fixing our mistake

The people who want to exclude you might act like they’re indisputably right, might condescend, might ignore your lived experiences for the sake of overly simplified privilege-oppression dynamics, but remember this:

Most major LGBTQ organizations welcome us. “Asexuals are LGBTQ+” isn’t a controversy in much of the real world, it’s a fact. Exclusionists are nothing but a loud, hateful minority.

Just keep fighting for a-spec people and for anyone else who’s being thrown under the bus in this mess. You are stronger than you know.

And know that I won’t give up until everyone who should belong is welcome. I won’t let any other marginalized groups be excluded. Lateral aggression may always exist, but we can be better. We can always improve ourselves and our community. We all deserve somewhere safe.

Reggie x Reader: Did You Miss Me?

Warnings: none
Requested: yes

*your POV*

For the record, Reggie Mantle had broken up with me 2 months ago, but for him it’s only been a month. For the first month after the break up he constantly called me and provoked me. He wanted me back, he didn’t want to believe that we were over. But we were and there was nothing he could do. People drift apart but when it’s only one of you that feels it, your heart breaks for the other person. That’s how I felt about Reggie.

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anonymous asked:

Let me just say thankyou for your posts talking about the mental health in BnHA. For me its obvious but so many its not and like the manga points out, so many make a villian out of Bakugo. Which I cannot stand. The kid is smart, loyal, strong, and determined. He does not have the same personality as Deku that can get through to people so I felt for him when Shoto clearly still wasnt ready to use his fire power and froze up because of it. I love Bakugo, so thankyou for protecting the sweet child.

You’re welcome, Anon. Thank you for this ask; there is one thing that I felt I needed to be clear on, but never found the opportunity to do so. The thing is, I don’t think Bakugou is ‘a sweet child’. I think Bakugou has a problematic attitude and mental health issues that need to be taken care of, seriously and with benevolence. What I’m defending is Bakugou being seriously taken care of, not Bakugou being an adorable but misunderstood child. If you do that, you’re deliberately putting aside all the bad things he did and idealizing him, and that’s not being fair to him and issues he’s illustrating. That’s not what I’m defending.

We have to take Bakugou for what he truly is; he’s smart, strong-willed and passionate, but he has mental health issues AND his behavior has been violent and abusive towards Midoriya. One doesn’t erase or excuse the other. He doesn’t really regret anything he did. He’s improving, but he never apologized to Midoriya for bullying him, and for telling him to go kill himself. I’m not telling Bakugou is a good or bad person. Nobody is totally good or bad; we’re all bound to do bad and good things, because our behaviors are influenced by a lot of settings depending on the situation, and sometimes, we mess up (I’m putting aside talks about systemic oppression and violent behaviors towards oppressed people). What’s important is improving, realizing our mistakes, fixing it if we can and moving forward. We’re not perfect, nobody is, so at least what we can do is prevent, fix and help each other when we’ve taken wrong paths. It won’t help Bakugou, whether we demonize or idealize him, because we won’t confront what he did and won’t improve the situation. When you care for someone, and I care for Bakugou, you want them to be at peace, happy and satisfied with themselves; something Bakugou clearly isn’t. And to do that, you need to be honest and fair. 

Bakugou’s behavior has been wrong on a lot of aspects, and it’s not correctly addressed by others and especially adults in charge. It won’t help him to demonize him, it’s just a convenient way to silence him and ignore his medical and emotional care. I saw people telling that if Bakugou wasn’t restrained, he would’ve trashed the stadium and fought Todoroki. Let’s say he would have (even if I stated he probably wouldn’t have because he was frustrated for not winning fairly); then, wouldn’t it had been smarter to disqualify him to prove they were condemning his attitude and protect everyone? Wouldn’t it had been more efficient to keep him in a room, talk to him and wait for him to calm down, than to expose and humiliate him the way they did? What were they really trying to protect when they chained, cuffed and muzzled Bakugou? Bakugou and Todoroki, or the entertainment of the crowd and UA’s public image? Please, just think honestly about this. The answer is just evident. Bakugou still wants to be a hero to be the best, kick villains’ butt and win. Not to save others and be kind to people that need help. He failed his provisional licence exam because he just didn’t care about saving people, and endangered them when he told them to help themselves. I have my idea on what will eventually trigger his urge to save, because it’s not easy to awake to a feeling you never felt before, unless you’re in a situation that pushes you to do so. It’s not something I’m making up, just look at these panels. 

They perfectly resume dynamics between Bakugou and Midoriya ; they both incarnate one of those two urges ‘to save’ and ‘to win’, and while Midoriya is being driven by Bakugou to improve his urge to win and surpass himself, Bakugou is still far for awakening to the urge to save. However, we can see he’s slowly opening up to the possibility by befriending Kirishima; he tried, in his own way, to care for him, and that’s a good beginning. Bakugou began to open up to more positive feelings such as caring for others and accepting to be cared for; because it doesn’t mean you’re weak when people want to help. It’s something Midoriya never made him feel, and Kirishima did.

Anyway, my post on mental health came from the urge to stop seeing people make fun of how Bakugou is handled and to clear issues about mental health that aren’t obvious for most people, because we’re either not even aware they exist, or because we’re not used to see them treated in popular representation. What Bakugou did was wrong; but the way he is treated is also wrong. We seriously need to be honest about Bakugou; I see a lot of people either demonizing or idealizing him, and that’s not positive. I’m sorry if this answer comes out as a little harsh, it’s not personal Anon, it’s not you being good or bad, it’s just questioning our perspectives and ways to appropriate contents. It’s about an attitude on that character that I find not really honest because whether you’re demonizing or overprotecting Bakugou, you’re not taking him for what he truly is but more for what you want him to be, and that’s not being fair to him, what he’s representing, and others characters.

yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

Hey! I hope you are doing well! ^~^ I was wondering if I could see 2P Axis and Allies to their female s/o denying their love confession and saying that they only see them as a "Big brother."

2p America:

“I’m sorry Allen I see you as an older brother”, (s/o) smiled nervously as Allen stood there.Not knowing what to say, “I hope you can understand.”She left him there standing in shock and sadness. “Ah ok doll…….”, he whispered as he held his bat tightly.No, he wouldn’t take it like that, he would not let it slide.Allen followed her behind, he stood quiet, try to act cool.Not drawing no attention as he pays attention to see (s/o) leaving with her friends.He knew the walkway they walk to, this was too easy for him. “Isn’t that your friend?”, one of (s/o) pointed him out, already spotted but it didn’t matter. (S/o) stood surprised, “Allen what’s wrong?”Allen stood there standing still, he didn’t speak but looked at her friends. He slowly walked up to them. “Allen?”, (s/o) became nervous as everything happened too fast.He lifted his bat up and slammed it against one of her friend’s head.A bloody murder scream was heard from (s/o)’s other friend as (s/o) stood there in shock, not moving.Allen watches the body fall to the ground as the body twitch and bleed out to death. Allen made a fast swift move as he hit the other friend in the head, making the other gag for air as they fell to their knees as he kicks their chest making them fall to the ground and bleed to death. (S/o) trembled as she felt like she couldn’t everything was falling apart for her, she looked at her friend’s bodies.She finally got her courage as she made a run for it, catching Allen’s attention as he ran behind her. “HELP ME PLEASE!”, (s/o) yelled as her bad luck, there was no one around the streets.She made her move as she thought it turned for another street but when she turned she saw it was a dark alley.(S/o) trembled as she tears ran down her cheeks, she heard footsteps behind her as she turn around to see Allen.He grins seductively as he walked towards, he tapped the bat to the ground each time he took a step.
“(s/o), dollface, let’s talk about this~”, he threw her against the wall as she yelp in pain.He slammed one of his hands against the wall, almost close to her face. He snickered as he slowly breathe against her neck making her shiver by the touch of his lips on her skin. “I love you (s/o).I love you so much, I don’t want to be looked like a brother”,he said the last word disgustingly. “I want to be more for you, I can do so much for you doll”, he brushed her hair aside. (S/o) breathe shakily as she nodded, she was scared to death of what he can do to her. “But we can get to know each other more, that’s all that we need. Don’t worry doll, I’m doing this for us.~”The last thing (s/o) was the handle of the bat hit her head after she passed out.

