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okay but shane with messed up hair/strands of hair in his face? gorgeous. absolutely stunning. 10/10

the only way to make it better would be ryan fixing the stray hair strands ahhhh

Small disaster

Titel: Small disaster
Warning: Kids… Bad english, probably bad grammar xD
Summary: Patton, Roman and Virgil is trying to take care of a small Logan. Logan as a child was truly something. 
A/N: It is 1000 words and edited at 20.00. I’m done and hate the ending… Well I hope at least someone like this… @emo-space-trash maybe @softbludemon wanna read too…? Feel free to tell me wtf you think about it…

Patton knew kids were hard to handle. He thought he would never get any real child since he was a part of another person but apparently, he was wrong. For some reason he woke up to crying, from a small child. He quickly found Logan on his normal sized bed under his black cover and his head of the two normal pillows. Patton could only giggle as he walked over to the young child.
“MO!” The voice was light and Patton didn’t know how to react. “Mo!” Oh god oh god oh god. Patton picked him up and-
“Oh god…” Apparently his outfit didn’t sink with him. His shirt was now a long dress for Logan. He looked cute with his purple hair and too long -nearly dress shirt.
“We are gonna get Virgil make you new shirts and trousers for you… Come on” he held Logan close and walked to Virgil’s room.

Virgil hated to be woken up at 7 in the morning. He was ready to scream to get more sleep when he saw Logan.
“Sweet jesus…” He mumbled under his yawn.
“Virg, Lo is a kid and he needs clothes…” Logan giggled and held out his arms.
“Fine… Give me a shirt, I can make something…” Patton thanked him and took Logan’s shirt of and wrapped Logan in his own cardigan.
“We are going to get Lo something to eat, please hurry…” Virgil nodded, already up to fix Logan some clothes.

“What do you want to eat?”
“Pasta? In the morning?” Logan nodded and Patton sighed. “Maybe yoghurt?”
“NUHU!” the young boy pouted and looked away.
“Let’s get yoghurt…”

Ten minutes later and the kitchen was a mess. Logan really didn’t want to be good and threw his yoghurt everywhere. So now Logan was a mess, Patton was a mess, the kitchen was a mess. The worst part? Logan was gone.

Roman had just fixed his hair when he saw Logan. Covered in yoghurt.
“What the - SHIT!”
“Don’t touch me -” Logan’s lip started to shiver and Roman had to sit down so he was in Logan’s eye level.
“P’incey don’t like me?”
“I do just got scared… Should we go to Patton? You have his cardigan…” Logan nodded and held out his arms. “Euhm. No you are walking alone.”

Patton let out a sigh of relief when he saw Logan. He had cleaned up himself and the kitchen.
“There you are” Patton said and picked Logan up. Roman made a disgusted sound in the background. “Let’s wash you off dirty ape” he chuckled and took him into the bathroom. Washing Logan off was easy. Logan sat quiet in the bath and let Patton pour water over him and ruffle his hair to get the soap out. Logan didn’t make a sound as he played with whatever he could get his small hands on.

Half an hour later and Logan was clean and dry. Logan sat on his bed meanwhile Patton tried to find something to wear when Virgil rushed in. He held a black body suit, it looked small but still as small as Logan was. It was in the same black material as his normal shirt. It had holes for the legs, arms and for his head. The hole for the head had somehow been stitched with a black leftover piece because it was clearly smaller and more fitting for a child. It had white stitches where the holes was and under between the holes for the legs.
“Wow Virg that looks amazing…”
“I hope so… Let’s try it on Logan…” Patton nodded and picked Logan up from the bed.
“Hey Lo, Look what Virg made for you” Patton spoke so softly, so reassuring, he always used it to Virgil when he had a bad day.
“NO!” Logan jumped down and ran out, with no clothes on.
“Godamnit” Patton breathed out before the two adults were chasing a 3-year-old.

One minute, 5 minutes, 10, 20, 30 minutes before Logan was in Virgil’s arms. Patton put it on and surprisingly, it fit.
“Where is all the sound about?” Roman asked as he went down.
“Virg made Lo some clothes but Logan didn’t want to wear it…” Patton said pointing at Logan and Virgil.
“I thought that was a dream” Roman mumbled as he stopped next to Patton.
“We need to calm him down, he has a lot of energy that kid” Virgil said.
“Why not try to get Logan to draw? You like shapes and colours right Lo?”
“Shapes!” Roman chuckled and took Logan in his own arms.
“Yes shapes!” They both walked into the living room to get some stuff to colour.

Logan was really good at drawing shapes and colours. The drawings where all over the room and Roman was NOT happy about it.
“Okay play time over… “ Roman the kid up. “Let’s get you some food…”
“Good luck!” Patton said, already on cleaning up the living room.

Logan was happy with his pasta. Sure he ate with his hands but that was the least Roman could care about right now. Patton and Virgil sat next to him making sure he didn’t fall of the chair he was standing on. Roman would try to teach Logan how to eat normally, at least with a spoon or fork but failed all the time. Logan would throw the fork or spoon down on the floor or in Roman’s food. In the end Roman had given up on making the kid eat normally. Logan was giggly and the others were tired. It wasn’t Logan’s fault he turned into a child, and it wasn’t his fault he was so playful. Logan yawned when his food was gone.
“Tired lil guy?” Logan nodded and held his arms out. Patton took him and spun around. “Let’s get you to sleep.”

To put Logan to sleep was way easier then him as an adult. From all the running and giggles he fell asleep on the way to Logan’s room. Patton fell asleep fast too only to be waken two hours later by Logan.
“You sno’e!” Patton chuckled.
“I love you too Lo…”

The day continued like that. Logan ran around in his body suit with looked funny. His tiny legs moving fast as he ran around. His small arms holding out every time he wanted carried or wanted something someone else had. At the end of the day everyone was collapsed on the sofa, tired of all the running. Well Logan might have eaten all the cookies while they were sleeping.


Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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All life is born from chaos. The world doesn’t always adhere to logic. Sometimes down is up. And sometimes when you’re lost…you’re found.