throw caution to the wind and spend the day with Peeta. What happens next? Our own @burkygirl continues the drama (hang on to your hats, kids, this one’s a doozy!)

As always, you have 48 hours to vote, until noon, Wednesday, November the 22nd. Remember, vote in the comments or reblogs, not in the tags! And as always, share with your friends, more voices = more fun! Ready? Here we go…

The door to the staff room slams behind me as I storm away. I have got to get some fresh air. I need to be alone for 10 seconds or I’m going to scream. Fucking Johanna. She might as well have stuffed us into a get-along shirt like a couple of bratty kids. And what kind of choice is that anyway? As if I’m going to drag Gale up here on his day off to deal with a bunch of kids just because Dickwad is doing a tap dance on my very last nerve. That’s not fair to Gale. He works two jobs to help his mom take care of his brothers and sisters and this is the only day he gets to sleep in. And anyway, I definitely don’t need him running up here and trying to save me.

The cold air slices through my lungs the minute I step outside. I close my eyes and breathe deeply; each sharp, frosty inhale forcing the red haze just a little bit farther away. When I’m calm, I go back inside and find Peeta in the staff room packing up his gear to go home for the day.

“What are you doing?”

His expression is flat, emotionless as he methodically packs his bag. “What does it look like? I’m obviously not going to get any work here today. I might as well go home and help Dad at the bakery if I’m going to work for free.”

My attempt at another calming breath comes out like an impatient huff instead. “We have a class, like, any minute.”

His eyes snap to mine. “You didn’t call Hawthorne?”

I throw myself in a scruffy armchair that must have gotten dragged in here when it was no longer presentable for the guest area. “No. I am not going to do that to Gale on his day off. Just stay away from me, Mellark, and it’ll be fine.”

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Boss Fix Candle Spell

This spell, cast to receive a raise or promotion, may be a safer, less stressful method of using Boss Fix Powder.

  1. Carve and dress a figure candle to represent your boss or supervisor.
  2. Place it on a tray covered by aluminum foil and surround the candle with a circle of Boss Fix Powder.
  3. Carve and dress another candle to represent you.
  4. Dress this candle with a Commanding oil. (Women should also incorporate Martha the Dominator Oil; men, use High John the Conqueror Oil.)
  5. Place this candle on the tray but elevate it so that it is looking down at the first candle.
  6. Burn both candles.
  7. Sit behind the candle that represents you, facing the other candle. Speak to that candle; tell it what you need.
  8. Move the boss candle so that it’s resting atop the powder. (Ideally, if possible, dispose of the remnants of this spell in your boss’s trashcan.)

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


How to: fix any powder makeup


what you’ll need:
• rubbing alcohol
• a eyeliner brush (or any pencil-like object)
• a spoon
• plastic wrap

1st: pick up the broken pieces and put it back into the compact/container

2nd: wrap plastic wrap around the compact (only wrap it around once)

3rd: using the tip of the eyeliner brush (the opposite side of the brush), cautiously smash the rest of the peices

4th: take off the plastic wrap

5th: take off the plastic wrap & let it soak in

6th: now take your spoon and smooth down the makeup

7th: grab the eyeliner brush again and smooth out the edges (the rim) of the compact/container using the brush side

8th: let it dry & you’ll be done!

Boss Fix Powder

  1. Empty the tobacco from one cigarette. (In order of preference: a cigarette that actually belonged to your boss, his or her favorite brand, any cigarette.)
  2. Combine it with some shredded newspaper. (In order of preference: your boss’s actual newspaper, a copy of a newspaper he or she favors, any newspaper.)
  3. Add some chili powder and grind all the ingredients together into a fine powder.
  4. Make sure the powder is fine: this is intended to be a very discreet spell. Your boss already doesn’t like you!
  5. When the opportunity arises, sprinkle just a tiny bit of powder on or around your boss’s chair. If that’s too much of a risk, drop a little over the threshold of the office, so that he or she will inevitably step over it.