2p England: “Pardon your word poppet”, Oliver cleared his throat as he looked up from the counter as (s/o) sat on one of his tables close by.They were in his cupcake shop, he invited her there so he could have confess his feelings for her but it didn’t went the way he wanted it to go. “I’m sorry Oliver, I just see you like a big brother to me”, (s/o) smiled sweetly not knowing how bad she had broken the British man’s heart. “Ah, a b-brother?”, Oliver murmured as (s/o) nodded. Oliver was quiet for a while, this made (s/o) nervous and worry for her friend. “Oliver what’s wrong?Oliver?”, (s/o) stood up to walk towards to touch his shoulder but when she touched his shoulder he flinched and looked up with a smile. “Oh well then, that’s ok my dear poppet.At least I’m ‘your big brother’”, he said with displeasure but (s/o) didn’t acknowledge it. “How about we enjoy some cupcakes, I had this special one just for you”, Oliver chirped cheerfully as (s/o) smiled and nodded. “I will gladly accept it”, (s/o) giggled as Oliver went back to his kitchen where he made his ‘special’ cupcakes, bringing out a purple sprinkled cupcake. “Oh I hope you love it”, he placed the cupcake in a tray with a cup of tea aside. (S/o) thanked him as she took a sip of the tea, Oliver watch with a warm smile as nodded. (S/o) placed down her cup of tea down as she  grabbed the cupcake.She inspect it as she smiled and took a bite out of it, her eyes lit up brightly. “Mmmmmmh~!Oliver this is so good~!”, (s/o) took another bite as she took another and another, after finishing it all. “That was so good! What was in it Oliver?!”,(s/o) took a sip of her tea. Oliver serve himself some tea as he had his back to her, “some sugar and secret ingredients.” “Like?”, (s/o) put her tea down as she waited for his answer. “I use this cupcake for special occasions, like poison, paralyzing, or just making people go on conscious “, Oliver chirped as he turned around slowly with a grin on his face as he took a sip of his tea.(S/o) froze and shook her head and laugh, “How funny Oliver.”She became nervous as she felt her body start getting heavy. “What’s wrong dear, losing yourself?”, Oliver place his cup down the counter as he went around to slowly walk towards her. (S/o) grew panicked as she try to balance herself in  the counter making her cup fall to the floor. “Oh (s/o) don’t get all scared, I didn’t poison you, you’re just going to go on conscious.”(S/o) gag for air as she felt her body go limp a bit, her legs trembled as she fell to her knees.Oliver bend down to her level and cup her face with a grin, he roughly kissed her lips.She whimpered as she felt his hands wrap around her waist as she her eyes slowly closed. “Now my dear rest, we will have a long day to get to fix our mistakes.~”The last this she heard as she passed out.

2p France:

“Oh Francis, I see you as a older brother that’s all”, (s/o) rubbed the back of her head as she smiled.Francis stood quiet not believing of her response. “Mon amour, what…….did I do something bad?”, Francis grew a bit tense as he grabbed her hand he gently massage it with his thumb. (S/o) shook her head, “No Francis it’s that I just don’t see you more than a big brother, I’m sorry.” Francis shook his head as he pulled (s/o) close to his chest making her yelp in surprise. “Non, I love you (s/o), I want to be something more for you Mon amour!”, Francis held her tight as (s/o) grew nervous by his shaken voice.She smelled his shirt, cigarette and alcohol she grew a bit scared. “Francis please let me go.I’m sorry I just don’t see you that way”, (s/o) tried pushing away but he didn’t budge. “Do you know how much I have done for you, I have gotten people of my way, so many obstacles and now you throw me away!”,Francis breathe roughly as (s/o) stood there frighten. “W-what?”,(s/o) was shocked by his words, ‘gotten people of my way’, she remember her close best friends haven’t come to school lately. “Fran-nci-is what did y-you d-do?”,(s/o) looked up at him pleading for answers.Francois stare at her and didn’t answer, “FRANCIS?!ANSWER ME?!”, (s/o) had tears in her eyes, she could think of the things he could’ve  done to them. She flinch as she felt his palm caressed her cheek. “I took care of them that’s all you need to know (s/o)”, he whispered in her ear as she whimpered and shook her head. “No no no no FRANCOIS! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”, she violently push him as she was thrown against to a car.She look up to see it was his car, she tried to balance herself to get up but she felt his hands grab her shoulder roughly. “LET ME GO!LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!”, (s/o) cried out as her eyes grew wide.She felt his hands under her dress she wore, he slowly massaged her thighs.She turns red and felt tears running down her cheeks as she kicked her legs up in his chest. “FRANCIS!”, (s/o) felt a cloth with a weird smell get pressed against her nose as she whimpered. “Sssssssh it will be ok mon amour, we will just look at what went wrong”, Francis grabbed her waist as she felt herself get dizzy.Her eyes grew heavy as she felt a seatbelt click as Francis kissed her forehead gently as he smile. The last thing she heard was the start of a car engine after her world turn dark.

2p  Canada: “Matt you’re like a big brother to me silly”, (s/o) giggled as she looked around as she looked at the trees.Matt had taken her to the woods to tell her something important and so she agree to go. Matt was hit hard by her answer as he mumbled words. (S/o) wrapped her arms around her shoulder as she shivered, “It’s getting late Matt can you take me back home?” Matt slowly look up to her, “no.”(S/o) looked confused and asked him again, “w-what?Matt what did you say?” Matt tilted his head , “I said no (s/o).Why go back home if we can get along here”, Matt grab her wrist as he lean her against a tree. (S/o) yelped as she looked at Matt as she blushed when she felt his hands go around her waist gently and warmly. “Matt stop.Matt!”,(s/o) whimpered as he peck her lips.He got close to her ear as he whispered, “Do you think I’m just letting you ?”Matt bit her ear as she whimpered, he slowly kissed her neck, sucking her skin roughly. He started leaving hickeys behind .(S/o) felt her heart pounding fast , she needed to get away. She struggle as she try pushing him of, she lifted her knee up and kicked him in the stomach, making him grunt. She ran through the trees as she yelled for help. “HELP ME!PLEASE!”, she panted as she hear a loud whistle.She look behind confused of what that was for as she saw a huge polar bear chasing her. Her eyes grew wide in fright as she panted harder, panicking of what that thing was.It was bigger than a normal polar bear.It was her bad luck or something because she tripped over a branch, she yelp as she landed flat on her face.She whimpered as she felt leaves on her face and when she was about to get up she felt a hard breathing against her neck.She hiccuped as tears came out as she turn around slowly to see the huge polar bear staring at her.Its jaws were huge, big enough to finish her there. “Good boy Kuma”, Matt patted the bear’s side as the polar bear backed away, leaving (s/o) frighten in fear.Matt pulled her up to her feet but she trembled that she couldn’t stand up still. “Now (s/o) we could have just done this easy and simple but you made it harder”, Matt said as he smile.Matt lifted her up to his shoulder as he carried her.(S/o) tried to scream but the polar bear looked at her, she kept her mouth shut as she was drag more into the woods, never again coming back home.

