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Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 11) Senior Year: Nursey

Nursey has never looked less chill. He’s practically vibrating as he props up the wall in the attic. “Bro, I don’t think I can.”

“Nurse,” says Holster, wondering where he went wrong. “Bro. It’s dibs. Isn’t this literally what you’ve been working for all year? You cleaned my haunted jockstrap. Twice.”

“Yeah,” says Nursey, spacing out. “But Ransom asked Dex yesterday.”

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With regards Prompto’s barcode...

This post got me thinking… did Prompto always have it covered? For some reason I always figured it was underneath the skin no idea why. The answer is: Yes.

I always found it strange that he had wristbands over his gloves, but I just chalked it down to typical FF design albeit modernised.

So I was talking to a friend about this and we were discussing if he had wore it as a child.


Even when he’s washing Pryna.

And going to bed.

Even before facing Noctis, he fixes his armband and squeezes to make sure nothing is shown. (At first I thought it was just a little ritual he does to boost his confidence - like when someone snaps a rubber band on their wrist as a good luck charm.)

Dear god… Poor Prompto. What was just a small thing before now makes so much sense and means so much more. Not only was he conscious about his weight but he was agonising over his past being revealed and his identity made known. Fuck.  

…I need to hug my chocobo baby… ;_______;  

u know….there’s so many wrong cat colors/genetics in the first arc that like….instead of fixing each cat to fit would it just make more sense to tweak the family trees a bit?? like family relationships really aren’t touched upon at all (outside of fire/cloud & tiger/bramble) and idk if it would really impact the story at all 

idk it just seems easier to do that instead of fixing each cat from their canon image. it wouldn’t be like huge things just swapping out some dads or moms here and there lol

Monsta X as plumbers
  • Shownu: is the company's most trusted plumber, always able to carry all the heavy stuff. Blushes when he has to repair something in a female's bathroom because he feels like he's not even allowed in there.
  • Wonho: comes into your house wearing a low cut tank top that makes you think all the porn vids with plumbers make sense now. Winks at cute customers and ends up taking his shirt off while fixing the sink even if it's cold.
  • Kihyun: will actually make disgusted faces when he sees that there's stains on the sink or the toilet. Will also lecture you that he's not here to clean your shit and that you'll have to pay more if he has to repair a dirty sink.
  • Minhyuk: sits down at your kitchen table and asks for a coffee and cookies. Will start work after you've been talking to him for about 1 hour. Keeps talking to you. Runs after all your pets.
  • Hyungwon: looks cute and motivated at first glance. When you check up on him after 30 mins to ask how it's going, he's actually fallen asleep under the sink.
  • Jooheon: looks tough and intimidating at first but he just ends up talking to you the entire time while he's doing the repairs and he gets scared when a pipe suddenly starts leaking water. You have to comfort him.
  • I.M: arrives at your house in a leopard jacket instead of his working clothes. Performs PPAP. Leaves. Still sends you an expensive bill for fixing your heating system.

anyway to clarify before bed, interracial relationships are good, relationships with trans people are good, but posts positing heterosexuality as the principal, singularly important medium with which they should be represented are not radical and calls to action for “more heterosexuality” to fix issues of racism and transphobia do not make sense. no one is forgetting about heterosexuality. everything is hetero. that’s not the part of these relationships that matters, posts trying to dress it up and say “m/f is still important and we need more of it” are distracting from the actually important aspects, such as being interracial in nature or having trans participants. when it comes down to it, i’m gonna prioritize m/m and f/f relationships and making them inclusive. sitting here and twisting my words to mean that i don’t care about straight poc is particularly disingenuous and you know it. trying to guilt lgbt people into being concerned about heterosexuality, as if that’s something they’re not socially conditioned to do their entire lives, and acting like heterosexuality needs defenders from lgbt people on the basis of these other axes is really manipulative. you don’t need to be invested in straightness as a concept in order to care about people who are hurt for other reasons

in honor of iwaoi day, i present all my iwaoi fics to date– some supernatural aus, some future fics, mostly a lot of overdramatic dorks being in love. 


rated T, 27k words, complete.

