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Quick 2am pen sketch of Hoseok because I wasn’t tired and Hoseok is beautiful


There was a post going around a while back about the differences of traditional vs digital art so I thought I’d show you guys a visual. Using Gimrizh and a very fancy kimono that I’ve been considering for Empire Fashion Monthly.

The pencil version was done on 2/16/17, when I was on break and didn’t have my tablet. Size is about 8 ½ x 11.

Digital version was done today, 2/22/17. I used the same reference and edited out part of her hair, as it wouldn’t realistically be visible from this angle.

Both took about one hour and some spare change (plz click on the art, tumblr has apparently decided to kill my nice high rez for some reason)

170105–Blue Night

A listener said that they picked up their phone asking “what?” and their mother, on the other end, replied. “Am I not supposed to call you if I don’t have a problem?”
Jonghyun: I was the same way. What? Because I was so busy, but I’ve fixed [this bad habit]. Now, I always answer using formal language.

Cr. shinee_pyt_risa Trans: professorjjong (Kor–>Jpn–>Eng)

I hate living in a world where it’s not okay to make mistakes.

I’ve calmed down numerous children, FOUR-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN, who have gone into fits because they’ve made a mistake.

I’ve seen young adults say something from lack of knowledge, and get death threats. Better yet, they’re from ADULTS.

I’ve seen kids spit on things older people have done because they’re “supposed to be role models and not allowed to make mistakes.” I especially get mad if they’re trying to fix bad habits, like referring to people in “they/them” instead of assuming gender and slip up or say something racist but realize later it’s wrong and try to make amends.

I have an important message for you receipt pulling, disrespectful, spiteful people.


So if you go out of your way to make someone who made a mistake, especially if they apologize for it and try to fix their ways, feel bad for being human, fuck you. Fuck you for taking your feelings out on another person. Fuck you for enhancing the stigma that we are not allowed to screw up every once and a while.

Y’all are the reason I developed social anxiety at a young age. 

This is nowhere directed at anyone in particular, but if the boot fits, feel free to strap that motherfucker up and wear it.

And for those of you thinking “wow, how hypocritical of you, for calling people out for making mistakes” and whatnot, stop right there. I will accept people made mistakes, forgive, and move on. This is directed at those who keep offending and think there’s nothing wrong with the way they’re behaving.

Just… can’t we be civil and approach people nicely, instead of tearing their fucking heads off like zombies?


Left (2013. I started my journey with Blogilates Feb 2014) - 106kgs / 233lbs
Right (today, January 2016) - 69kgs / 152lbs

Highest weight - 110kgs / 242lbs
Goal weight - 64kgs / 141lbs
Height - 166cm

I started and quit and started and quit over and over. I was working with my friend who was a PT at the end of 2013 but wasn’t fully dedicated until I moved out of home, changed my eating, and started following Blogilates in 2014. I cannot stress enough that your diet plays a bigger part than working out!!! Fix your eating habits before anything and then it will fall into place when you create a healthy balance between the two.

I’m happy to answer any questions and help anyone who needs some motivation or someone to talk to :) xx

First Gig

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Words: 452

Warnings: none


A/N: This reminder will be on every fic until the livestream but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send requests for what you guys want for the livestream me and Kayla both really wanna hear from you!! So far we’re going to do a Hamilton themed Drawful, and a Hamilton themed Cards Against Humanity!

PS Sorry for not posting as many fics lately, whenever I see how many requests I have I think ‘There’s no way I’m finishing these today’ and give up so I’ll try to fix that bad habit.

“What?” You blinked, staring at Anthony. You were ready for him to break out into a grin and exclaim he was kidding.

“Sorry, I have to work. Broadway is really strict.” He sighed, placing his hand on your shoulder.

“It’s fine.” You whispered, not daring to raise your voice above a hushed volume.

“I really am sorry, but I have to go.” He left the room, leaving you blinking tears out of your eyes.

It was your first gig tonight and your boyfriend was too busy with Hamilton to come watch.

“It’s gonna be fine!” Your best friend Tiffany assured you as you were about to walk onstage.

“I know. It’s just… I wish Ant were here.” You muttered, before giving Tiffany a quick smile and rushing onstage.

Halfway into your performance you nearly froze, almost stumbling over your words for a moment when you saw someone in the crowd.


The two of you locked eyes before you sent an encouraging smile in his direction and continued the show. You felt so much better, but so much more nervous when you found out Anthony was here for you.

When you walked offstage, you sat down on a chair nearby to wait for Anthony or Tiffany to get backstage.

“Y/N!” Two voices called in unison. You spun around at the noise, finding Anthony and Tiffany running towards you. Soon, you felt two pairs of arms wrap around you.

