fixer man needs to shut up


@livingdeadblondequeen Celebrities Klaus is Washington DC’s best fixer and Caroline is someone who needs his help to clear her image.

“Just wait in here, Senator,” the young man told her with a small, awkward smile before shutting the door.

Caroline scowled as it closed, hating that this was where she had been ushered as soon as she had stepped foot into the building. There were other rooms that dotted the hallway that led to the conference room, all of them unfortunately occupied by the eclectic assortment of individuals that made up Klaus Mikaelson’s business. Any of them would have been more than sufficient for the waiting game that she was currently enduring, but no, this was where she was to be left as the time ticked by until one of them could provide her with any worthwhile news.

It could take anywhere between a few minutes and hours for the miracle that Rebekah had sworn up and down that her brother would be able to maneuver for her after the damn sex tape had made the evening news.

“I doubt you remember Nik from the wedding, Caroline, but he really is the best at what he does,” Rebekah had told her as they’d stood in her office, watching the events play out on Channel 9, the rest of her staff moving about in a frenzy to try and quiet the insanity that erupted as soon as a glimpse of her teenage self removing her shirt for her college boyfriend aired. “And what he does is shoot down assholes like Tyler Lockwood who are trying to run a smear campaign against us.”

Her high school sweetheart turned college boyfriend for a year before they’d amicably decided to go their separate ways. She certainly hadn’t remembered agreeing to be taped while having sex with him though, definitely hadn’t expected such a video to surface ten years later while they were running against one another. It shouldn’t have surprised her though. The Lockwoods had never played fairly in politics but like hell was she going to let that mutt ruin her reputation or knock her from the Senate running.

So if she had to face Klaus Mikaelson again in order to grind Tyler into dust then so be it.

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My parents watching Frozen
  • Mom and Dad (During Frozen Heart): ARE WE WATCHING THE RIGHT MOVIE.
  • Mom: Why are they chopping up ice? Do they sell it?
  • (When Elsa and Anna were kids) Mom: Awww they're so little.
  • Dad: Are they sisters?
  • Me: Yes, they are sisters.
  • Mom: Oh... is she dead? This movie is horrible.
  • Me: No, her head is frozen.
  • (When Hans appears) Mom: Is that the guy in your room?
  • Me: Mmhmm.
  • (When Anna falls on him) Dad: Oh, boy.
  • Mom: *dances during LIAOD*
  • Dad: They're getting married? Talk about saying something crazy.
  • Mom (To me): Don't do this with a guy.
  • Me: We need to have a musical number first.
  • (During Let It Go) Dad: Who is this singing? I like her voice.
  • Mom: She has her own castle now!
  • Dad: Wow. Nice dress.
  • (After In Summer) Dad: I like him. He's funny. (he laughed at basically all of his jokes)
  • Mom: Is Hans going to kiss Elsa?
  • Me: ... MOM. HE'S ENGAGED TO ANNA. (my mom asked me about Hans kissing Elsa after the fight at the palace)
  • Dad: But doesn't Anna love Kristoff?
  • (When Hans is about to kiss Anna) Dad: Why are you crossing your arms? How come you look so mad?
  • Dad: Oh.
  • Dad: So... he's evil?
  • Mom: *gaping at the screen with a distraught face*
  • Dad: ... Why do you like him?
  • Mom: I'm throwing away your Hans doll.
  • Dad: Well... I guess he's a bit of a fixer upper.
  • Me: DAD.
  • (When Anna freezes) Mom: ... So... she's dead? And she can't unfreeze?
  • Dad: *staring at the screen sadly*
  • Mom: She's alive! That was the act of true love!
  • Dad: She doesn't need a man to save herself. Go Anna.
  • (When Anna punches Hans) Mom and Dad: YES. GOOD.
  • Mom: I'm so glad I stayed awake during this.