in a world full of superpowers, iwaizumi has strength beyond compare. oikawa, on the other hand, has no supernatural ability whatsoever. and it never seems to matter as much as on the day oikawa loses the last match of his high school career. 

here comes your man

rated T, 9k words, complete. 

no one really knows much about the new surgical resident, doctor iwaizumi, other than the fact that he’s married. suga’s determined to find out more, and make a friend of him in the process.

you’ll never wait so long

rated M, 14k words, complete.

doctor iwaizumi hajime’s life has been going so well, it only makes sense that there’d be complications to follow. if only his husband would tell him what those complications are, he’d be able to fix things.

pride falls

rated T, 76k words, incomplete.

oikawa is sometimes a fox, and sometimes a human. it’s really only the latter that he has trouble with.

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okay i really want to know, 5 things you'd change about ninjago

honestly the bigger question is 5 things i wouldn’t change about ninjago, but i suppose i’ll narrow down the top of my list of things that Need To Change

1. I’d fix the timeline so that it Actually Makes Sense and allows more room for exploration of other elements. Biggest thing is really to make the Serpentine War take place a long ass time ago with none of the ninjas’ parents being involved. By extension, I’d also end up changing the way the elemental powers work or carry from generation to generation (like one of my 50-some fleshed-out explanations of how the powers should work, instead of this arbitrary “and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU’RE obviously adopted because your parents don’t have it, and YOU get it from your parents” etc. etc. etc. because honestly just no. No. That’s not good enough for me sorry. :P

2. More emphasis on the everyone’s relationships with other people, rather than just the core cast. I wanna see more of Kai and Nya bonding over remembering their parents. I wanna see more of Jay interacting with his parents. I want to learn who Cole’s mom is and see how that impacts Cole and Lou. I want literally anything to happen with Zane and Julien and Echo, because after S6 we are Incredibly Ripe for a discussion which I really want to see. Basically, I want to learn more about who these characters are, who they care for, and who they care about - unlike in canon Ninjago, where the team pretty much Exists as a singular entity that has no ties to any people in particular. TL;DR: I want a minor characters to exist for more than one episode sometimes.

3. No romance bullshit. Listen, back in S1 and S2, Jaya was cute. Now, though, after everything that happened in all the recent seasons? Sorry, no. It’s quite literally the opposite of a healthy relationship 90% of the time - the one example I can think of where they actually communicated with each other without all the other bullshit is TLR, but considering TLR is probably one of the best Ninjago episodes of all time, that pretty much shows the state they’ve been in. All the two of them ever do is try to kiss each other, even when they’re fighting almost constantly, which really isn’t a good way to figure out what’s wrong in your relationship to try and fix it. Basically, fuck the love triangle.

4. Fuck S3 in general. Sure, you can have a season with some of the same general ideas in its plot - I mean, if you can even find an overarching plot in S3 to imitate, which is a pretty fuckin hard task if I do say so myself - but the sudden genre switch from “mostly fantasy” to “mostly sci-fi” is a really fucking sudden transition, and it really doesn’t work well with the show’s strengths. The sad thing about S3 is that a lot of the concepts introduced in it are wonderful - Cyrus, Pixal, Hiroshi’s Labyrinth, Pythor’s return, the Serpentine underground city, etc. - but the plot is so unfocused and all over the place that it just comes off as complete bullshit. Hell, even the sudden genre switch could’ve felt more natural if the plot took a bit more time and cut out the love triangle bullshit. But it didn’t. So fuck S3.

5. General characterization cleanup. In the last few seasons, everybody’s really been coming off as pretty flat - Kai’s the impulsive one, Cole’s the sorta-serious one, Zane’s the smart one, Lloyd kinda exists, Nya doesn’t have character unless she’s arguing with someone, and Jay is a nightmare and makes me want to die. This one I’m going to split up into subcategories for each of the main characters because this is a huge problem.

Jay: He’s been so screamy and whiny all the time in recent seasons, and sure, he also was a little bit back in the earlier seasons, but the Hagemans have slowly turned him up to eleven over time. S6 was literally so bad at points that I could hardly sit through it. It’s gotten to the point where I can instantly tell that the Hagemans haven’t written the script for something if Jay doesn’t piss me off - and so far I’ve always been right, because I’ve been able to successfully predict it for Day of the Departed and S7, neither of which were/are written by them. It’s worth noting that both of them portray Jay a lot better and have a “normal” amount of focus on him, so it’s possible that S6 was only really especially bad because the camera was on him the entire time.