“You were amazing.” Anthony cooed.

“It was great!” Tiffany cheered, the smile never leaving her face.

“You said you wouldn’t come.” You stated, focusing on Anthony.

“Well, I pulled a few strings. Plus, Lin was very ok with me leaving to watch your show.” He shrugged.

“I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Lol Yuzu just does not like skating early. Of the competitions he's been in that I've followed, I can't remember a time he did well when his skating number was anything earlier than 5th within the last group. Which is endearing for a person, but highly sabotaging for an athlete. I don't even know if he can fix that habit tbh, and it worries me do death what that pesky little preference could cost him in the future (like it did at 4cc) ;((

He is more comfortable skating last than he is skating early yes. Though I’d say that it’s not just skating early, but skating second in his group that makes him uncomfortable. It’s a mental block, probably due to the fact that he has bad memories of it and that he puts a lot of pressure on himself about that too. He’s really aware of the fact that this bothers him and therefore he probably puts even more pressure on himself, because he wants to overcome that issue. 

These guys are amazing athletes, but, in the end, they’re human. They have their weaknesses and, while they have nerves of steel most of the time, pressure gets to them too. Yuzuru is working on that (just like he’s working on 4s3t *change the order of the jumps pleaseeeee or put 4lo3t*); he might improve or he might not, it’s not an easy thing to do. I think 4CC showed at least that he improved, mentally and physically, since GPF. At GPF that mistake on the combo made him really switch off, while at 4CC he reacted in an amazing way.

hi there! my name is Sewai, but i prefer to be called Sea, as it sounds nicer and it’s easier to pronounce! i’m really new at this, so i’m still not totally familiar with tumblr, but i decided to start this studyblr to help me focus and get motivated in my studies, as well as fix some bad habits of mine when it comes to studying! 

facts about me:

- i’m 16; grade 11 in high school 

- i’m a really awkward and quiet introvert:)

- i’m trash for bubble tea, nice stationery, and harry potter –> proud slytherin:)

- i’m really into kpop and kdramas, though i dont really listen to/watch the rlly mainstream stuff (im trash for big bang tho<3)

- my favourite class is psychology !

favourite studyblrs/blogs that inspired me:

@tbhstudying @studypetals @elkstudies @focusign @mygnotes @pandasgottastudy @journalsanctuary @milkystudies @bookmrk

feel free to message me if you want a chat! i would love to make new friends in this lovely community! thank you for taking some time to read this intro and i hope you all have an amazing day !!

New to Studyblr

Hi, Im Shyla, aka @shybear11024​ and I’ve decides to make a studyblr so i can be motivated throughout the year and fix my study habits.I’m totally new to tumblr and have only had one for like a month but have been so inspired to start one of my own by @toomanysubjectstudyblr​

I also want to start doing a 100 day of productivity.

A tad about myself:

·         I’m 17 years old, but turning 18 in June.

·         i was born in Northern Fiji but I l’ve lived in New Zealand for like ever

·         I’m a year 13 (a senior a high school)

·         i love playing football (soccer), hockey and watching sevens rugby (fijian supporter right here ;) )

·         Photography and Graphics (dvc) are my passion!

·         Next year i would love to go to University and possibly major in Bio Chemistry or Architecture

·         My subjects for this year are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Graphics  

·         I speak fluent English and Hindi but would love to learn fluent Fijian and Maori

·         I also love to read and talk way too much … haha

I hope this doesn’t bother anyone, but these are my studyblr inspirations

@toomanysubjectstudyblr, @studyblr@acadmia, @ttstudys​, @studypetals​, @jwstudying

Pleasee like follow or reblog (only if you want to). And I’ll do the same :) It would be awesome to make friends on here !!

THANK YOU! Lots of love shy xx

Crocodile Tears

You’ve always been a terrible liar. Of the three of you, Sam was definitely the best, but it’s hard to say who was worse between you and Danny; growing up, his parents never paid enough attention to catch him, and you never had reason to lie to yours.

Now, though, Danny definitely takes the win. He had the steepest learning curve, of course– it’s funny how fast you figure something out with the threat of dissection hovering over your head. 

You know he practiced. Obviously, you were there, and you’re the one who caught the eye twitch, the one who acted as his mirror until he could look you in the eye and say anything without flinching. 

And Danny’s much more thorough than you; when you finally gave up on the neck rubbing (it wasn’t every time, and he couldn’t seem to fix without replacing the habit with something else), he simply added it to his routine, did it when he wasn’t lying, and you know he’ll throw in his old tells when he wants his parents to think he got caught. 

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