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豪德寺_7 by Taiwan’s Riccardo
Via Flickr:
Konica Hexar RF+Leica Summicron-M DR 50/2+Fujifilm RDP III.

the-banished-ninetales  asked:

It's a Seedot!

Coonie Zangoose found an egg while on a walk and brought it back, not seeing any other Pokemon in sight, who might of been it’s parents.. Or something else

And during a nap the egg hatched!

Welcome to the troop, li’l Seedot!

(Thanku for the egg!)


Made some Yumeno sprites hooray

I just wanted to make a sprite of the surprised one but then noticed she has like 6 more with the same exact pose, so I just made them all together.

[Please do not post them to the Danganronpa Wikia. I will post them myself. If you want to use them, go ahead, but please don’t claim that you made them yourself.]

a small little gift for @mayor-mami!!

thanks for doing that eye tutorial for me (though I’m still kind of lost but I’m going to practice!!), I very much appreciate it!!! idk why I felt bad I got worried you’d be offended or maybe wouldn’t want to share so I was like AHH noooo and completely forgot you’re one of the sweetest frickin people on the planet.

I adore benji with all my heart he’s so super duper cute so I drew him for you!! also he has so many warm colors I lOVE BENJI I CANNOT EVEN I WANT TO HUG HIM