Cole and Lloyd: Back in the second half of S2 or so (though it only really became obvious in S3), Cole and Lloyd actually swapped a lot of their “personality” traits. Before the swap, Lloyd was more of the “foodie” character and Cole was the “default leader”, but around Child’s Play their traits actually got swapped around. Now, back in the olden days, all of the characters were more 3-dimensional, so it was really hard to tell - but as soon as S3 started it was very obvious that Cole was suddenly “goofy food-lover” and Lloyd was “default leader the team would be incompetent without”. I’d switch them back. #MakeLloydSillyAgain

Zane: Honestly, of all the Ninja, Zane’s the one that most pisses me off right now, even more so than Jay. While Jay’s just annoying and screamy, our current Zane is a completely different character than the one we had back in the early days of Ninjago. Both versions of Zane are smart, but while the old Zane was kind and understanding, the Zane we have now is very egotistical and occasionally quite mean-spirited. The easiest way to show the difference is by taking a look at the scene where new Zane asks for wishes from Nadakhan - new Zane tries to outsmart Nadakhan and gets punished for it. Old Zane probably would’ve wished for his friends to be freed. :/

Nya: I’m too tired to try to come up with reasons for this because honestly Nya’s character has always been treated like shit. One thing I’d definitely change doesn’t have anything to do with her - it’s that I’d have her independence be treated as an asset instead of a liability.

Kai: I don’t have much to say with him - of all the Ninja, his character has stayed the most consistent throughout the show. He’s impulsive and a bit rash at times, but he’s not stupid; and he’ll do anything he can to protect the people he cares about. In recent seasons, the writers have frequently ignored the “but he’s not stupid” part, but other than that he’s pretty much the same as he was at the beginning.

k so that’s 5, good job woods it only took you an hour to write all this shit

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Was tfp good? And do you think there could be a bit they cut out?

I didn’t like it, I thought it had very little to do with the show I once fell in love with. I found the plot ridiculous, I didn’t like the way most characters were portrayed, etc etc. All sorts of problems, IMO.

Could there be extra bits that were cut out? Yeah, sure, because the whole s4 makes very little sense as it stands right now, but you really can’t fix that episode, or the whole series, with just 4 or 10 more minutes. You would need plenty more to make it really good. YMMV, I know some people loved the episode? But I just didn’t like it, at all.

How your dominant sign affects your sun sign
  • Aries: Speeds things up; takes away patience; adds more youthful features.
  • Taurus: Slows things down; makes one more fixed; calms people down.
  • Gemini: Increases ability to socialize; more curiosity; lightens up traits.
  • Cancer: Adds emotional depth; gives a nurturing ability; adds sensitivity.
  • Leo: More confident; makes one more warm; brings an expressive side.
  • Virgo: Increases critical behavior; more attention to detail; more detachment.
  • Libra: More social balance; less of an ability to make decisions; beauty is added.
  • Scorpio: Intensifies the person; needs more privacy; more secretive.
  • Sagittarius: More of a need for freedom; adaptability increases; more fun.
  • Capricorn: Adds seriousness; hides some things; adds maturity.
  • Aquarius: Becomes more progressive; creativity increased; very unique.
  • Pisces: Creates a sense of dreaminess; more faithful; adds compassion.

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This isn't meant to sound rude so I'm sorry if it does: how would you make fifty shades of gray better?

Make Christian the villain.

Honestly, that’s all you have to do. Once his actions stop being romanticized and viewed as attractive or as “flaws the heroine can fix” and are treated for what they are–abuse, theft, and rape (because regardless of if she says no, he makes it clear he’ll continue anyway, and does so on more than one occasion)–then pretty much all of the major issues with the book disappear.