2p Russia:

“I see you like a big brother Viktor~!”, (s/o) dance around the full grown fields of the sunflowers.Viktor felt his heart stop for a moment, he felt like those words burn him inside. He had his hands behind his back as he stood tall and still. “Sunflower….”Viktor spoke as (s/o) gaze at some scarecrows and look at their clothes. “Yes Viktor”, she turn around as she waited for his response.He smile, not usual for him to do but he glance at the scarecrows, “do you like my scarecrows, sunflower?”(S/o) looked back at the scarecrows and nodded with a smile, “they look nice.”Viktor nodded as he came close to the two scarecrows, “how about you take a look at them .” (S/o) gladly accepted the request as she walked up to the scarecrows but she felt a shiver as when she was close to them a drop of blood fell on her cheek.She looked up at the scarecrow, it had a cloth bag hiding it’s face.She looked to the top of the scarecrow to the bottom noticing one of the scarecrow showed real human skin, one had a tattoo.A tattoo one of her friends had, she shook her head as she felt like she was going to vomit.She covered her mouth with one of her hand as she backed away.She felt a strong arm wrap its hands around her waist, she wince and try to turn around but another hand held her face as her eyes went wide. “Do you like the ‘bodies’ I use to make them sunflower.~”Viktor kissed her neck sweetly as he hummed, (s/o) began to cry as she trembled in fear. Viktor wiped the drop of blood on her cheek as he kiss her cheek gently. “You know I wanted this to be nice but you  left me no choice”, Viktor pulled out a needle he had in his coat pocket. “It could have gone any way so I came prepare, I promise you it won’t hurt sunflower~”,Viktor extended her arm. (S/o) started struggling and kick around her leg, losing the grip of his arm close to her face. “STOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!SOMEONE!GAH!AAAAAAAHHH!”, she felt a sharp pain in her arm as he pressed the needle’s liquid to her veins.She whimper as her body became limp and slowly she closed her eyes. “You and me we just need to know each other more, sunflower.~”

2p China:

“Zao you’re just a big bro for me”, (s/o) took a drink of her beverage.Zao has taken her out to drink to his house. “A brother?”, Zao  looked at his drink as he gulped his drink harshly. (S/o) nodded and took another sip of her drink as she felt Zao’s drink fall, pouring the liquid to the floor. “AH!ZAO!YOUR DRINK!”,(s/o) stood up as she was about to pick up his drink when she felt a hand grab her wrist. “Zao?”(s/o) looked up at him as he stared sad and stressed. “I don’t want to be a brother…..”,Zao’s grip became tight as (s/o) wince and yelp. “Z-zao stop my wrist hurts…”, (s/o) try pulling away but he pull closer. “I want to be more for you, I want to be your lover”,Zao gently kiss her cheek, causing (s/o) to jump in action.She push him as she blushed redly, “w-what are you doing z-zao?!”,(s/o) brushed her hair aside as she was nervous by his action. “I love you (s/o)……I love you so much”,Zao lean towards her as she bump to the table.(S/o) tried to protest but she felt her body be push down to the table. (S/o) yelp in surprise and fright as she struggle in his grip, “Z-zao!”He didn’t stop as he lean and kiss her lip, biting her her lip in the process. “You see me just like a brother?!I do everything, everything!For you, just you!”, Zao attacked her neck as she scream in fright.One of his hand travel down to her waist, giving it a squeeze. (S/o) whimper as she drool a bit, she was a mess, Zao was leaving marks around her neck as he will surprise her a kiss in the lips roughly. “Zao stop!I don’t love you!”, (s/o) yell with tears as Zao stop his actions.He stood quiet when he grin at her, “then who else will dear?~”Zao chuckled and laughed out, as he looked at her, “I took care of your friends, do you want me to go to your family next?”(S/o) stood shocked and shook her head as she felt warm breath against her ear. “Then let’s redo this stupid action, yes?~”,Zao brushed her cheek as (s/o) cried knowing it will be the last time her loved ones will see her.

2p Italy:

“Luciano,you’re like a brother to me, more like a big brother”, (s/o) smiled as she poke at her food. Luciano was drinking his wine, as he had taken (s/o) to a restaurant to talk about things and enjoy themselves.He choked on his drink as some spill out of his mouth (s/o) jumped a bit as she reaches a napkin to help him. “Ah, Luciano you spill some”,(s/o) wipe some of the wine as he blushed but looked away. “It’s ok bella”,Luciano felt her hand brush against his lips as he couldn’t resist but grab her hand.It was soft and cold, so sweet. “Luciano?”,(s/o) tilted her head as she watch him rub his thumb against her hand. “You know how ,much I love you”, Luciano kissed her palm, causing her to blush but pull away her hand. “Luciano!”,she blush by the attention she got from other people but she look down as she stayed quiet. “Luciano, I’m sorry I don’t see you that way,I’m sorry”, (s/o) looked at the ground as she slowly look up to see his face.He was smiling, with a big grin, “but we can be more (s/o), just tell me what to do.I can give you everything you ever wanted, just tell me what it is and I’ll get it.I can love you like no one else can.”(S/o) felt uncomfortable of how he was acting, this wasn’t the Luciano she knew. “Luciano you’re scaring me”,(s/o) finally said as it got him of guard. “Scaring you?”,Luciano giggled as he grabbed both of her hands making her jump a bit. “My bella, you don’t even know what might scare you”,Luciano giggled more as (s/o) was feeling like it was time to leave. “I think I should leave”, (s/o) was trying to pull away but Luciano wouldn’t let go. “But (s/o) we have so much to do~”,Luciano grin. “Luciano stop please, you’re making me uncomfortable”,(s/o) looked away. He lean close to her as he spoke, “I think it’s better for you to stay here with me (s/o), wouldn’t want you to hear about the mess I made~”,Luciano smirked as (s/o) stood confused.She felt her brain screaming at her to get away but she wouldn’t budge. “M-mess?”,(s/o) asked as Luciano nodded and quietly respond. “You know it is bella, friends and family can take up of your time.Time of me and you~”,Luciano nodded as (s/o) shook her head.She didn’t want to believe those word, she wanted to run away. “But let’s not do something stupid bella, or others may get hurt~”,Luciano kissed her cheek as she knew what he can do to the others she have left. “Now let’s make this all better as to restart again and learn how to love one another.~”

2p Germany:

“You’re the best big brother I had Lutz!”,(s/o) watched Lutz put the weights down he was using.He had invited her to his waiting room he had to talk and chill but it didn’t went like he wanted it to go. “B-brother?”,Lutz scratch his chin as he didn’t like the sound of that. “Brother wasn’t what I expected”,Lutz cross his hands as he looked at (s/o).She shyly looked away as she blushed but shook it of, “I’m sorry Lutz, it can’t work out.”Lutz shook his head as he brushed his hair. “I don’t want that (s/o)…..I love you”, Lutz looked at her with sadness but he tried to be happy and cheerful. (S/o) shook her head, “Lutz I’m sorry, it just can’t.”Lutz grabbed her hand making her jump in fright as she saw him on his knees. “I love you (s/o), with all my heart”,Lutz kissed her palm as she was getting nervous and uncomfortable. “Lutz stop please.Don’t please”, she try to pull away as he tighten his grip. “Luts!”,(s/o) was now struggling as she tried to push him of.He didn’t nudge, he kept holding on her tight, he didn’t want to lose her.Watch her walk of without him, without him been in her life. “I’ve done so much (s/o).I’m not just gonna watch and let it be thrown away~”,Lutz cupped her face as he kissed her in the lip. (S/o) froze as she blushed and felt like this was not right.She whimpered as Lutz pulled her closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I love you (s/o), I really do~”,Lutz panted as he slowly kissed her jaw line going lower to her neck.(S/o) wasn’t liking none of it as she struggled more before shouting out, “LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!LUTZ!I DON’T LOVE YOU!I NEVER WILL!”,(s/o) didn’t thought about it as she slapped him across the face.She stood still as she realized what she had done. She looked up at him.Worried and scared of what his reaction will be.Lutz looked at the ground as he felt a sting in his cheek, he slowly touched it as he winced and slowly turn to (s/o). “(s/o)….”,Lutz stared at her as she grew scared as tears were coming out of her eyes. “I didn’t mean to”, those words took it, it was the last thing it took.He quickly dash towards and threw her to the wall. “So many things you don’t mean to do (s/o)”, Lutz brushed her hair as she cried out more. He smiled as  he spoke, “but we can fix that, let’s start over,yes?~”

2p Japan:

“A brother is a better term I see you as Kuro”, (s/o) said as she set down the gift he had brought her, he wanted her to come to his home to surprise her with something lovely.Kuro froze his tracks as he was going to get her some tea but some plans were ruined. “Brother.”,Kuro cleared his throat by the sound of that word made him unease. “Yes”, (s/o) nodded as Kuro shook his head in disbelief. “(S/o) you must be doing something at me, joking around ,you know how people are these days”, Kuro smiled warmly hoping for that. (S/o) shook her head as she frowned, “I’m sorry Kuro but you’re just a brother, nothing else.I can’t see you as a lover either”, (s/o) felt a bit uncomfortable with how this talk was getting.SLAM.(S/o) jump out of fright a Kuro’s hands trembled on the table, he was breathing a bit hard as he stared at the table. “Kuro?”,(s/o) stood up to help him thinking he was having problems with breathing.A chuckle, that was the only that was heard.It stopped (s/o) in her tracks as carefully stood still.Kuro looked at (s/o) with a smirk, “You know I’ve done everything to make everything easier for you (s/o).”Kuro smiled as (s/o) stood confused but listened carefully. “Take care of those who bother you, who push you down”, Kuro walk close to her as he caressed her face. “Is it time to take care of those who distract you, who take you away from me?~”, Kuro gently placed a hand on her thigh as he gazes at her with his eyes half lid.She blushed madly but those words had her on alert. “Ku-u-uro p-please”,(s/o) plead as she moan a bit feeling him press himself against her.He slowly rock himself on her as he whispered in her ear. “Mercy?Aren’t we being pushy no?~”,Kuro giggled as he cupped her chin roughly making her look at him in the eyes. “How about you stay for a long while, to fix our mistakes or make the outcome even more better.~”

S01.E07 - Sirens

Written by Laura McCreary and storyboarded by Christophe Yoshida, cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin.

Ah, Sirens. :) This episode is a little goofy, and was mostly an excuse to put our princesses on a boat and have them go undersea. 

It was absurdly expensive and complicated to do an underwater episode at this stage of the production : it was only the 7th episode ! Everyone was still trying to understand our characters, see where the show was going, how it would look like, etc. 

In Sirens, we experimented a lot, while having little to no room for mistakes (since we wouldn’t be able to fix our mistakes due to our tiny schedule & budget). Kind of risky, right ? But thanks to that, we ended up making a very unique episode within the show, and I think it’s a good thing. 

We could push Auriana’s boy crazyness (to the point it reminded me Usagi and Minako from Sailor Moon) while having her save the day and not be a hindrance. 

And we could prove to ourselves that, while Iris was to remain the main Princess, we could also have the main focus on another princess and it would still work. This lesson in particular would be very valuable for the rest of the show.

An Erik Lehnsherr Prompt: “What? You think you are the only one suffering?” & “This is hard for me, too.”

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“Just because you are suffering, Erik, it doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole.” your voice drew Erik away from his thoughts.

He had just a major fight with Charles. A student had made a joke about Chemistry but Erik had perceived it as a joke about his days as Magneto and Erik had attacked the student. No one dared to part them, fearing that they would get caught in the fight too.

Thankfully, Charles had arrived just at the right moment and he had spent the following hour in his office yelling at Erik.

“I just thought…” “Whatever you thought, you could have ended with talking. Dialogue, Erik!” you scolded him. He closed his eyes, sighing as he brought his hands to his face.

“You are right. But, what do you know about suffering?” he said as he got up.

“What? You think you are the only one suffering?” you shot back at him.

He turned around and cocked his brow.

“You don’t know my story, Erik.” You pushed him and went inside. He was quick enough to catch your hand and turn you around to face him.

“Then, tell me.” He said in a low voice. You sighed and complied.

“The night my powers kicked in, they killed all of my family. In fact, my powers killed my whole village. Pleased?” you pushed yourself out of his grip.

He looked at you leaving in shock. “I didn’t know.” He muttered to himself.

You avoided him for the following two days, and you would avoid him even more if he hadn’t chased you in the hall after one of your classes.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” you sped up but being a jerk he controlled the metal in your belt and stopped you in your tracks.

“I shouldn’t have spoken in such way to you the other day.” He reached you. “I was a jerk and I am sorry.”

“You weren’t a jerk only to me, Lehnsherr. Charles, Joe and everyone in this School really.” You snarled.

“Did you apologize to them?” he looked out the window, trying to avoid your judgmental gaze. “I didn’t think so.”

You realized you were free and you started walking away.

“I will. I will apologize to them. I will try to fix myself. I will try to be a better man.” He promised. ‘For you.’ He said in his mind, forgetting you had telepathic powers as well. You smirked.

You sighed and turned around. “This is hard for me too, Erik. This is hard for everyone. But, we try our best to carry on and fix our mistakes. So, if you give me your word, I might believe you.” You smiled and he smiled too.

“I give you my word. To my mother.” He said and you knew he was true in his words.

“Thank you.” You said and kissed his cheek, leaving him in a flustered shock.

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TOS Bones: Not to bring everything way down but I've been depressed for 10+ years and i'm hitting another major depression patch instead of the normal Dysthymia (yay for double depression). As my favourite member of the Enterprise crew and a doctor - is depression curable in the future? Any words of strength you can share for when times get rough? (I know to go see a doctor if it gets bad dont worry I'm not asking for legit medical advice)

Listen, kid…

I wish I could tell you that I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. That in the “future” depression is as outdated as… the Black Plague would be to you. I wish I could say that we have magic happy pills that cure everything, but…

We don’t.

Mind you, treatment’s improved immensely. The medications we have are exponentially more successful, people are more educated on the warning signs, and rates of suicide and self harm are down across the board. 

But the human mind… humanity in general is hard to understand. I’m not a psychiatrist either. This isn’t my field of expertise, and I’m glad you said you know to go see one if you need to. 

So here’s the only advice I can offer (and I know how annoying this is gonna sound, but it’s true)

It gets better.