This is a highly individual spell, tailored toward one target. If more than one person persecutes you, make fresh Boss Fix for each person.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


Pairing: Lee Jihoon x You
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Word count: 2.9k

Disclaimer: Full photo © to NaverDispatch, edit is mine (obvs, cause the edit sucks Dx)

Hi guys! Just thought of this and I’m screaming! My first 2k long story along with a customized header (will probs do it to my other ffs)xD, also this is dedicated to mah friend @wonzigyumin cause you left us u ho jk lol ily

“I love you”. Those were the words that started it all. He had somehow managed to muster up enough courage to finally say those words, his mixed feelings of anxiousness and embarrassment slowly dissolving as every syllable left his mouth and soon after the sudden confession, he felt giddy and elated when he heard your reply of ‘I love you too.’

You could hardly forget that event.

It all happened on a Friday night when he suddenly asked, practically forcing you to free up your schedule, and made plans to go out and have dinner. As you were getting ready, you heard the soft ding of your phone to which you later found out to be a text from Jihoon. “I’m here.” was all that was written, very typical of him. For the past two years you’ve been friends with him (sorry, BEST FRIENDS), he always goes straight to the point but you didn’t mind it. In actuality, you liked that trait of his but you never told him that and you have no plan to.

“In a minute.” you replied back, putting back the phone into your purse. You checked yourself one last time in the mirror only to whip out your bag and to once again put another layer of lipstick onto your plump lips. Once again backing up to see the full profile of your reflection. You wore a simple black cocktail dress that stopped just above your knees. Your shoulders were bare and the dress hugged at your body, leaving little to the imagination. It was the only decent thing you could find out of your small closet full of casual and business clothing. Jihoon had told you way too late that you needed to wear something formal, fit for fine-dining that you had no time to go out and buy one.

Your phone was ringing nonstop now but you were used to it. Jihoon tends to say that a minute feels like an hour when waiting for you. He’s exaggerating. Well, checking yourself constantly in the mirror and reapplying makeup whenever you see just one small smudge tends to take a while. “That’s it. I’m coming up there.” You read, the notification flashing on your screen and as if on cue, three loud knocks came to your door. You didn’t move though, you continued to fix the powder on your face until you had heard a knowing cough.

Turning your head, you saw Jihoon standing at your bedroom door. He had on a sleek black suit with a white polo worn underneath and a black bowtie to complete the outfit. His small figure leaning against the doorframe as he glared at you. And you replied back with a smile to which he chuckles at while looking down, “What am I going to do with you?”, it was merely a whisper and he was thankful that you hadn’t heard it.

“I’m done!” was the first thing that came out of your mouth once you felt satisfied. He beamed at you and he hadn’t realized what you were wearing until you were standing tall in your three-inch heels. Your full appearance finally sunk in and Jihoon couldn’t help but feel flustered. “You okay, Woozi?”


You saying his nickname only made him blush more as he gawked at you. Worried, you made your way closer to him, thinking he might be catching something. Your hand gently pressed at his forehead and you heard his voice hitch. “You feel hot, maybe we should cancel.” you said as you stepped away from him to go get some medicine. But before you could even move one step, Jihoon grabbed your wrist and pulled you back to him, “No. I’m fine. Let’s get going.” He said as he picked up your purse and dragged you out to his car.

It was silent during the ride and who knows how many times Jihoon had glanced your way, you had lost count. When you look back at him he would pretend he was never looking at you in the first place. “Is something wrong, Woozi?”

Again with the nickname.

Jihoon thought to himself. He’s using every bit of his power to focus on driving but him knowing you were right beside him and having full knowledge of your clothing just made it really hard for him. Not to mention how the seatbelt made your chest very much painfully obvious made him even more uneasy. “No, nothing’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever.” he voiced out and you didn’t push the topic anymore.

After a few more turns and with Jihoon constantly cursing whenever the stoplight turns red, both of you finally arrived at the restaurant. Your eyes turned wide when you realized it was the restaurant you had always wanted to try since you first saw it but due to it being a bit expensive and always fully booked, you tend to have second thoughts.

“How did you manage to get a table, its practically impossible to get a reservation here unless you know the owner or if you’re early as hell.” you chimed as you took a glance at the long line just out the entrance and you felt superior yet apologetic that you were passing them as you and Jihoon made your way to the reception desk.

“Lee Jihoon.” he said to the person behind the podium. It was a tall man that wore a black suit and a red tie. His nose was pointed and his smile, genuine. “Yes, Mr. Lee. A reservation for two.” he gestured for us to follow him inside and we did.