The characterization becomes stronger and makes more sense. There is now a plot, and it centers on Anastasia trying to placate and/or escape this manipulative, powerful abuser, instead of being wishy-washy and whiny over the fact that she doesn’t like the rules around their relationship, a sure sign she shouldn’t be in that relationship. The supporting characters could be given more importance instead of just kind of showing up to keep the book going for a few more chapters at a time. They’d become either Anastasia’s allies who want to see her get to safety or Christian’s spies, instead of them all being abuse enablers who actively notice Anastasia acting differently but never do anything to help her and encourage her obviously toxic relationship.

The writing is still pretty bad, but at least there’s a nugget of decent plot/character if the book casts Christian as the villain instead of the sympathetic love interest.

I mean, shoot, I’d be much more interested in a book about a woman getting tangled up in an affair with a powerful man, thinking it’s great at first, even getting interested in BDSM–only to realize that he’s using BDSM as a front to legitimately control and abuse her, and then try to find a way to escape from him. He could even use the fact that she participated in BDSM activities to try to blackmail her into staying with him (something Christian would totally do) and she the story could end with her learning to accept her sexuality and affirmation that she controls her sexuality, and that her family and friends will love her regardless, even if they think it’s weird.

Can I just say how much I love this stupid screencap because of how much it tells us about Hermann?

Basically I notice three things: 

  1. Newt has been given a glass of water. 
  2. Newt has been seated in a chair. 
  3. Newt’s glasses have been carefully folded and placed in his pocket (you can see that they fell off after he drifted). 

See, Hermann is in a truly awful position here. Imagine coming in to see that your partner has already done something incredibly dangerous/life threatening and now you don’t know what to do. Hermann is not a doctor of medicine, certainly not one specializing in drift effects (I read another lovely meta noting that he tries to take Newt’s pulse and basically fails at it). Hermann should seek medical aid. He should retrieve Stacker… as he eventually does. This is potentially a moment of crisis where time is most definitely of the essence. 

But what does Hermann actually do? He takes his time. Newt is very shaky (watch how he lifts the water glass - another reason I don’t think he retrieved the water himself) so how easy do you think it was for someone using a cane to get him off the floor and into a wheeled chair? How long did that take? Before doing that he picked up Newt’s fallen glasses and carefully put them where they wouldn’t be crushed. After both these things he retrieved Newt a glass of water and no doubt admonished him to drink (soothing, but not medically helpful in the grand scheme of things). 

So how long did all this actually take? Probably not that long. It is, however, too much time spent on frivolities when Newt is potentially seriously injured and/or dying. 

Which basically says to me that Hermann–the poor baby–is desperate for control. Newt has already done the deed. Hermann can’t provide adequate support for the fallout… but hell if he’s not going to try. He’ll get Newt to a safe and comfortable spot, he’ll make sure his glasses aren’t damaged, he’ll retrieve his friend some water, he’ll do all the little, stupid things he possibly can… and only then will he run to the one person who can possibly do more–Stacker. 

