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Jade for prime minister 2018

Hello United Kingdom, please vote for me to be the UK’s first goth prime minister !
Here are just some of my policies:

-Reverse brexit
-Banish Nigel Farage to the shadow realm
-Fix the railway system so it’s not always fucking late
-Lower the price of Freddos back to 10p
-Make Damien Hirst pay for his awful awful deeds
-Actually listen to Scotland instead of being condescending assholes in parliament
- Get Mel & sue and Mary and Paul back on bake off
-Eastenders is cancelled I’m sick of these murderous Londoners cheating on each other
-File a restraining order against Rupert Murdoch from the entirety of the UK. That’s right, Rupert is no longer allowed within 30 feet of any UK citizen. You’re welcome.


3/27/2017 4.03 miles
Rene run!
YTD: 317.68 miles
451 days in a row

I’m terrible. I posted Sunday that I wanted to resolve to stick to my diet and workout plans for the coming week.


My weight room in the basement was a mess because:

  1. I finally got my alarm problem* taken care of - I had to move all of my kettlebells, bench, squat/bench stand/etc out of the way so the ADT guy could fix/upgrade my alarm system. And…
  2. Due to my father in law being in town and my wife and I wanting to occupy his time with some projects around the house, I had all my tools haphazardly strewn about my workout area floor.

I was still all set to work out Sunday night but then my father in law (who was staying on the couch in the basement) announced he was turning in early. Ugh. Monday rolled around and I had barely enough energy to just clean up my workout space.

Anyhow, at least I managed to get over to the gym with Rene and get my 4 miles in. Treadmill read almost 4.20 by the time I hit stop on my watch so I’m surely making up for all those bonus GPS glitch miles. I’ve figured out there’s a weird curve with how my watch ‘tracks’ my treadmill speed. It’s more generous the slower I go, but at some point it starts getting stingy. For example if I’m having a tough day and set it slow for 5.8mph to warm up, my watch will read a 9:30 pace. At some point as I speed up the treadmill  the Fenix stops gaining speed and eventually tracks my pace as less than what the treadmill reports, and gets worse the faster I go. Oh well.

* For an embarrassingly long amount of time I haven’t had my alarm system connected to my phone line thanks to Comcast neglecting to hook my VoIP to my alarm system. While still paying ADT for the monitoring. Of a system that couldn’t connect to their monitoring center. Stupid, I know. One of the ‘projects’ I assigned to my father in law was to let the Comcast guy into the house, show him where the equipment was, and have him work his magic. Only… once the guy got there misunderstood what was needed, took himself off the work order, and called me from my house to explain why he was terrible I mean couldn’t do the job. I explained it to him such that he finally understood what he needed to do, and he claimed he knew how to do it, but he was already removed from the work order so couldn’t do it EVEN THOUGH HE WAS STILL STANDING THERE IN MY HOUSE. He “scheduled” me for another appointment the next day that never showed. So instead I had ADT install a phone-less system.

Capitalism requires:

  • a group of workers whose labor is being directly exploited for profit
  • a group of unwaged supporting workers, who fulfill a variety of necessary social functions and who are required to maintain the existence of workers whose labor is more directly exploited (not always but traditionally and normatively expected to be women doing feminine coded work such as child care or housework)
  • a group of unemployed workers in reserve to use as threatened replacements (see: reserve army of labor)
  • a group of stigmatized poor people and former workers who are used as examples of how the others will be punished if they stop being useful to exploit their labor or are too disobedient/deviant towards the capitalist system

Unless you fix the system, you can’t eliminate poverty, you can just shift which individuals or groups fall into which section (and which fall into the bourgeoisie/ruling class) and their relative status to each other within those categories.  Capitalism doesn’t just cause poverty indirectly or as a side effect, it’s a necessity to maintain the ability to exploit workers.  


so it’s the end of march now and jack and casie is slowly chugging along. still working on the overworld areas (something called ‘decks’ are involved) (and they suck) and working on fixing up some underlying systems that just didn’t fuckin work but i expect a new demo out in the first two weeks of april if not sooner

in order to expedite the whole ‘make the video game’ thing i’ve been considering picking up volunteer artists and trading, like, art or lessons or something for grunt work and the like but i’m still sort of skeptical about putting any part of my project in the hands of other people but, on the off chance i do bite the bullet, i ended up drawing a new big dumb model sheet for jack and casie (to replace the older one) (admittedly, it’s because someone asked me for a reference for fan art.) (i’m not going to lie to you. it didn’t take much.)

the kickstarter goal date is still ‘before e3′, so the latest i’m willing to run it is april or may. i’m quite confident itll go through, especially considering i’ve gotten a couple of offers from distributors and publishers

i’ve actually been practicing my blurbs but my favorite is still just

“A parody pocket RPG about a mysterious robot from a long lost civilization, and Casie.”

I hate that I have to be labeled as an “anti” because I don’t like the Naruto ending or the canon pairings. They make us sound like a bunch of crotchety goblins.

