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I made 23 Halloween Overwatch icons that are free to use!

  • All 250x250
  • Credit appreciated but not required, please don’t claim as your own
  • Please like/reblog if you use

Here at my icons page!

anonymous asked:

You are probably swamped with prompts but if you have time for one more! Allura doing something totally normal in front of all of the team but Shiro is just looking at her cuz gosh that boy is so in love but has no idea yet and lance (or whomever) notices Shiro noticing Allura so he gives shiro a look and shiro is all what? and lance gives him the "you like crabby patty's don't you squid ward" face.

TFW anons read your mind

Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw a smitten Shiro…and a shitlord Lance XD