Dickies x FGL

Dickies a brand quite close to my heart, I’ve been wearing Dickies clothing since quite a young age. One of the only labels that was truly able to  withstand the everyday abuse of childhood, skateboarding and now cycling. The Dickies work pant has seen a cult like following from the likes of skateboarders due to their ability to properly withstand the wear and tear of harsh landings and snags of the terrain that we skateboarders seek out, no other brand can honestly say it withstands as good as the Dickies work pant. For some time Dickies have had ties with Fixed Gear London through the infamous Andy Ellis but it’s not until now have they collaborated to create a specific product for the purposes of fixed gear riding, despite the large number of labels making efforts to get involved and tap into cycling Dickies have not needed to re-invent the wheel. Their work pant provides the perfect base to build upon, something no other brand had the luxury of. Andy has made subtle tweaks which don’t impose on the original aesthetic of the work pant which unbeknown observers  wouldn’t be able to note the difference. This is overall the key to the collaboration, simplicity is key. At the end of the day a track bike is the purest form of bicycle, the Dickies x FGL work pant compliments this and is therefore the most suited garment for urban fixed gear riding. 

The video to accompany the release is a great visual piece that documents exactly what it means to ride a track bike in the city, the sense of making something from nothing and man embracing mechanical machine. I’d expect no less from FGL, it really places both the product and the idea of riding track bikes on the street into perspective. 


ANDY ELLIS/ Fixed Gear London