List of Reasons Why I Think Beth is Alive
  • Andrea’s original death was so objectively bad that it was rewritten and reshot to be more satisfying. Then Gimple turns around and makes the same mistake that he’d just had to FIX from his predecessor’s work??? NO. Just no.
  • Her whole Season 4 arc pointed to a fake death. Originally I thought that was the kidnapping, but then it got totally out of control and all sorts of other S4 stuff started making more sense. BC of this, a lot of us were expecting a fake-out death, we just didn’t think it would be this good of a fake-out.
  • The stuff that we know was filmed during S5 that just seems to have vanished, which at least some people claim definitely included EK, like she was on set that day.
  • Christ symbolism. Like not even subtle Christ symbolism. Blatant, in-your-face-Pietà-Plagarism.
  • The fact that they actually put money into, and aggressively promoted her storyline, making sure to emphasize how strong she was and how she could be a survivor. Bad PR tactics for someone you’re just going to kill.
  • Giving her Andrea’s scars, “survivor’s marks” which not only supports my first bullet point, but they KNEW it was suggesting Beth as a legacy character for Andrea’s plot-lines, which would only make people even angrier when they didn’t follow through.
  • EVERY SINGLE SHOT BETH FIRES IN SLABTOWN IS A CLEAN, KILLING HEADSHOT which emphasizes how screwy the bullet that gets her is. For the sake of cinematic symmetry, it should have been a clean, straightforward shot as well, if it was going to kill her. Plus, Andrea had excellent aim, so it’s another Andrea parallel. 
  • Dawn is immediately killed with another clean, killing headshot, totally different from the sloppy steep-angled trajectory of Beth’s bullet. It’s a moment of emphasis, again.
  • That they left dangling threads of that storyline just hanging there, rather than burn everything down and push forward as is TWD custom. We don’t go back, because there’s nothing to do back to. If there’s something to go back to, it means we’re not done. That’s how TWD does it. Grady is still around, because we aren’t done.
  • All the weirdness and inconsistency about when various cast and crew say she heard about her character’s Fate. As a ‘not-lawyer-yet’ this one if frustrating. Everyone says something different about how this went down, which means that they are hiding something.
  • Her story is meant to parallel Rick’s, they admitted that much, and if that continues it means that her family has to think she’s dead and she has to track them down or else the parallel becomes broken and pointless.
  • THE BULLET - This is one of my sticking points, in fact, it gets sub-sticking-points!
      • It would have been really easy to shoot her through the chin
      • It would have made more sense to shoot her through the torso.
      • A headshot is the only way to reasonably avoid putting a dagger into her brain.
      • The angle IS physically possible ONLY if the bullet curved with her skull which would be non-fatal.
      • It’s too obvious a mistake and too easy to fix to believably be a production error.
      • It’s not like the FX crew had much else to do in this episode. Their entire focus would have been on Beth’s “death” scene.
      • It’s a main character death on a show about death where DEATH is a major theme. Mistakes in the execution (pun totally intended) of those death scene should be as close to perfect as is possible, even amateurs could do better than this. It’s either intentional, or it’s a fireable error.
  • They passed over their only opportunity to "cash-in” on the Beth/Daryl question. As a shipper, I’m just sad, but as a writer I’m deeply confused. The emotional pay-off they could have gotten even from just a close-up of their faces is just NOT the thing to pass up. Even if Daryl’s feeling for Beth were totally one-sided, you should still have a moment, SOMETHING, where they are reunited and you see the apprehension in her face, or the relief or whatever, something to “cash-in” on the last moment they were together when Beth asked him a question and he answered it with a look that killed your audience. Skipping over that is basically retconning, unless you’ll get another shot at satisfaction later on.
  • Ty’s death in the next episode was such a stark contrast as far as the total LACK of ambiguity. I mean they gave us plenty of time to get used to the idea after he got bit, after attempts to amputate his arm in time were clearly too late. They let him say a long farewell to the show and the fans that loved him and the horrible universe that ultimately brought about his demise. It was raw and personal and only emphasized how poor Beth’s “death” was. The goal is dissatisfaction, which only makes sense if it will be corrected in time.
  • We didn’t see (or even hear about) what happened to her body. If something is excluded from the narrative, be suspicious, that’s the rule.
  • Forget seeing her go into the ground, we didn’t even get a memorial. Not even a shot of them leaving behind a cross. Not only did the audience miss out on Beth closure, we’re let with the sense that the characters didn’t get that closure either, which only makes sense narratively if it will be revisited. Which is hasn’t been, although -
