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G R O W I N G    S T R O N G

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If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice! Everyday you Talkin bout picken up that big dawg ice. But your ish just belongs in the trash. If some one sold me what you get I’d kick their ass. It’s a simple fix homie, just make a single call. I got you at breakfasf, lunch or dinner. 3 a.m running low on your shit? Best believe that I’ll be your winner. So just hit me up, any hour any day, and for once my nigga you’re gonna feel like you got paid!

We are nothing but broken fragments.
We were both damaged.
And maybe it was wrong–so wrong for the both of us to think that the only way to fix ourselves is my pouring our hearts and souls for one another.
We were both not ready for love.
How could we? If we can’t even give it to our own selves?
Thinking that you can fix me and I can fix you is very erroneous for there is no one else in this planet who could fix us but ourselves.
You don’t need me and I don’t need you.
I need me
you need you.
I am unsure if what we really have is love or we just romanticized it because we were both lonely.
We fed up our minds with so much fantasies of you and me but instead of getting fixed and whole again we just pushed ourselves to further breaking, aching, crying, and tearing apart.
Maybe one day, if that time comes–I am hoping that it will–when we are not made up of broken parts anymore,
I am still holding on to this anticipation
that your pieces
will fit
with mine.
—  b r o k e n  f r a g m e n t s (L.S)

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Not to ruin your day or anything, but I found some people dissing you on Fimfiction(with a misspelled subject title, no less!): h t t p : / / w w w.f i m f i c t i o n . n e t / g r oup / 2 0 1 6 5 4 / w e - h a t e -whats-hap pen ed-to-m lp/th re ad/83 167/wha t-do-yo u-thi n-of-jos hsc orc he r (Remove the spaces, if you hadn't guessed. Wish I could enter links...)

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Oh dear. Some guys on FimFiction don’t like one of my videos and say I should die.