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Article from Polish TV Guide about Season 4 - Sherlock Holmes: Big return of a brilliant detective and a charming sociopath

Highlights (some minor spoilers):

  • Mary is described as an ex-spy and a killer
  • John is described as Sherlock’s only (!) friend who can tolerate him and who writes a blog to cope
  • Sherlock is describes as a sociopath *smh*
  • The first episode of S4 takes place some time after S3 and John and Sherlock are back to solving crimes together
  • In this season Sherlock will ask Mrs Hudson to say “Norbury” if he gets too haughty to remind him of his past fuck up. And Sherlock will apparently make some major mistakes in the first episode
  • All rumours that this will be the last season are false
  • Tumblr is mentioned as the favourite site where the fans hang out

The Handplates AU by @zarla-s is a pretty dark place, and it looks like Dr. Gaster will never reveal his secret to anyone. But, what if he got caught…?

I’m back! Sorry about the wait, last week was…a thing, and this one took a bit more editing on the back end than usual. So remember when I said I was writing a Handplates fic? Well here it is! Asgore and Gaster are both played by a good friend of mine who also helped me edit the story, @hatori1181, aka Batzmaru!

This accomplishes like 3 goals of mine for this channel in one. First, to get something handplates on it. Second, to get Batz involved in something. And third, to get something I wrote up here, so it’s totally new to everybody listening :3 If you’d rather read it though, here is a link to it on AO3. And this is a one-shot, buuuut I caught the writing bug again and now I’m well into a follow-up. So this may not be the last you see of this story!

Oh, and fun fact: One scene in this was heavily inspired by these sketches by zarla. If you listen to the story I think it should be clear which sketch, lol. I had this idea knocking around in my head for a while, but those sketches really kicked me into high gear and turned me into a writing hermit for a weekend.

Also I had this song on repeat like the whole time I was writing this.

chase the wind and touch the sky, a star’s light shines on long after it dies


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as 2016 is coming to an end i’ve decided to make my second follow forever to wish all of you a happy new year!! even though this year has been pretty Awful for most of us i’ve had a good time on this website getting to know some people and reaching milestones and posting my art so!! here are some Cool People/mutuals you should all follow:

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well at least I can say Im starting the year off strong by finally finishing this monster of a project