  • The way people are reacting to blonde walkers for the rest of the season implies that we’ve missed something HUGE. 
  • Specifically, blonde walkers in cars seem to majorly jar everyone. The group is almost fixated on them, which is especially weird given how used to walkers TF have become by this point. They basically ignore the dead these days, unless walkers are actually about to attack, and even then, the treatment has been kind of flippant. What changed between Coda and WHaWGO? And why is it only the blonde, trapped, helpless walkers that affect them this way?
  • Nicotero’s slip-up about the herd of walkers that was supposed to be in the MSF last year.
  • Also, Nicotero’s history of blonde women, head injuries and people thinking they are dead when they aren’t. See Kill Bill and “Torn Apart”
  • “I still sing” and then a music box that obviously symbolizes her starts playing after her death, in immediate response to the declaration “I have good news” which doubles as foreshadowing AND another Christ analogy.
  • I don’t typically look too closely at “Easter Egg” evidence, but I’ve got to admit, that flash in the opening credits that looks like Beth running with two other figures REALLY weirds me out. 
  • Also, as far as Easter Eggs go, putting “Green” and “Frankenstein” next to each other on the bookshelf was actually pretty suggestive, I have a hard time thinking it was an accident, and although it could just be a prop/set person fooling around, they filmed all of this long before TD was a thing so they aren’t teasing us intentionally.
  • The only other character who continued to affect the storyline this much and to be this ‘present’ after they died was Lori, who still had a ‘okay i’m better now goodbye’ moment at the end of the season, after she died. Rick got closure and Lori could go and after that her presence dropped away.
  • What did we get at the end of season six to wrap up all these Beth references and nods? Did we get a moment of closure? NO.
  • We got a blonde walker crucified against a tree (another Christ reference and a person punch in the gut to Daryl who is so far from over her loss it’s insane)
  • And we got yet another shot of the pretty dancing ballerina in the music box that totally symbolizes Beth during a Rick-monologue about showing people how to survive.
  • Beth didn’t earn death according to conventional writing rules, or even according to the TWD exclusive themes of S5, which were utterly consistent all the way through the season besides with here. I.E. one of these things is not like the others.
  • The lack of response from AMC about the twitter-riots, the petition, the general outrage. Really weird that they’ve been totally silent.
  • Emily Kinney’s canceled panels. <—never not weird.
  • And then when the creators were cornered and made to respond they basically played dumb “oh was that confusing?” which the more I think about it, the weirder it gets since THEY KNOW about us. For example: me and maybe one other person wondered if Rick really shot Pete and Chris Hardwick brought up that there was confusion about whether Rick really shot Pete. Like REALLY?! That’s the ambiguous death you’ll bring up?! The one that wasn’t even really that ambiguous, I was just indulging a crack-theory?! I’m so 3000% done with you Hardwick.
  • Emily continues to promote TWD [Edit: Oct. 10th and she not only attended the premiere but was actively promoting the show on stage with current cast members], which is really, really strange. She’s moderately famous, but if TWD is really in her past then her focus should absolutely be on promoting her upcoming projects. This is so obvious I shouldn’t even have to say anything.
  • But she didn’t do any commentary on the DVD. Even if she hadn’t done Coda, she should have at least done her solo episode Slabtown, unless she’s so limited in what she can say about it that it’s better to avoid it entirely.
  • The only reason to limit her talking about her storyline is if it’s not finished.
  • It’s a show about the living dead, so it’s logical conclusion was always to better utilize “coming back from the dead” thematically, so far they’ve played with it a little, but they’ve really got to step it up. I would have expected this sooner or later anyway.
  • I’ve avoided spoilers for S6, so keep in mind I know NOTHING. I haven’t even read up on the comic-book characters who are rumored/confirmed to be introduced. I haven’t read the interviews. I watched each of the trailers once and immediately regretted it. I don’t even like to see promo stuff before I watch the show, really. I mean, it’s pretty and all, and the stuff with the lights was wicked, and that song is PERFECT but I honestly tend to just avoid it as much as possible. ALL THAT HAVING BEEN SAID IT IS EXTREMELY BIZARRE THAT THEY CHOSE TO PUT A CODA IN THAT FIRST TRAILER THAT FEATURED DARYL APPEARING TO HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED i say appearing bc i think the trailer is deceptively edited and something different could be going on But, anyway, it was meant to remind us of Beth’s kidnapped Coda from last year. It obviously was. It OBVIOUSLY was. WHY REMIND US OF A CHARACTER WHO’S OFF THE SHOW TO PROMOTE SEASON SIX? WHY EVEN BRING IT UP IF THE STORYLINE HAS LEFT HER FAR IN THE PAST AND SHE’S GOT NO RELEVANCE?! I”M SCREAMING NOW BECAUSE I AM SO DONE

