Try Again to Get it Right, Part 6

Dinner and dancing - of a kind.  Minor Percy/Vex. Post Episode 63.

Somewhat less edited than usual. My apologies.

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Dinner began with the usual pleasantries regarding the Briarwood’s journey – which Percy couldn’t care less about -  and the food – which had no taste at all to him. Fortunately it wasn’t on him to carry the conversation along; Vesper and Mother were doing the lion’s share of that, with Julius interjecting every so often about the trade treaty. It was almost a surprise when they brought up the bridge.

Honestly Percy was a little impressed with their audacity, spinning out this fictional bridge for his  parents and then using the same story five years later to prey on Uriel. It helped that the bridge wasn’t actually a bad idea. Something to think about when the conclave had been defeated, provided they lived through dinner.

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my problem

I’ve literally been drawing every day for a solid two weeks, (with the exception of one because my mother’s birthday) 

I keep telling myself “Todays going to be a break day” but no matter what my break day always ends up with me drawing sometime or another. ha ha. 

I’m finding it literally hard NOT to think about art or opening up a project I’m working on. I know my channel doesn’t show that I’ve been drawing none stop, but trust me, there’s tons going on in the background like holy cow. 

Now that I haven’t drawn at all today so far it feels like it’s been an eternity since I’ve last worked on anything. which is totally weird! haha. I know I need a break, but man, my mind is so fixed on working all the time now. <XD I literally have to keep reminding myself NOT to open up Toonboom or Photoshop Elements. lol 


Just thinking about how many times Allah has protected me on the road makes me not wanna feel anything short of thankful

[PODFIC] The Slow Burn

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by Lockedinjohnlock

John smiles, something small and private and for him alone, and Sherlock just…he knows. With a heart-stopping certainty, Sherlock suddenly knows.

It feels like falling off the edge of a cliff. It feels like falling off the edge of the world.

It feels like flying.

Words: 0, Chapters: ¼, Language: English

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skuttlebutts replied to your post:

Is leah related to loki o: ? I don’t know her very well yet!

The general consensus since Hela’s retcon is “no” 

but Hela is messy lets break it down:

Since forever Hela is Loki’s daughter and was referred to as such as recently as AoA by King Loki. 

However Hela’s origins were a little retconned 

Hela, her hand having been severed by the disir, created Leah the “handmaiden” from that hand to be her servant. Leah is tasked with helping Kid Loki etc. etc. until Hela has the means to heal her hand and Leah ceases to exist. 

Kid Loki had previously written Leah into reality through a complicated, reality-altering spell/ritual to use her insertion into history to manipulate Cul. Loki didn’t conclude her story so she still exists throughout the years being resentful of her having been created and left behind. Loki fixes this with more time travel and she forgives him. 

But then when Loki Proper is on the verge of taking over Kid Loki’s body, he exiles Leah to the distant past in order to protect her from himself. It’s heavily implied that this Leah in particular grows up to become Hela in the future. Thus, since Loki was the one who “created” her, he’s still her “”””father””” in the sense of having literally written her into being but not by biological means or anything. 

But the Leah we see in Siege (ver. secret wars) thus the one in Queen of Hel who totally boned Loki is a Leah from a different multiverse who ended up in the Marvel Verse Proper after Secret Wars. 
#comics tho 


Dusk Custom Progress Part II

I bent ALL of my re-hairing needles plugging the hair in, so note to self, make new re-hair holes BEFORE you paint. she also has a big bald spot right on the top of her head, I would of fixed that but by the time I noticed I was out of needles.

I’m not a particular fan of her left eye, hence why her right side is her ‘Display side’ and I didnt cut her tail because I just didnt want to XD

captions on the photo’s

This took forever

Now Available as a Print


Here is the first of my Stucky Big Bang pieces. I don’t know what possessed me to pick a composition with such tricky perspective and lighting, but alas, I hope y'all enjoy the end result as well as the lovely accompanying fic.

Art for If Heaven and Hell Decide by capgal (40K, Stucky Angel AU)
Something snaps, finally, and his Grace expands outward like an erupting volcano. Beneath him, Steve’s stopped screaming, breathing in shallow ragged gasps. His heart is stuttering offbeat, too fast then too slow. For one unstoppable, iridescent moment, Bucky thinks he is burning in his own Grace. It stretches out and encompasses Steve in shimmering blue…

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