Humanity moves on. It heals. We ignore every sane thought in our heads and we launch ourselves into space in tubes of metal just to conquer the cosmos. We meet beings like Mr. Spock, though not all of ‘em are as bad as he is, and we explore strange new worlds just to say we are here. We are here and we want to learn.

Terran… Earth gets better. We learn how to fix our mistakes, stop polluting, clean things up, save animals and plants and people.

Darlin’… I wish I could tell you the answer to all this. I really do. But humanity’s still figuring things out, and I guess I am too. Strange to think that someone as old as myself is still figurin’ life out, huh? But that’s life. Just when you think you know all the answers, more questions come along.

Words of strength, though, I can offer;

Inside you is the potential to make yourself better. And that is what it means to be human.

Spock once said “change is the essential process of all existence” and I think he was right (though if you tell him that, I’ll deny it). Things change, sweetheart and you can make them. 

And if all else fails… look to the stars, and dream of tomorrow. 

the one that was alone

“And so I took fixing our mistake into my own hands… And I made you all forget, I made the world forget what we did.”

Warning Call | CHVRCHES / Holy Branches | Radical Face  
Another Story | The Head and the Heart  / The Hands that Thieve | Toh Kay
A Maker of My Time | The Paper Kites /  Offering | Black City Lights / Blame | Bastille
Thousand Eyes | Of Monsters and Men / Stand By Me | Mona  / Sound the Bells | Dessa

Turn the Page

Answering the call for Pines family moments, consider this…

The mystery twins have already departed for Piedmont, but the Stan twins are still working on getting their boat plans off the ground. They’re staying in the Mystery Shack during final preparations. This means they spend a good portion of time plotting together, gathering equipment, having memory sessions for Stan… but Ford still spends a decent amount of time down in the lab by himself.

There’s a lot of machinery that needs to be dismantled and taken out, and he’s still working out which things he wants to save and which things he should toss. He doesn’t tell the others to stay away anymore (outside of when he’s handling things that have vaguely face-melting properties when handled incorrectly), but Stan still sticks to the upper floor. Ford assumes the lab isn’t full of fun memories for Stan, so he leaves it alone and continues to work solo. Until a day when he takes a break and flips through his own pre-portal entries of the restored third journal,

Ford lands on the page where he’s writing about asking Stanley to come. “It’s ironic that the only person I can trust is the least trustworthy person I know…”

He winces. Yeah, that was… pretty harsh, in retrospect. He’s slightly embarrassed that it took him so many years to come around from that point of view. But that’s all in the past, and they’re moving on now. They don’t have to worry about that kind of–

His eyes skip to the doodle of the science fair project he left at the bottom of the page. Funny. He remembers drawing it, but he doesn’t remember scribbling it out.

Ford stiffens, realization dawning over his face.

Crap. Stan read this page.

He has no clue when it happened, but Ford isn’t sure that matters. He feels awful. After a few moments of hemming and hawing about whether or not to dredge this up, he stops pacing, sighs, and decides he owes his brother another apology.

Stan waves the effort off initially. “You’re the one askin’ me to live in close quarters with you, for extended periods of time, on arctic waters. It’s fine, Ford. Obviously, you trust me now.”

Ford acknowledges this, a little relieved it’s going so well.

Then Stan adds, more softly, that it wasn’t entirely wrong of younger Ford to think that way. He breaks eye contact for a moment. “…I did end up pushing you through,” he says quietly. Holds up a hand before Ford can interject. “It was an accident. We both messed up. I get that. It’s just… after I got burned, you stopped fighting. And I didn’t. I was angry and in pain, and for a second, I just wanted to hurt you back. Heh. Guess I overdid it.”

He runs a hand through his hair. “…Ford, I could’ve killed you. And even though all I wanted to do was to take that back, it took three decades to do it. Thirty freaking years of your life. I did everything I could think of, but…” He shrugs, straightening and rolling his shoulders. “Anyways. I guess I’m sayin’ that I never expected you to look up to me.  When I found your third book, felt kinda like I deserved that part. I’m just glad we’re past it now.”

He nudges Ford’s shoulder, trying to lighten the moot. “It’s good to have the brains of the operation back. Y'know?”  

Ford hesitates. “Stanley,” he says, frowning. “…I do look up to you.”


“No, really. I’ll admit, it took me a long time to come around. Even after you- well, especially after you opened the portal.” Ford rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, remembering a page he wrote after his return- one he hopes Stan hasn’t read. Something about the maintenance work Stan ran on the portal looking like a monkey had done it.

“I had college instructors, colleagues, research publications, and an interdimensional demon that went into the knowledge that let me figure out the portal,” Ford continues. “You didn’t have a high school diploma or even one third my personal notes. Yet, somehow, you taught yourself enough to keep everything functional.”

Ford remembers seeing the wear marks on Journal 1. Pages long since dog-eared from hundreds of re-reads.

“You never wore glasses before,” he comments. “Even though you needed them. I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say you caved because of all the research you needed to do.”

Stan shrugs uncomfortably. “…You write real small, okay? So I got some glasses. So what?”

“You changed a lot about yourself so you could help me.” Ford waves at the shack. “You changed everything. You kept working at fixing a mistake- our mistake- for years after I’d given up entirely. You brought me home.”

Ford rests a hand on Stan’s shoulder. “You had to become ‘the brains of the operation.’ And you did that, all on your own.” A small smile. “I’m proud of you, Stan.“ 

Stan returns the smile hesitantly. “Heh, thanks. So is this gonna be one of those touchy-feely moments where we both hug and start- Oh boy, here we go.”

Ford hugged him on impulse and is making a concerted effort not to regret said decision. He feels incredibly uncomfortable- this isn’t a form of contact he’s had much of for a very long while- but he knows Stan is fond of it. After a moment, Stan confirms this by returning the hug, and Ford feels himself relax into it a little.

Okay, maybe it’s not that uncomfortable after all.

“I’m proud of you too, Poindexter,” Stan says quietly. “Mostly, though… I’m just glad you’re back.”

Ford chuckles. “Yeah. Me too.”

From that point on, Stan starts coming down to the lab to help Ford dismantle and move things. Ford doesn’t quite connect the dots… but Stan has always mentally attributed that space to Ford alone. He pushed that out of mind while working solo, but after his brother returned, he felt suddenly out of place and awkward surrounded by all the “smart-guy stuff.” He’s always kind of thought of himself as the dumb twin, after all.

That little encouragement from Ford goes a long way. Stan stops selling himself so short, and he’s able to forgive himself for something he didn’t even realize he was still holding against himself.

Stan moves the journals out of the way, one day, while they’re clearing out another corner. Journal 1 gleams up at him.

He doesn’t give it a passing thought.

((Also, this is the anon from the All Star family tattoos thing. ^_^;; I don’t have a tumblr yet, so pardon while I just submit these enormous things to you directly.))

-This is a real sweet ficlet!! Thank you so much for sharing! I honestly cannot get enough of these two old sea grunks talking it out and getting along with each other!
Bayroot Academy Part One

“Ouch!” I look up to see what just caused the semi sharp pain to pulse through my pinkie toe. My eyes glance from my foot to his, and I slowly trace the outline of my new English teacher, Mr. Andrew Cox. I see his muscular thighs and trim torso as my gaze escalates, and I linger just a tad too long on the biceps that are bulging out of his short sleeves. Then Mr. Cox of Bayroot Academy for Young Men’s eyes lock with mine and I think for a second that I may have fallen in love. His mouth starts moving and all I can concentrate on are his luscious lips. After he’s done speaking and I’ve stopped swooning I put two and two together and realize that he just mumbled an apology and is already on his way to finding a seat in the stuffy auditorium. My first real interaction with the hottest god on campus and I didn’t even open my mouth - way to go.