I am PRO-Naruto

I am PRO-Sasuke

I am PRO-their happiness

I am PRO-character growth for Sakura and Hinata

I am PRO-Naruto fixing the messed up system that destroyed Sasuke’s family and cranks out child soldiers, instead of being a shitty hokage

I am PRO-Naruto and Sasuke having as healthy a relationship as they can have, which can only be with each other

I am PRO-Sasuke and Naruto being good dads to a happy child, if they decide they want to have one

I am PRO-keeping the themes and message of the story intact

It’s because we support the characters and story that we cannot support the ending. How does that make us the bad guys of the fandom?

anonymous asked:

What's going on with youtube's restricted mode?? This is the first time I'm hearing about it, they're blocking lgbtq+ content???

youtube introduced a new restricted mode aimed to keep youtube a safer environment to younger people but the system is completely flawed and the new feature not only blocks videos that have no reason to be blocked, but it blocks certain lgbtq+ content and lgbtq+ creators. the shitty part about it all is that youtube knows that there is a problem but they have seemingly refused to admit it. they only tried to clear the air and make an excuse as to why certain lgbtq+ content is blocked instead of acknowledging the flawed system and fixing it. youtube’s message to their creators was half assed and i think there needs to be some serious work put in as far as communication goes

It’s been a busy day, got a lot done, and still have a lot to do. It’s been a mess.

Gwen still can’t get her ID and we have to get her to Georgia to fix it because the system up here won’t accept anything she has. And the fuel pump really is going out on our car now along with the alternator and we have no money. Kinda freaking out and I have no idea what to do.

We haven’t eaten a decent meal for quite some time now living off of saltines and ramen cups when we can afford them. We are off our hormones. And it’s stress full.

I am still looking to find work and it’s not going very well. And I filed my taxes, so just waiting for payment. I know it takes time for both, but we have immediate need and can’t go to interviews if we get them because well no gas.

We have found a few apartments to apply at in aurora, but we don’t have the money for the application and down payment. But never the less we qualify. We need to find a place as soon as possible because we are getting told we can’t stay anywhere in our car. And we have even been kicked out of a few Walmart parking lots. It’s pretty messed up.

If you can help, please do. Our PayPal is

Where You'll Find the Founding Fathers.
  • Benjamin Franklin: having a pool orgy
  • George Washington: fixing the two party system
  • Alexander Hamilton: in a tent in the library
  • James Monroe: stressing because he accidentally has two jobs
  • James Madison: drinking apple juice and playing with Legos
  • John Adams: fighting with congress
  • Thomas Jefferson: riding John Adams as he fights with congress

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Will you oppose the additional $3 billion in supplemental funding for mass deportation forces, detention & the wall? #FundFamiliesNotWalls

President Trump’s executive order on immigration sent a clear message to our immigrant communities that they are targets for deportation, regardless of whether they’re a law-abiding individual or have children who are U.S. citizens. This executive order is egregious, un-American, and will make our country less safe. Instead of tearing families apart and wasting billions of taxpayer dollars for an ineffective wall – one that Mexico will never pay for – we should be working together to fix our broken immigration system and implement measures that enhances our national security. Further, to cut funding of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by $80 million; slashing funds that help pay a police force to keep us safe at airports – and divert those funds to help pay for a border wall, is foolish.  

Recently, along with 24 of my democratic colleagues, I was honored to introduce my very first piece of legislation in the U.S. Senate, focusing on protecting the rights and safety of our immigrant friends and neighbors. This bill sent a clear message to President Trump: We will not tolerate the unnecessary targeting of hardworking immigrants. The only intent in actions like these is to spread fear and chaos and embolden racism. I, for one, will not stand for it. And you can be sure I’m going to fight like hell to protect our immigrant communities.

This morning made me really proud to be both a gamer and Zelda fan.

Just got back from Gamestop. Waited in line for almost an hour because systems were down and I just want to thank my fellow Zelda fans and Gamestop employees for showing me how amazing this community can be. While the system was not working they took the time to talk to us all and show us the amiibos. All of us on line started having one huge conversation about how much the series means to us. When the systems were fixed they started to apologize and literally all of us on line were like “please no don’t apologize thank you so much for what you are doing” (they were in the store till 1:30am last night and were here again in the morning) and we all started shaking their hands and thanking them and they thanked us for our patience.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it made me smile that this game has made the community unite for a day and be truly kind and appreciative.

i draw my otp fluffy all the time but i actually love angst

my wacom pen broke a few days ago so i had to borrow my cousin’s small wacom tablet and it’s so hard to get used to why is the cursor moving SO FAST

to the anon that submitted saying they prefered the kitsune thing over the birds:

Well, to each their own. I like it too tbh haha

Also I was not aware you could submit anonymously. What the hell tumblr, fix your goddamn privacy system.

Anyways I feel like I should mention this, but all anon submissions will be deleted from now on. Sai is really finicky and sensitive about anons, they’ve hurt her more than they’ve done good. So I’m sorry to the more shy followers out there, or those who aren’t logged in.

I may sound harsh but it’s my job to erase you from the inbox to protect her.