The man led us to a table beside a window that has the perfect view of the moon. Though, for some reason, our table was slightly secluded from the rest and it was also themed different. Unlike the other tables with white cloth and golden laced that we passed by on our way here, ours had light red cloth draped over the table with black cloth laced at the edges. But in the middle of all these was a single white rose in a thin clear vase laying silently on the table.

“What’s the occasion?” you jokingly laughed and gladly took the seat Jihoon pulled out for you. “Nothing, why? Can’t I go all out on a dinner with my best friend?” he mocked as he took the seat across from you. You looked around but no staff gave a menu and as if Jihoon can read your mind, “I already ordered ahead of time.”, “Oh, have you now?” you grinned. “Its a surprise.” he only said.

While waiting for your surprise food you both chatted about what each of you had done for the week, (boring, I know, but I can’t think of anything else), he then started talking about how great he’s been doing at work. Making music and performing with his members. You loved how his eyes would light up whenever he talked about his work, so you couldn’t help but smile as you listened to his story about how one of his hyungs would always try to kiss him and you laughed when he explained how he chased after that one member with a guitar. “Poor guy.” you commented, laughing. “What do you mean?? I should be the one you should be sorry for, they were annoying me.” Jihoon could only pout as he crossed his arms over his chest. It made you giggle more, “Well, I know how scary you could be when you get mad so…” you wiped the tears that escaped your eyes from laughing so much. Jihoon didn’t retort though, he just shrugged and mouthed out, 'True’.

“How’s yours?” he asked as he took a sip of water. “Oh, nothing. Just same old, same old.” “Come on now, spill.” Jihoon said at your lack of an answer. You knew him too well to not say anything, he would never stop pestering you until you gave him what he wanted and so you started telling him about how it is at your work. Just the usual boring seminars, you and your friends, as always sat at the front cause you all can’t see because all your eyesight are bad, and how the people at the back are annoying as hell no matter how much they’re scolded. “Hope they lose their job.” you cursed under your breath but Jihoon still heard it and chuckled at your comment. “You hate them that much?”, your eyes widened and you prepared yourself to tell him about all the hoes in your class and for the past 15 minutes, Jihoon was trying his best to hold in his laughter but is failing miserably as you cursed bloody mary onto the people that annoyed you as hell (the people at the back).

Jihoon was still laughing his ass off as the waiter arrived with your food and to your amazement, it was all your favourite, from appetizers all to the main course. “Surprise!” Jihoon said as he finally caught his breath. Your mouth was wide open and your eyes seem to almost bulge out as you tried to find for words to say, “I-I don’t know what to say.” you managed to voice out, he smirked. “You don’t have to say anything. Let’s eat.” The both of you were enjoying dinner and had laughs with a few slipped in moments of additional spite for people that annoyed you both.

“That was delicious!” you laid back in your chair as you held your stomach, Jihoon did the same, “I’m glad.” he smiled. It tugged at your heartstrings, seeing him smile and you hadn’t noticed you were staring until he had gave you a questioning look. While you still felt flustered, Jihoon had called for the waiter and asked him to lean a bit closer. You could hear him whisper something but it was too inaudible, the waiter only nodded before turning around to leave you both. Jihoon saw how you were throwing daggers at him with your glare, “What?” he asked and you just leaned back down and pouted in your seat.

He could only chuckle at your childishness and hearing him laugh made your heart melt and you can’t help but smile. This was why you loved being with Jihoon, you both enjoy and have fun even with littlest of things. How you can feel lots of care and love from a small gesture with him like that time when you were sick and couldn’t join the outing all your friends planned for a long time and instead of going, he stayed back with you saying, “I never wanted to go anyway.”, but he was the most excited about the trip. You told him you were fine and he could go, but he refused and slept over at your place to take care of you, “No big deal.” he said only to catch a cold the next day.

Whilst you were laughing, Jihoon kept quiet as he admired you from his seat. He loved seeing your smiling face. He loved how your eyes twinkled when you talked about your passion. He loved the late night calls with you. He loved how much you worried about him. He loved being in your company. He loved everything about you. 

He loved you.