There are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the universe. No one could possibly predict them all, even you. Which means that that first move can be terrifying. It’s the furthest point from the end of the game, there’s a virtually infinite sea of possibilities between you and the other side. But it also means that if you make a mistake, there’s nearly an infinite amount of ways to fix it.

Weak readers

I feel like recently I’ve seen a lot of fics that depict the reader as very weak. And I understand that sometimes that’s an important plot piece but I also think we should be writing more strong readers, give the reader a sense of power rather than making them weak in the eyes of the character, making them only need to fix them and then bam love…ya know?

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I don't really understand that dating as friends post, can you explain it?

yeah! I’m on mobile rn so it might be a little messy but I can fix it later! basically it’s people making reaches to make straight up friendship seem like more than it actually is, and trying to use it as some secret gateway into LGBT spaces. I’ve seen people on this site claiming to be LGBT bc of their platonic~~ preferences~~ which makes no sense? the other day I saw a screenshot of a cishet person’s description and they claimed to be queer bc they identified as “panplatonic”. being friends with people of all genders does not make a person LGBT! that post was basically more nonsense maneuvers like that to try to squeeze into places where some people just don’t need to be!

sorry again about how messy this is im in my bed and I don’t feel like getting down and turning my laptop on lmao! if this still doesn’t make sense send another ask and I can try to do a better job explaining it tomorrow!

I see my headcanon is taken as a emp meta, but I’m sorry it’s not, even though I’d love to believe in it. It’s just me fixing the whole nonsense s4 was. Because this whole series only makes sense if the reality in it is distorted either by John being an unreliable narrator or Sherlock being dreaming, or the other way around, or all of that.
But the fact it makes more sense that way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the actual intention the writers have, quite sadly, it rather tells we’re cleverer than they are and expect the series to be cleverer.
Note well that I’d be very, extremely, happy if it happens to be a solid theory that will happen to be true, I just don’t want to hope for nothing again, the pessimistic point of view is safer for me. I don’t really know if I can hope or not about that, I really don’t know what to think about all of it, if things are just fucky for a reason or because the writing is bad.
It wouldn’t be the first time I see a show/movie with inconsistencies that are just inconsistencies, but it’s for sure the first time this happens in a show that had none of that before (and maybe because we made it have sense with our reading and thus covered the inconsistencies that never appeared to be inconsistencies to us).

What I know is that no matter what, the fact emp / distorted reality / unreliable narrator can fix the whole thing, can first of all be a big source of inspiration as for how we can write a better story, and it surely is what it is for me, I want the story I deserve, and I’ll be writing it myself.
All that being said, you can totally take my headcanon as a mini meta thing, I don’t mind, and who am I to tell you you shouldn’t? I’m just writing this so you know what I think about it and are not surprised if you see me posting stuff indicating I don’t believe in this theory. Right at this moment - and it’s the first time I’m in a situation like that, which is confusing af - I don’t know if I believe in it or not. 

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Can you see Tony or T'Challa fixing Bucky's brainwashing and what about BARF Tony introduced. It could be used for Bucky and his traumatic past. Possibly erase those memories.

i mean tony could but why should he? the guy murdered his parents. and wakanda is a million times more advanced than any technology tony has and t'challa did say he wants to help bucky but idk if he necessarily meant fixing bucky. he just offered the cryo bc he wanted bucky to have peace. it’s just a slippery slope to include t'challa/wakanda bc the avengers did nothing to help him/them and now they’re gonna mobilize everyone to save the white boy? irs just like the fandom making sam the therapist for everyone else, at their service and not factoring in what they need or want or what would make sense for their story

i also don’t know if bucky would want to erase the memories. he’s been v adamant so far in atoning for his sins and erasing the memories is a copout. he can’t bring the ppl he killed back to life so why should he get the memories erased? the interesting thing is for him to build himself up after all of that

A fantasy RPG, but set in modern times in their setting.

So. Orcs with iphones and elves with kindles etc basically.

There’s still dungeons to clear, but instead of selling your loot to shopkeepers (which never makes sense to me; unless you’re at a pawnshop, shopkeepers don’t tend to buy things), you sell it online, on a service called ‘Ed’s Cove’, a cross between Ebay and Craigslist, where, like Craigslist, you can also find odd jobs. 

There’s even two different branched off sections of a skill tree, allowing you to learn more about the items you’re selling (thus raising their price), and fixing up the items you’re selling to make them worth more.