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You go by Patrick Spring now but your real name is Zachariah Webb, and you made a terrible mistake.

Zachariah Webb/Edgar Spring/Patrick Spring through the decades as requested by @quingigillion


Yes. Part one. Because I don’t know when to stop. 

Anyways, pretty straight forward I recolored four base game tops in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette so I hope you guys enjoy ‘em!


  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Requires no mesh (they’re basegame, duh)
  • Four separate files for each recolor

Download: Simfileshare


Palette by @smubuh

Meshes by EA


A photo album for storing the pictures you get from villagers. You can store the photos in the album similar to how music is stored in the Jukebox/Stereo furniture items. You can rearrange the photos at will. Clicking on a photo will bring up the full picture and info about the Villager, like their birthday, favorite song, and their quote.

This would be a great way to let people look through the photos they’ve earned through their friendship with Villagers!

EDIT: Fixed the bottom screen so it looks more like a photo album.

The tag for these pictures will be #acnl ideas illustrated

From this post I made about ideas for future Animal Crossing DLC!

Dating Harry Would Include - 47


- His hand laying on your agitated knee while the car leads you to the premiere
- Trying his best to help you to relax, his calm voice telling you that everything will be alright 
- Taking your shaking hand in his squeezing you softly, his thumb stroking your fingers with slow caresses 
- Kissing the back of your hand, his index finger sliding slowly in the crook of your palm
- Offering you his hand to help you to go out of the car, lifting the train of your dress
- Kneeling to fix the bottom of your dress whatever if people are looking at him, only wanting you to be the most comfortable possible
- Complimenting you for how your dress makes you looks good while playing with a little part of fabric on your shoulder 
- Doing his best to always keep your hand in his when he can stay with you
- Squeezing softly your hand when he feels you tensed because of the loud screams around , looking at you with a reassuring smile
- His huge smile when fans tells him how you two looks cute together
- Looking at you with a tender smile when he sees you being more relaxed and laughing with fans asking for pics with you
- Can’t help and smiling each time you look at each other
- His arm wrapped around your waist, his hand resting on your hip when people asks for a pic of you two
- Surprising you by kissing your forehead at the last second before the pic is taken
- His huge smile when people referring to you as Mrs Styles
- Teasing you when your cheeks becomes bright red for being called this way
- Keeping an eyes on you while he gives interviews, winking to you when he meets your gaze
- He’s proud smile when people compliments him for how beautiful you looks, being distracted when he looks at you
- Coming back directly to you the moment he’s done with interviews
- Asking with a smile “ Does Mrs Styles enjoys her time?”, smiling wider when he sees you blushing
- Kissing your temple with a chuckle calling you Mrs Styles again until you smile
- Whispering his lips on your temple “ Thank you for being here with me today …”

A PSA to young folk:

If someone you’re interested in says something like, “You shouldn’t be with me, because I’m damaged and I only hurt everyone, and I’ll never get better,” BELIEVE THEM.  Because they are saying that for one of two reasons:

1- They think it’s cool and romantic to be dark and damaged.  They are incorrect.  Fetishizing mental illness is not ok.

2- They truly believe this about themselves, and are unwilling to do anything to work on their issues, right now, and will take their hurt out on you.  Things may change in a few years, when they are ready to face it, but it is NOT YOUR JOB TO FIX THEM.  YOU ARE NOT THIER SAVIOR.

However, if someone you’re interested in says something like, “Yeah, I have issues, but I’m working on them.  It’s hard, and I don’t always win, but I’m working on it.“  That’s a good sign.  It means they’re self-aware enough to be in a healthy relationship.  But please remember, even then, that IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO FIX THEM. 

Bottom line: when someone tells you who they are, believe them.


Create a floor/Wall/Ceiling quick with this guide!

Transform 2D space into 3D space right before your eyes without having to mess around with a perspective ruler.

Adjust your camera angles!

Create better and more dynamic illustrations with this quick fix!

Sketch at the bottom:

Shima belongs to @baoxuu

Legion belongs to me

(overwatch is fun)

TRASNFORM INDEED (I’m not changing it)


you are the ocean’s gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach. yet the waters ever change, flowing like time the path is yours to climb