The waiter had come back with a silver platter and placed it in the middle of your table. Jihoon had wished he took out his phone to capture the expression on your face when you saw the dessert that arrived. It was a giant, practically bucket-sized, sweet pudding. You were silently screaming as you hurriedly went to Jihoon’s side and gave him a big hug. He expected it though, he knows how much you loved pudding. His smile grew even wider, if that was even possible, as he watched you enjoying the dessert.

God, I love her so much.

Jihoon smiled to himself. You were a bit guilty that you were the only one enjoying the dessert, so you took a spoonful and offered it to Jihoon. He shook his head at first, but after your glare and stubbornness, he complied and opened his mouth. You felt giddy as you fed him the pudding, “Do you love it?”, “Yes.” he nodded, “I love it.”

“But I love you more.”

Jihoon wondered why you had suddenly stopped eating and was now looking his way. Your mouth was hanging open as you stared at him and his expression was just painted in confusion. Then his eyes grew wide and he immediately went red while he covered his mouth with his hand.

Did I just say that out loud?

Jihoon thought. He had not wanted for you to know it like this but there was no turning back on it.

“Yes.” He acted cooly, “I love you.”


It was a beautiful memory that you could never forget no matter how hard you try.

“Leave me alone! I’m busy!” Jihoon had kicked you out of the studio and slammed the door before you could turn around. His voice rang in your ears as you comtemplated wether to continue or not but this was the last straw. Your blood was boiling underneath your skin, “Open the fucking door, Jihoon.”, there was no answer. “LEE JIHOON!” you pounded on the door. He at last opened it, probably after the cracking sounds that were heard from the door.

“What?” his voice felt like venom, his tone distant. His brown irises stared straight at yours. “What the fuck?” you said in disbelief, he’s not getting away by acting ignorant. “Talk to me Jihoon. I waited for you everyday, I gave my whole life to you, the least you could do is come with me to see my father back home.” your words didn’t seem to get through to him. He now was looking anywhere but you, “Woozi.” your voice was pleading and low. His hand laid at the back of his neck, “Please, I can’t leave right now. We have a big performance this coming week, I can’t just go with you.” he explained.

You understood that he couldn’t go. You get it. But knowing that your father is pulling at his last breaths on his death bed, you thought, you thought he could skip at least once. “My father is dying, he needs me there and I need you there with me and knowing this, you still think your performance is more important? More important than me?” your chest felt tight as you said those words. You never meant for him to choose between his beloved group, his future, his passion, and with you. You’re happy for him, yes, but you always felt like you would always be second. Second after his work.

His eyes finally landed on yours, “I’m sorry but I can’t.” As soon as those words left his mouth, you let out an exasperated sigh. You expected it, but seriously, he didn’t even stutter.

“If this is what I’m going to go through being with you, then I’m sorry but, I can’t handle it. Let’s end this.” you fought against the tears from falling out. “It’s the best for the both of us.” you said before turning around.

“I’m leaving.” you gritted your teeth, making sure to stress on every syllable. And so you left. You called for a taxi and after saying your destination, you pulled out your phone and booked the next flight to your country. Your home.


The word felt so familar but at the same time not. Being with Jihoon, you were at home. Wherever he was, it was home. He is home. But now, you felt so unsure of it, you felt doubtful.

Your luggage lagged behind you as you made your way into the airport. You had 10 minutes till your departure and while waiting for your flight call, occasionally, you would look towards the entrance, hoping. 5 minutes left, you needed to go. But before you went your way, you gave one last look behind your shoulder, one last chance to see if he would come.

But there was no one.

You start walking to your boarding gate but you hear loud footsteps, as if someone is running straight towards you and before you realized it, you felt a hand on your shoulder to which you abruptly turn around. “Jihoon?” you almost felt tears in your eyes but the growing warmth spreading through your body dissolved when you saw, not Jihoon, but a stranger, “Uh, sorry miss. But you dropped this.”, he held out what seem to be your wallet. You hadn’t noticed it was missing, “Thank you.”, he nodded to your reply before making his way to his gate.

Laughing to yourself, you thought he would come, thinking he would at least stop you, but it appears you were wrong. And so with pain gaping at your chest, you left.

“Welcome ma'am.” the flight attendant greeted and you forced a smile to which she paid no heed. She pointed you to your seat and you sat beside the window. The night lights twinkled under the dark sky and you could only cry silently as the plane’s engines roared to life.

