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Jesse McCree was the sun, and Hanzo Shimada was the moon.

Jesse was warm, and bright, and felt like home.

Hanzo was cool, and sometimes he shone as a bright beacon. Sometimes he was a distant, invisible ghost.

Their meetings were brief. Secret, shared moments. The moon and the sun in the same sky. Passionate embraces, whispered promises they knew neither could fulfill.

They worked together in tandem, needing no words, a fiery gunslinger and an icy archer. The dragons sought his warmth, curling around him with joyous purrs.

The sun was as much a wanted man as the moon. The noose tightens.

The sun must set, at the end of the day.

The moon cried, the dragons roared their rage, when the rope pulled the sun too far.

The moon unleashed his pain and cast darkness on the hangman from the bright agony of his arrows, raining with divine fury until the streets ran red with vengeance, red as the dying rays swallowed by the horizon.

The moon carried the sun through the night, wishing, praying for those promises.

The sky was dark. Not even a star lit its inky expanse.

The moon forgot, though, that morning came. It came in the form of an angel, an angel who saved the star that the moon had once killed.

And the sun rose.

The sun refused to let the moon leave his side, and through day and night they worked in harmony, gunslinger and archer, until their lights faded, soft and gray, beating impossible odds through years and years. And when the sun set for the last time, the moon was beside him, ready to follow him into the heavens.


*You can read about Dreamwalker in one of my future doujis

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This had to happen, Marinette needed to unburden herself. But it’s okay!

@faith-xx-love you were wrong, but I love you anyway.
I really, REALLY thank @mirthalia for fixing my bad grammar.
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Know your weaknesses

When you’re learning and practicing a language, try to be very aware of the language you’re using and the impact it is having on others around you (if you are using it with someone else). You can use that awareness to pick up on little things that you can fine-tune and improve on.

Something I need to improve on with my Korean is emotional awareness and expression (mostly expression). I have a lot of opportunity to practice my speaking with my boyfriend, and he has pointed out to me that I use a lot of the same simple emotion words when I’m trying to express more complex feelings. For example, he noted to me that I tend to use the word 귀찮다 in a wide variety of situations when he can tell that what I really mean is something else, running the gamut from 억울하다 to 질리다. 

Today something similar happened. I had a bit of a misunderstanding with a coworker and I described how I was feeling at the time using 화가 나다, and when he called me later in the evening to talk about it, I backtracked and clarified that more than 화가 나다, it was more of a situation of 억울하다 or 속상하다. Even in English, I’m not so good at verbally expressing my feelings, and that carries over into Korean, where I describe my emotional state in broad ways that probably end up sounding a bit childish. I know and can understand a wide range of emotion-related words, but I hardly use them myself. Is it a massive problem? Nah, not really. But is it something that I can strive to improve upon now that I am aware of it? Definitely.

A big part of becoming good at something is recognizing (and fixing) what you’re bad at!

And now back to grammar study~

Happy studying, all~

Kagepro Spoilers

Okay, so Fuyu mentioned about the new Kagerou Daze manga spoiler but won’t post it because it’s too much for her…I shall be the one to deliver what she knew and told me…also showed me:

Kurori Hiyori killed Kido and Kano only saw it after Kido had been killed…and yeah he reminisced about heir first meeting when Kido gave Kano her scarf saying she didn’t want to see him die near her… 

The picture of the death is below [Read More]. Thank you to @fuyuyuu for providing the picture. Not for the faint of hearts, especially Kido fans.

May we all hold our hears high…especially after that fucking KanoKido feels we just went through last month!!!

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So last week I didn’t go to community band because I fell asleep after dinner. I remembered when I woke up. But no one had called, texted, or emailed me to ask why I wasn’t there.
I saw the second chair player at a grad party the other day and he asked where I was. I explained and expressed my confusion as to why I hadn’t been contacted, especially when I had seen the first chair player at the movies the day before and said “see you at band” to him the day of.
Turns out that about half an hour into rehearsal, second chair asked where I was, first chair said I had probably just forgotten, and they both shrugged it off.
Trombones really care, guys.

Teach Me To Fly- Masterpost

written by: @iamnotdanisnotonfire

beta reading by: @transdimensional-void

art by: @gabricl / @ghoulbriel

summary: Soulmates!AU, Wings!AU. People had always told him that wings were the solution to everything, the key to your love life, your friend circle, who you are as a person, even. Yet somehow, Phil just can’t bring himself to see it that way. Who would want a soulmate that would never fly? (or, as my planning outline so eloquently puts it, kiss kiss fall in love you emotionally repressed motherfuckers) (disclaimer)

genre: angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, au


warnings for each chapter are posted with the chapters themselves! if you can’t read a chapter because of a warning, let me know and i’ll summarize everything in a non-triggering way so you can move on with the fic :D

word count: 15,357 units of author Suffering

[read it on ao3!]

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven 

i’ll do a sort of epilogue oneshot if anyone prompts it :O

author’s notes below the cut, prepare for rambling

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