Honestly I don’t think Mr. Cox would ever go for a guy like me, even if he were gay and he wasn’t my teacher and a senior in high school. After all I’m just Connor Bradshaw, mediocre at everything and just kind of floating through life. At least I’m in decent shape; for someone who’s 6 foot, weighing in at 160lbs isn’t bad. But my brown hair and eyes do add an extra element of blandness to my overall look. Maybe that’s just my opinion though. Everyone’s always calling me handsome, or hot, or cute, or whatever but frankly I don’t see it. I’m just me I guess.

Anyways seats are running out fast and I know I’m running out of time so I pop a squat next to my friend, quarterback Ross Johnson. Although Ross has his some nice assets that I wouldn’t mind gawking at, I search the crowd and quickly spot Mr. Cox seated two rows ahead of me. I stare at the back of his glorious head; even his neatly trimmed hair gets me going. Or at least it does until Dean Snow, a pale, stumpy middle aged man with an obvious toupee, taps into the microphone demanding our attention.

“I know this assembly seems rather out of the blue, but I have some very special news for the students and faculty of Bayroot Academy. I’m sure all of you have heard the rumors that we will be the newest ‘guinea pigs’ for Feeding America’s Teens, and I’m here to confirm that we will, in fact, be introducing their new nutrition plan! We have our new director of activities, George Walker, here to speak to you all on the matter today.” Dean Snow gestures for this really big dude, who I guess is George Walker, to come on stage. The guy must be at least 400lbs of fat and can barely waddle up the 5 steps without his shirt riding up under his plump moobs. He has a thick goatee and is surprisingly tan for a fat guy. Ross nudges me and goes “Shit, what a fatass.” We both snigger while George pulls his shirt from under his fat rolls and takes the microphone. He speaks breathily and rather slow like he has to think really hard about the words he has to form before they come out.

“Hello boys and gentlemen,” he starts, “I’ll not only be your director of activities this year, but I’ll also be Bayroot’s Feeding America’s Teens official advisor. I’ll be in charge of applying any and all new changes to the school and making sure everyone’s happy. If you have any problems at all relating to the school’s or to F.A.T.’s services, feel free to talk with me any time.” George doesn’t seem like the smartest man but he’s nice enough. Waddling back off the stage, he hands the microphone to Dean Snow who then ends the assembly and dismisses us.

It’s only the second day of school and they’re already popping up with surprise announcements. That’s pretty typical of them, but I could care less. More pointless assemblies means more time out of class for me. When I get back to my dorm room I can see my roommate Cameron seems to agree because he’s taking what looks like his fourth or fifth hit off a bong he smuggled in.

“Damn dude, did you even go to the assembly?” I ask casually.

“Nah man. Why would I when I leave when I have everything I need in here?” he counters. And it’s a good point too. He’s got a mini fridge set up between our beds and our closet filled with snacks. Cameron’s been my roommate since freshman year (the first year you can come to school here at Bayroot Academy) and now that we’re seniors I’ve come to accept that he can eat like a horse and smoke all the weed in the world and won’t gain a pound. You’d never be able to guess how much he eats with that sly frame of his. He winks at me with his light blue eyes and adjusts his thick, sandy hair with his hands and asks me if I want a hit, but I decline. If I get the munchies I’ll be waddling like George in no time.

The school grind starts back up. I meet up with my friends I haven’t seen over the summer and even try to hit the gym a few times, but the doors are locked every time I try; everything’s just like it was.

A few days later I’m walking to English and I realize that Feeding America’s Teens has been bringing in these little food kiosks. The food joints seem to be popping up all over campus, ranging from burger stations to churro carts, and the prices are insanely low. I mean, who’s heard of a 50 cent burger, especially when they’re the size of your face? I’m not complaining though. In fact I even pick up two, one for me and one for Cameron if he decides to show up today, on the walk to class. I easily eat mine on the way there and walk into the classroom to see a groggy Mr. Cox reaching into a box of donuts. I think about other places I’d like to see him reach into as I take my seat. My future husband starts lecturing and it’s significantly harder to concentrate than it has been before, but I can’t figure out why. My stomach is kinda full, but I’m craving something greasy. I reach into my bag for that 2nd burger knowing that Cameron stayed up way too late gaming in his friend Taylor’s room to come to first period. As I’m unwrapping the burger I realized that I’m not the only one creating sounds of wrinkling paper. The sound of wrappers is overwhelming and I can’t think clearly because literally everyone in the class is eating something. I look around the classroom and see Ross the quarterback digging into a bag of fries, and Taylor, Cam’s freind, drinking a chocolate shake, even my health nut friend Bernie is nibbling on a giant turkey leg. Normally small snacks are allowed but I’m sure this mini feast has to be breaking some kind of rule. No one else seems to notice and my stomach begs for attention so I start on the 2nd burger and watch Mr. Cox work on that box of donuts for the rest of the period.

Lunch rolls around and the cafeteria is a madhouse. With food so cheap and rumors of prices skyrocketing, everyone feels like they have to get their fill while they can still afford it. My friend Larry, captain of the soccer team, has gotten trays worth of Feeding America’s Teens’ Taco Bell knock off food every day since they first announced F.A.T.’s arrival.

“You know we haven’t actually exercised at practice yet,” Larry says with a slight Mexican accent. Bits of meat are dripping out of his full mouth. “Coach Clark just has us watching repeats of last year’s failed games and tells us how to fix our mistakes. It’s boring as shit in there. Yesterday that fat guy George came in and asked coach if we needed a buffet table in the locker room for bulking season. We seriously all thought he was kidding; it’s obvious that sack of lard has never played a sport in his life… But coach took the Fatass seriously!”

“What’d Coach say?” Cameron asks.

“What do you think he said? The lazy fuck said ‘Hell yeah!’” Larry was obviously annoyed. Soccer is his life, he wants to play for Mexico in the Fifa World Cup one day, and if he isn’t in his prime shape for his first game this season he’ll be pissed. But I don’t see exercise happening any time soon. Coach Clark doubles as our government teacher and last period he shoved in a tape about the Declaration of Independence and polished off a tray of hot dogs while the class watched.

“And Ross told me that the football team’s only playing the last two games this year,” I add on, “I mean, who’s ever heard of a season only lasting for two weeks?” Ross sits next to me in English and we’ve been talking about all of this lately. He’s a lot more intelligent than you’d think but he’s kind of all wrapped up in football.

“This whole thing is ridiculous; I don’t even have a 4th period anymore,” Bernie adds on. “Ever since they got rid of Nutrition class I just don’t have a period there on my schedule. When I asked the advisors what I should do about it they referred me to George and he told me to just talk a long lunch… So lately I’ve been chilling here and checking out what’s good.” And apparently ‘what’s good’ are those chocolate bars he’s been shoveling down his throat. Bernie by far has the darkest complexion out of all of us, and his shortly cropped hair coupled with his lean muscle he looks totally badass. But it’s kind of hard to take him seriously when he’s apparently lost all self-control.

But maybe it’s not just him who’s been feeling a little weak lately. I have a hunch that that the overindulgence won’t be stopping any time soon.


