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okay, so basically i reached another hundred and i decided to do another follow forever because the last one i did had lots of things wrong and stuff (the names supposed to be in bold weren’t and stuff wasn’t italicised and shit like that)

but this time i’ll just write out personal messages to some new friends i made and didn’t write to in the last one


hemmings1994 - britt! i think you’re a super lovely, and sweet, and cute person 💖 i think it’s super cute that you tag your “ideas for me n luke” things 🙈 and i think your writing is so good and so amazing and please never stop ✨

thecalums - HI MOM! thanks for always being super sweet and nice to me 😁 you’re super cool and ily and i’ll always be here to send you virtual hugs and cuddles when it gets cold 💖

tokyomuke - erin, sweetie, your voice sounds like a million angels sent down to save me ✨ you’re so incredibly talented and i want to thank you for slaying me with your voice 👏 keep singing, and stay cool, and i’ll always be a message away 💖

follow 5ever

(is 5ever even still a thing? no? idk.)

faves are in bold


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p.s. idk why but when i view this on my mobile and the actual website it’s different, so please view the website version 

and if you aren’t on here please don’t gent offended, that’s not my intention 🙈