Though, against the loud sound of the airplane taking flight, a faint voice could be barely heard, screaming your name, screaming for you to come back. To come back to him.

To come home.

High end dupes (e.l.f)

•Smashbox/ Makeup forever studio finish primer : e.l.f mineral infused primer
• too faced better than sex mascara : e.l.f mineral volumizing mascara
•makeup forever hd microfinish powder : e.l.f studio high definition powder in sheer
•Bobbi brown brightening finishing powder in porcelain powder : e.l.f tone correcting powder
•mac fix + : e.l.f studio mist & set
•mac prep and prime highlighter in radiant rose : e.l.f studio radiance enhancer in spotlight
•nars multiple in copacabanna : e.l.f essential all over color stick in persimmon
•nars highlighting blush in albatross : e.l.f studio blush in gotta glow
•benefit moon beam : e.l.f essential facial whip
•nars bronzing + blush duo : e.l.f studio contouring blush & bronzing powder
•laura mercier baked blush bronze : e.l.f studio baked blush in rich rose
•nars in desire, depthroat, angelika and luster : e.l.f studio blush in pink passion, candid coral, fuchsia fusion and peachy keen
•benefit brow zings : e.l.f studio eyebrow kit
•Bobbie brown natural brow shaper mascara : e.l.f studio eyebrow treat and tame
•benefit high brow : e.l.f studio eyebrow lifter and filler
•mac fluidline in blacktrack : e.l.f studio cream eyeliner in black
•mac eyeshadow in soba : e.l.f studio eyeshadow in wild wheat
•nars lip lacquer in chelsea girls : e.l.f studio conditioning lip balm in nice & natural
•mac cream d'nude lipstick : e.l.f mineral lipstick in natural nymph
•bareminerals blemish therapy : e.l.f mineral blemish kit
You can literally find e.l.f products anywhere and they are super inexpensive I’m almost positive nothing on this list is over ten dollars enjoy your savings!!


Photo-set ½ from a really great makeup day! Candie’s boots, Charlotte Russe boyfriend jeans, Target Mossimo champagne glitter tank top, Rebel Rogue One women’s tee from Hot Topic;

ELF Poreless face primer
Becca dark spot corrector - Papaya
Josie Maran - Vinrancy RG45 foundation
Tarte Shape Tape concealer - medium honey
Maybeline Master Fix Studio FX finishing powder
Tarte Bronzer
ELF blush palette
Casey Holmes Smashbox Highlighter palette

Eyes in a separate post!!

Buxom lip products (all day every day, all the time - always)!! 💋

holy grail products 🗣

• nivea for men aftershave balm
• makeup forever step 1 skin equalizer (smoothing primer)
• l'oreal true match lumi cushion foundation
• mary kay timewise matte-wear foundation
• maybelline fit me! concealer
• makeup forever ultra HD concealer
• it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer
• mac studio fix powder
• maybelline fit me! matte+poreless powder
• too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
• milani baked blush (luminoso)
• anastasia beverly hills glow kit (that glow)
• becca shimmering skin perfector pressed (champagne pop and opal)
• cover fx custom enhancer drops
• the balm mary-lou manizer
• lush lip scrub
• jesse’s girl matte finish lip color (all shades)
• nyx butter glosses
• too faced better than sex mascara
• l'oreal telescopic mascara
• anastasia dipbrow pomade
• mac fix+ spray
• urban decay all nighter setting spray
• morphe palettes (35B & 35N so far)
• too faced chocolate bar palette
• too faced natural eyes palette

if you have any questions about these products, message me :-)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on being healthily vegan? I've known some cases where people don't get enough protein and I was wondering how to avoid that

Honestly I’m still struggling on getting enough protein and that is simply because I despise protein powder and I don’t eat a lot. So, yes, I have a lot of protein foods but I don’t intake enough to get what I need. My boyfriend gets on me everyday for it lol I’m working on it though. But if you’re into the powder (simple fix right there) then do that. If you’re not then to be honest I don’t know as of right now. When I figure it out for myself I’ll post about.

anonymous asked:

What do you think everyone's worst trait is? You can throw in best trait if you want as well. I love you btw ❤️❤️

I love you too! And if you want me to do best trait, then send in another request because this was longer then I expected. I also tweaked it to worst habit, hope that’s alright! 💙💜💙💜

Jay: Worst habit, stealing. It may seem on the nose, but even though he’s good now, he’ll still get the thoughts. The thoughts of his father sending him out to steal and bring items back for the shop. He usually stops himself before he takes something, but sometimes he doesn’t realize until after. He always returns it.

