Oh hey, it’s that thing from way back in Rose’s Room! The Wailing Stone, yeah? Let me dig around and see if I noted anything about it back then…

“It uses high frequency sound waves as a message relay between two fixed points in space and time.” Yup, so this thing is trying to deliver a message to us right now. I don’t recall it sounding like this back then, though - it was loud, but did it sound so alien? I’m probably just remembering incorrectly.

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Nnnnhhh I had no time to finish it. I would have loved to have done one with @rhys-is-decreasing in it but I don’t know of she has a persona.

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Top five William moments

a chit sone

1) “it’s not forehead, it’s suit.”

2) “SHUT UP” “Yes.”

3) THAT PART IN LYCORIS where he’s railing grell about how she done fucked up and he goes “OUT OF THE QUESTION”

4) The 3cm intrusion

5) the Monologue about demons

honourable mentions:

- the entirety of BoC
- take a shot everytime he adjusts his glasses
- i liked him in Ciel In Wonderland okay
- his entire rivalry with sebastian
- the eyebrow twitch thing
- fixing his hair every time he does something even mildly strenuous
- pokerfaced staring 
- catching the chainsaw with two fingers (mostly bc fingers…)

Happily Ever After! (●´3`♡´ε`●)

This is the “official” end of this AU ;v; But I have one more extra on the making to thank you all for this amazing week! So save your emotional words for tomorrow ahahhaa

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OtaYuri Biker AU

Yuri works at a diner in a small town and is bored of his mundane life, and Otabek, a passing member of a biker gang, swoops in as his saviour


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who wants to fight against gravity?

You’ve been listening to me complain about it all week, now at long last, here it is for your hopeful enjoyment!

I give you, music time with the Freckled Pair. Feat. Anthony Ramos as Philip, Ghost!Laurens, and…himself.

(Audio is from this little gem right here. Go watch it, it’ll brighten up your day.)