This morning in English Ross the quarterback told me that the school finally finished renovating the gym. He said he could really use the exercise because he’s packed on a few pounds since that assembly we had a month and a half ago, but I don’t think he’s the only one who’s been packing on a few. It seems that everyone here at Bayroot has been getting a little… dumpy. Even my roommate Cameron, who’s never gained an ounce in his life before this semester, is growing his own little gut. I guess the munchies were bound to catch up to him. I know for sure that my uniform pants are getting pretty tight so I agree to go to the gym with Ross. I invited Cam and he laughed and said he’d rather open a new bag of chips and chill in the dorm. Later I ask soccer boy Larry and he says that he’ll already be joining Cam tonight instead. Apparently without FIFA to motivate him he just doesn’t care about his team anymore.

Ross texts me to meet him at 7:00 pm for the grand reopening, and I’m there on time dressed in my stretchy pants for the occasion. Well, partly for the occasion, partly because most of my shorts dig into my sides and it’s getting annoying. My little roll of flab is nothing compared to what some of the guys have been putting on, though. I figure if I can stay at least slightly behind the average weight of the boys here, I’ll be fine. I try to get into the gym but the doors are locked and a pretty sizable group of plumped up guys have gathered in front, waiting to see the new equipment that’ll hopefully save their waistlines. It’s Friday night, so a lot of us are just looking for something to do, and none of us have had any sort of physical activity because of the coaches. I search the crowd and find Ross and we make small talk. He tells me that over the past month the football coach, Coach Simmons, basically told the football team that they need to bulk up and take a good long break so that they’re rested up for the first game next Friday.

“Yeah so basically we’re fucked, but I’m hoping Coach Simmons’ plan will work. Maybe with the added girth we’ll just shove them back to the goal line” he explains.

“Dude yeah and it sucks because you only have two games to prove yourself, but you’ve definitely been bulking pretty well. I mean the whole school has to put props to you, man.” A month ago Ross was like 180lbs of muscle, but he’s passed the big 200 and is probably creeping up on 215 now. He’s definitely what I would call beefy, and it looks amazing on his 6’4” frame despite his new stretchmarks. While I’m admiring Ross’s plump physique, George shows up, bulldozing his way through the crowd. He unlocks the door, giggles a bit, and shouts, “ENJOY YOUR GYM!” Despite George’s sketchy laughing, we all rush inside to see the month of renovations. What we find isn’t a gym though; it’s a room lit like an arcade and carpeted wall to wall. Instead of ellipticals and treadmills, the floor is littered with big, poofy couches sitting 5 feet across from TV’s hooked up with the latest video game systems. There are even little coffee tables separating the TVs and couches. Buffet tables line most of the walls, and on the opposite end of the room a line of gaming computers await, equipped with headsets and the works. Ironically the old motivational posters are still plastered to the walls, displaying slogans like “No Pain, No Gain,” and “If You Had Fun, You Won!”

Ross and I gaze in amazement, “Okay man, let’s work out!” he spits out and speed walks to the buffet tables, belly bouncing out of the bottom of his shirt. I notice that his ass is taking up way more room in his skin tight elastic shorts than it used to, but I’m not surprised because of how much this beast eats. The cafeteria custodians hate him because he can easily create a tower of trash in the 30 mins we have to eat. I follow his lead and we pile our plates with tonight’s mile high lasagna and bread sticks. The gym is free to all students at Bayroot, so I figure this’ll probably become the new hot spot for all of my friends and I. Ross and I find us a couch and both grab a controller and start alternating between playing online and devouring bite after bite of the delicious Italian food.  The lasagna melts in my mouth and the bread is soft like buttery little tasty pillow sticks. I eat and play and eat and play until I finally finish my third plate without realizing it. I’m full as hell, even with my growing appetite. I drop my controller and set down my plate, too full to move. A handsome man in a tux walks by and replaces my empty plate with a full one and I instantly realize that I hadn’t gotten up to get the other two plates. I ask Ross if he noticed.

“Nah but I don’t care, they can keep… *belch* bringing me lasagna forever, I love this shit.”

“Here, you want mine?” I ask, handing him my plate.

“Do you even have to ask? I’ve already finished off four and I don’t plan on stopping soon,” He looks like he’s finished off four too. Slumped back into the couch, his bloated belly is sticking out an inch or so from his shirt and his hairy belly is poking out even more than it was earlier. It looks blue in the lighting, and I can hear that his breathing is heavier than normal over the sounds of a few dozen gamers. His angular face has softened significantly from the added fat and his double chin is very prominent at the angle he’s sitting. His little bit of stubble is getting all caught up in the rolls, too. He still has some of his football muscle, but it’s all bloated with an inch or so of pudge, and he looks truly blissful sitting there stuffing his face. I’m getting tired so I tell Ross I’m gonna hit the hay and make my way to the dorms before I start craving more lasagna. I don’t even think he heard me.

I open my dorm room door and am instantly attacked by two shirtless bloated boys screaming “HEY! HEY CONNOR YOU’VE GOTTA SEE THIS!” Both Cameron and Larry excitedly waddle over to the closet doors with some difficulty. Their bellies are so full that they have to swing their legs a little to get around the pain.  I can’t imagine what they’ve eaten to get themselves so stuffed. They each open a closet door and with a cry of “VOILA!” A soda machine is revealed, alongside a thin rectangular slot built into the closet wall next to a control panel.

“Connor we got a soda machine AND a pizza button!” Cameron enthusiastically tells me.

“Oh my God that’s amazing! But damn how many pizzas have you had? And what’s a pizza button?”

“Four! Plus a shit ton of soda!” Larry answers. I want to ask if that’s four collective pizzas or four pizzas for each of them, but I’m a little afraid of the answer.

“And this…” Cam says,“is a fucking pizza button!” He turns to the wall and presses buttons on the control pannel. I very cheesy, very greasy pizza rolls out of the thin slot and into Cam’s hands. He plops down on his bed and moans a little because of the bloated pain. He shoves a slice into his mouth.

“Also George came by and told us we have servants now, dude you have no idea how good we have it,” Larry says, and I guess that explains those guys bringing us food in the gym. I fill them in on the new gym and Larry really wants to go right now but it’s too late.

“Okay if we can’t go tonight, I at least have to abuse the pizza button one more time,” Larry reasons.

“Well if he gets to, I want to too,” Cameron, somewhat aggressively, complains, still chewing a slice from the pizza he just ordered. He crosses his arms over his soccer ball sized belly. Maybe Larry can’t seem to get his eyes off Cam’s gut because of the ball it resembles.

“Alright cool you have one too then, I’m going to bed,” I say, done with the two of them and still very full myself. I crawl under the covers and Larry punches a few buttons and two pizzas fly out of the slit in the wall in clean cardboard boxes. I fall asleep watching the two pigs stuffing each other on Cameron’s bed and squirting soda into each other’s mouths from a 15 ft soda fountain hose equipped with a nozzle and everything. Right before I pass out I notice two ripped pairs of pants on the floor and think that that’s going to be a problem.

Morning Routine

 I got the idea fot this fic from the fic Morning Madness from @maydayparade8123

This is a Percabeth future fic. It could be either canonverse or AU. It’s your pic.

      Charles Jackson was used to a morning routine. His mom would wake him up and get him ready to school so they could have breakfast with Daddy. Then, they would get to the parking lot together and his parents would kiss and part ways with an “I love you”. His dad would drive him to kindergarten before going to work.

       But one morning was a bit different.