Evie: Worst habit, fussing with her hair/clothes/makeup. She already fusses over her image, but sometimes she’ll get that nagging little voice (which sounds eerily like her mother) in her head, telling her to fix her skirt or powder her nose. She tries to ignore the voice, but sometimes it’s hard to, so she’ll be fussing over her hair or something all day.

Carlos: Worst habit, fidgeting. Please don’t scare this poor child, he startles easily. He usually only fidgets when he’s nervous and/or scared, so unless you want a fidgeting Carlos all day, don’t startle him. It’s almost like he’s looking for some kind of danger that’s not there in Auradon. But if he gets bored he’ll fidget with pens or paper or something.

Mal: Worst habit, fiddling with her hair. It doesn’t seem that bad, bud she does it a lot and without realizing it. Usually in class during a lecture or an exam, you can see her playing with her hair, pulling it lightly and twisting it.

Ben: Worst habit, comparing himself. He is constantly comparing himself to his parents, both as people and as monarchs. He’s always comparing his actions to past kings or monarchs in other lands. He compares himself as a boyfriend and friend as well, not sure if he’s as good of one as he believes he is.

Harry: Worst habit, tapping his hook against things. Seriously, if he’s frustrated or zoning out, he’ll start tapping his hook against the table/wall/his arm. If he does it long enough, he’s been known to scratch the table or make a hole or dent in the wall. He’s given himself bruises from tapping it against his arm.

Uma: Worst habit, second guessing herself. After Mal’s bullying and being compared to her for quite some time, she second guesses herself. Her actions, her words, but only ever after its happened. Harry and Gil are the ones who stop her second guesses, telling her that she was right.

Gil: Worst habit, speaking before he thinks. We’ve all seen him call Uma Shrimpy, and things like that happen often. Pirates are a bit temperamental, but he usually doesn’t realize it might not be the right thing to say in the moment. He almost always realizes his mistake though.

Jane: Worst habit, chewing on pens/pencils. It happens whenever she’s nervous/stressed/anxious. She’ll chew on the caps or ends of pens and pencils, and usually it results in her having to throw the item out afterwards. It’s better than her doing it to her lip, but she still needs to try and stop herself.


Diva-Joa #Repost @beyondd_beautiful
When you still tryna slay but they sun ain’t out yet 😩😩😩 .
••••••••••••MAKEUP DEETS•••••••••••••
@juviasplace Zulu palette + @a_devils_kiss pink skies pressed glitter (This glitter is soo prettyyyyy!!!! LOVE IT!!!).
@prettiesforyourface heart of Fantasia palette (I also use this for my eye inner corner.) .
@_kissmarie princess mave + @maccosmetics stone (topped w/ clear lipgloss) + @baselinecosmetics true brown lip liner.
@mywunderbrow brown/black.
@ikatehouse #805 .
@nikigarretcosmetics medium/dark contour duo (use “Mayatake10” for $$ off$).
@pulsecosmetics 701 .
@lagirlcosmetics toffee + @maccosmetics concealer set w/ @sachacosmetics buttercup setting powder + @maccosmetics studio fix powder.
@im.zury diva-h joa (color: som rt mojito) THIS COLOR IS EVERYTHING 😍 reason why I just had to buy it!!.
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💕💕 Repost @msroshposh Summer Time Slay✨ @narsissist Soft matte concealer @colouredraine Eyeshadows ✨Hot cocoa & Angelface @Lashbunnyboutique Kylie Lashes @Makeupforeverofficial HD foundation stick #173 foundation stick @MACcosmetics Studio Fix powder NC45. @Tartecosmetics Tarte shape tape concealer (TAN) @maccosmetics Kinda sexy lipstick & Clear lipglass @nyxcosmetics Lip liner crayon Brown ✨ @artistcouture Glow powder Slaynali✨Full list of products used is listed on my channel ✨Full video is on my channel , the link is in my bio @RepostIt_app

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