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There’s a place you just cant reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.
We call everything on the ice “love". 

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Sara Lance Week: Day 07 - Free day: Sara + Song Lyrics

I spoke to God today and she said that she’s ashamed
What have I become.
What have I done
I spoke to the devil today and he swears he’s not to blame
And I understood ‘cause I feel the same


1.11 | 6.13

“That is going to suck. […] Trust me. I know girls I can converse with who are way more annoying. I will take ‘tinkles’ over ‘we need to talk’ every time.”

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Annie vs Reiner translated [fight only] *fixed

Bert: Annie?!!


What the fuck do you mean by honorable Marlenian?!! Chosen warriors?!! BOTH MARLENIANS AND ELDIANS CAN ALL EAT SHIT! THEY’RE ALL LIES ANYWAY!! ALL THEY DO IS THINK ABOUT THEI DAMN SELVES!!


Annie: You were first to die anyways! If you’re so sorry for thinking this then just DIE ALREADY!!


Bert: Reiner.. enough.. We got it

Reiner: …let’s go home..all of us


Fandom + Aesthetic: Annie Edison (Community)

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I redrew digitally my Beruani /Highschool AU/ fanart (ง'̀-‘́)ง ♡

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What are some major flaws that the folks have? Are they aware of them/try to correct them?

Note that these are Mod Hawk’s headcanons and will likely differ from those of the main mod. 

Eren’s flaws are quite obvious: his recklessness and his temper. His stubbornness can depend on the situation. Eren thinks he’s fine the way he is and doesn’t try to fix it at all. 

Mikasa follows Eren too much, rather than making her own decisions, and smothers him a lot. She is aware of this, but also knows that it isn’t really her fault. After all, she has lost two sets of parents, and her last promise to Eren’s mother was that she would keep him safe. 

Armin’s major flaw is his self confidence. He doesn’t believe in himself as much as he should, even with encouragement from his friends. He tries desperately to work on that, in order to be as strong as he considers Eren and Mikasa. 

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Jeff x Annie Appreciation Week, Day 1: the moment I started shipping it
Feminism, Football and You: Jeff x Annie + text posts (1/?) 

Bert carrying his girl’s guitar~ (this looks better in my notebook i swear)

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Mella x Annie, coffee shop au

Ooh, good one. Classic. Fun fact, if you didn’t know, my voice has all of three lines in one of the episodes (I think 7). Good times.

This came out… super fucking long. I completely passed 5 headcanons. This is straight up tumblr-fic.

  • Aight so of course, Annie is the boss, and Mella is hired to be a worker like any other except Annie finds out Mella is really good at fixing things so whenever anything breaks Mella has to fix it
  • Like. Annie will wait. If Mella doesn’t have a shift for two days, that coffee machine is staying broke, son
  • One day Mella is promoted to assistant manager, and she’s not really sure why, but she’s good with numbers so she takes it and the (small) pay raise that comes with it
  • It’s actually like… really soon after Mella got hired in the first place
  • And of course, it being Mella and Annie, they fight all the time so Mella isn’t really sure why she got promoted until she finds out Annie’s dad who owns the place made her do it because, well, Annie kept sleeping with all the other assistant managers, and, well, Annie’s “straight”
  • (yeah right)
  • Annie is somehow both the worst and best boss ever, it’s amazing, Mella isn’t quite sure how she does it
  • That is. Mella can’t stand to be around her. But Annie is also magnetic in a way Mella, bless her poor gay heart, can’t really handle.
  • Mella and Annie spend a lot of time together going over the books. (Is that a thing managers and assistant managers do together? I only lasted in retail four days before I got fired.)
  • aNYWAY, they spend a lot of time together doing the math, because Annie knows everything about the business and Mella is just really good with numbers, and slowly, painfully, Mella develops a crush
  • Citrine and Robert, who both work almost the exact same shifts as Mella, take her out to ice cream once to make her admit it and she spend the whole afternoon crying after, poor thing
  • Moris, btw, is just a really stuck up dude in the afternoon shift six times a week, because he cannot get any more power, he will abuse it
  • I know that in canon this happened in a whole different order but:
  • Tenashe comes in a few weeks later and Mella is honestly floored by this literal supermodel. What is she doing here. Why did she come in. Mella stops functioning for a second.
  • Tenashe, of course, is still a huge flirt and M e l l a w o n ‘ t t a k e t h e h i n t
  • she’s low-key annoyed, highkey amused, more than willing to try harder
  • Mella finds out that in her spare time Annie is an aspiring fashion designer (what?) and has been on shoots before (WHAT?) and has slept with Tenashe, a literal female supermodel (WHAT?!) all in the span of one day, and she’s honestly so floored she needs to sit down
  • Tenashe asks her out. It’s almost cute. Mella needs to sit down again
  • But here’s the difference: Mella goes on the date
  • Listen. You don’t pass on a supermodel in real life. I’m demi and I wouldn’t pass on a supermodel in real life. It’s just not something you do. You go on the date with the damn supermodel even if you suffer the whole time
  • But the thing is… the date sorta goes well? The evening flies by and they go back to Mella’s apartment and make out a little. It’s nice. Tenashe leaves and Mella calls Citrine to discuss: “Am I over Annie?”
  • (Psst. She’s really really not)
  • The next day Annie is. Not mean. Not at first. But cold
  • Mella confronts her about it and - well, you can imagine how fantastically that goes
  • Mella goes home in tears
  • Robert yells at Annie. It would be cathartic if it weren’t so damn tragic
  • Annie lets everyone go home early and closes the coffee shop early, because… she needs to think a few things over
  • and well.
  • The next day Mella doesn’t show up for work, and Annie pretends she doesn’t notice.
  • The next day Mella still hasn’t shown up for work, and Annie calls her to ask if she’s sick
  • The next couple of days Mella is still not a no-show, and at the end of that fourth day, Annie pulls out Mella’s application and finds out her damn address
  • Drives to her house
  • knocks on her door
  • Mella opens the door, looking - well, looking damn fine which makes Annie even angrier
  • “Is this you quitting on me?”
  • Mella looks shocked. This is not what she expected
  • “I - I don’t know”
  • “Well, fucking decide then, or invite me in while you deliberate”
  • wordless, Mella steps back
  • Annie sits down on what is possibly the least comfortable chair she’s ever sat in
  • Mella sits at the end of the couch, as far away as possible
  • They sort of… sit silently for a while
  • Just as Annie’s about to say something, Mella says: “Why did you come? You could’ve called.”
  • “I did call. Three times. To ask if you were sick.”
  • “oh,” she says. “I… well, I was.”
  • Annie falters at that. “You… were?”
  • “Yeah,” Mella says. “It rained the night when I stormed home. I was shivering by the time I got home. I asked my neighbor to call you.”
  • “Nobody called me.”
  • “I gathered.”
  • “So… you’re not quitting?”
  • “I am not quitting,” Mella confirms.
  • And Annie gets up. Mella thinks she’s going to leave, but then she sits down right next to her.
  • “I’m sorry,” Annie says. “I was an ass.”
  • “Yeah, you were.”
  • And Annie sort of… leans in. Mella can’t help but hope that -
  • but no. Annie puts her hand on Mella’s cheek, checking for a fever, which had disappeared earlier that day.
  • And she stays there
  • with her hand on her cheek
  • just a bit too long.
  • And then she leans in for real.

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