       Mommy woke him up as he was used to. He got dressed and took his backpack to the kitchen. Daddy was cooking breakfast.

       “Good morning, Charlie.” His dad served him pancakes and ruffled his hair.

       “Good morning Daddy. Where’s Mommy?”

       “I’m here, honey” She kissed the boy’s cheek and then her husband’s.

       His parents took their places on the table. Mommy said something about an important building she would be designing and Daddy asked about Uncle Frank and Aunt Hazel’s next visit.

       After breakfast, the three of them took the elevator together, still chatting and smiling. Everything seemed normal, but that’s when something went wrong.

       When they reached the parking lot, his parents kissed and parted ways. Mommy went to her car and Daddy went to his. Charlie followed his dad to the car, like he always did, but couldn’t help feeling weird. He felt like something was missing.

       His dad was parking the car when it clicked. Mommy and Daddy hadn’t said they loved each other this morning. But they still did, didn’t they? The five-year-old decided to ask.

       “Daddy?” He called.

       “What’s up, kiddo?”

Charlie thought about the answer Uncle Leo had taught him: ‘the sky’. But this was a very serious matter and he decided it wasn’t time for jokes.

“Why didn’t you told Mommy you loved her this morning?”

“I didn’t?” Daddy scratched his head, puzzled.

The boy confirmed he hadn’t, shaking his head.

“Gods, this is not right! Do you think I should call her, just to make sure she knows?” Daddy asked worriedly.

Charlie nodded. He felt relieved with his dad’s reaction. His parents still loved each other, they had just forgotten to say it out loud. But now that he had notified Daddy, it would be an easy fix.

Daddy picked up his phone and called Mommy. Both his parents had different phones from most people. Uncle Leo had made them and Charlie thought they were really cool. Daddy put the call on speaker.

“Hey, Percy, is everything okay? I just arrived at my office.”

“Actually, Beth, it’s not. Charlie just told me I commited a terrible mistake this morning.” He explained.

“What happened?” Mommy sounded worried.

“Apparently, I didn’t tell you I love you this morning. Just wanted to make sure you know it.”

Mommy chuckled, she must have been really relieved with Daddy’s call. Charlie felt really proud of himself for remembering them.

“I know. I love you, too”

“Good.” Daddy smiled. “By the way, what do you want for dinner?”

“Whatever Charlie wants, I mean, he just fixed our terrible mistake.”

“I want pizza.” He declared without hesitation.

“Then pizza it is.” Mommy decided. “I have to go now, boys. Love you.”

The call ended. Daddy took a deep breath.

“I feel much better now, don’t you?” Charlie agreed. “Good, now let’s get you to Ms. Aldrin before your class start.”

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Your rant about nozomi not having a proper center got me thinking, how about an angsty fic about why Umi never gave her a true Center in a song?

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I hope you’re prepared for this spontaneous drabble because your ask broke my heart and I needed to mend it.

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Exo Reaction To Thinking That They’ll Have a Daughter and Bought Everything For Her but a Boy Was Born


Baekhyun: “Next time we HAVE to make sure…”


Chanyeol: “Well… Borrowing money from Junmyeon again…”


Chen: “I knew it was a boy! I’m not listening to your gynecologist next time!”


D.O: “He’ll look sooooo good!”


Kai: “Every man needs to wear pink once in his life. I have no excuse for a pink room though….”


Kris: “We have to change everything now? We meaning Me


Lay: “He’s just a baby, we’ll just buy him accurate stuff as he grows”


Luhan: “We just failed as new parents”


Sehun: *Laughing his Sebooty off*
“Before changing anything, lets make photos and embarrass him in the future”


Suho: “Money will fix our little mistake”


Tao: “I was once dressed as a barrel-looking thing. He’ll survive that”


Xiumin: “All the expenses…”


Thank you for requesting ^3^
If any of you has an idea for a reactions, feel free to request :3

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you know what i realized… everytime a guy told me i was amazing or so beautiful or told me i want to marry u someday or talked to me about having kids and all tht jazz, if they said it to me they will say it again and again to other girls and they probably don’t remember who they even said it to like flashforward to when theyre 30 they wont remember what girl they told what to and like wow it just hit me tht like everything i believed when i was 15 are things i don’t even take a second thought at now that im basically 17. There was a girl before me they liked and maybe said similar things to them like you only really know and trust someone once u go through it all; them at their worst, them with no makeup, them showing their most scared and embarresed thoughts, they need to know about that little scar on your back from that little wrinkle on your forehead when you laugh, like you never really know someone until everything is reviled and that takes years not months and not at the age of 15-16 like what do we know about love and marriage and kids we havent even passed high school yet all we know is making mistakes and trying to fix our mistakes and sometimes not even being brave enough to fix them. My point here is that all we’ve known for our whole life is the same kind of people, with the same kind of lives leaving in the same area and they all go for what they think is the right kind of people because of what they see on the outside. Like what if we could see people from the inside out I think the good people wouldn’t have gotten hurt, in the end and if we stopped looking at someones outside to dictate there inside or assuming who and what they are I think we would be a whole lot easier on one another. I met a guy at 15 who I thought I loved him and we made these crazy promises we said we’d marry eachother… I was 15 not able to have a lerners permit to drive my car, not even graduated from grade 10, god dammit i haven’t even been around long enough to expiercence and find things I love and I thought I wanted to spend forever with the first guy who told me he wanted to… I am not saying you may not last forever with your first love maybe you will get married to them one day but please before you do make sure you have seen them happy for no reason or make sure you have seen them mad and see how they take it out on you and god dammit make sure you have seen them in their most influenced state still see if they always put you first see them drunk and sad and just make sure you know them 100% because if you dont there is a 100% chance you will find that one thing you can’t stand about the person and thats how I realized that so many people are temporary sometimes you meet a couple who aren’t … I thought he was my world and I would never get over my first true love but I did because what is love? fuck I’m now 17 and I still dont know… I wouldnt die for you I wouldnt put you before anyone else I dont know the first thing about love all I know is that I’m a teenager who at the time hated her self and he was my band aid covering up my scars of pain and self hate he said everything I should have been saying to myself and now I know that, I sometimes wish I would have known sooner. I know I am able to move on and find someone new when I hear your name I am no longer bitter… We were a little chapter in my story and I now have passed the chapter it took me a while but im a slow reader… Now I realize I can see you with someone else and I will be okay and I know if they’re is someone else for you then they’re is someone else for me. From now on i promise myself to not walk by your house unless I must I like longer walks anyways. I spent 5 years in high school and I learnt one thing and it wasn’t taught to me in class but I taught myself something I met one person and they changed my total outlook on life I made them my happiness and it almost cost me my life and my grad year but its may 14 now and there still a little bit to go in my last year… and now i notice i wasted to much time thinking of you and praying for your return that i forgot to learn how to forget you … and now I realize I have all on my own, without even noticing it. Its the end of high school and the end of you // you are in my past and I can finally say I don’t need you anymore and I believe myself I let to many people go because I was spending to much of my energy trying to get you back but now its where it changes I don’t need to focus on you and focus on how I thought it was my fault but more on how to meet new people because as we all walk out these doors for the last time ever we leave our passed behind us leave your ex boyfriend or girlfriend that hurt you at the door, leave that kid who always gave you a hard time, leave those people who didn’t appreciate your worth, leave everything and everyone who is less than what you deserve. If I can do it, you can to.
—  idk if this is a grad speech or a life lesson or something but yeah