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why did facebook not tell me it was your birthday? ruuuuuuuude. happy birthday! so... remember when you spent 4 hours at Walmart and we were convinced you were lost or kidnapped? to the point that we had them page you over the store intercom? so... apparently most ppl only do that for lost children and dude asked us how old you were and was very confused and amusing that we were paging an adult because you were legitimately lost...

1. because i somehow set my birthday setting so that only blood relatives, who need no reminding, could tell.  #fixedit

2. it was THREE hours & you & mel are not “most people”.  #blankets #dab #unslicedpizza

3.  i was not lost.  i was trapped.  well…i was kind of lost.  what the hell kind of set up is that?!  it’s been two months & i’m still dizzy just thinking about it.  #dislike

Birthday Wishes

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Birthday Wishes

“Wake up~” You chimed crawling on top of Jay. “Good Morning~” You’d been looking forward to this day all year. Jay would always try to play it off and be relaxed and cool in front of AOMG, but you knew just how sensitive he was about being 30. He was always going to be a kid at heart, but he no longer had the comfort of hiding behind being in his twenties. At least in Korea. 

He groaned covering his face “What’s so good about it?”

“It’s your birthday! And you’re officially-”

“Don’t say it” he covered your mouth and sighed. “The goal is to make it through the day without hearing it.”

You grabbed and pecked his hand, giggling. “I don’t understand the big deal. Technically you’re only thirty in Korea.”

“Dammit.” he pouted sitting up, making you fall back onto his lap. “It’s not the same. Everyone’s going to just consider me 30…Damn, I’m old.” he sighed heavily. 

“Awww Ahjussi don’t feel bad.”

“You know what!”

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There's sunlight after a rainy day

Sakura nods.
Kakashi rolls his eyes, (eye). “Why don’t you just tell her that you’re in love with her too?” He keeps his voice low enough that only Obito can hear him.
Sakura stares out of the window, ‘How am I here? Sasuke pretty much killed me..’
“Let me see my chart. ”


Konan walks down the hallway and she knocks on Tsuki’s room, who’s Sasori’s sister. She walks in and she sees Deidara, as usual.
“I need a favor, and I’ll get you all of the boozes in the world. ”

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"Arthur... everything alright?" The guardian shot Arthur a wary look, silently watching the prince gazing off into the distance.

Arthur blinked several times in surprise.

“Ah! S-sorry, yes yes, everything is fine. Just thinking about work. Didn’t mean to worry you Dylas,” Arthur cleared his throat,“ How are you today? Hope the restaurant isn’t too busy, then again, maybe you’d hope for busy day.”

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