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Steven Crowder Punched: Man Claims Fox News Contributor Goaded Other Union Protesters

A Lansing man who joined the protests Tuesday against Michigan's controversial right-to-work legislation claims that Steven Crowder, the Fox News contributor who was punched by a protester, had goaded pro-union activists prior to the apparent assault, a claim Crowder vehemently denies.

Ken Spitzley, a state agriculture department employee, told HuffPost that he walked to the protest at the state Capitol during a break from work and that he witnessed Crowder getting in protesters’ faces.

“He was just after everybody,” said the 56-year-old Spitzley, a procurement technician whose workplace is represented by the United Auto Workers. “There was no question he was there just to start a fight, to start some kind of trouble.”

In an interview, Crowder said he was provoking protesters merely with his presence as a conservative and his pointed questions on right-to-work legislation. He described the assault as “brutal” and completely undeserved.

“I definitely provoked them,” Crowder said. “I was asking them basic questions.”

Sptizley offered one specific anecdote that Crowder disputed. According to Spitzley, Crowder had an exchange with two pro-union men wearing blue jeans, hard hats and Carhartt clothing. One of the men accused Crowder of working for Amway, the family company of Michigan businessman Dick DeVos. Crowder joked that he sells soap.

“He said, ‘I sell soap. I should sell you some,’” Spitzley said, quoting Crowder.

Crowder, who suffered a chipped tooth in the incident, also criticized HuffPost for reporting Spitzley’s version of events, arguing that it suggests the assault was somehow warranted. “I think it’s misleading,” he said.

In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night, Crowder described the punches as “completely physically unprovoked.” “Apparently, I provoked them by asking them, why are they against right to work? By asking them, what about somebody in Michigan who might want to work for a company and might not want to join a union?”

“Call me a provocateur, Sean,” added Crowder.

An edited video that Crowder posted of the scuffle shows a man punching Crowder repeatedly and another man grabbing him from behind after he’d walked away. The video, which due to the editing does not show what immediately preceded the punches, has become perhaps the most prevalent image of the Lansing protest, with conservatives holding it up as evidence of union thuggery and many labor activists ruing the bad publicity.

Lt. Kevin Sweeney, a spokesman for the Michigan State Police, told HuffPost that a total of three arrests were made during Tuesday’s protests, although he could not say whether anyone was arrested for punching Crowder. Sweeney said police were generally pleased with the relatively few number of incidents, given the “passions” surrounding the right-to-work issue.

Spitzley said he’s hardly a diehard union man. He said he joined the protest not so much out of opposition to right-to-work laws as due to displeasure at how state Republican legislators and Gov. Rick Snyder fast-tracked the referendum-proof law during a lame-duck session.

h/t: Huffington Post

Imagine Clear being self-conscious about not having a heartbeat. When he and Aoba have sex or when they cuddle together, and Aoba presses his head or his hand right over Clear’s chest, he panics a little. Aoba’s heartbeat is so beautiful and alive and pulsing with a wonderful, personal beat. He can’t have that. He pulls Aoba away from his chest to lay on his instead.

“What are you doing?” 

“Listening to Aoba-san’s heartbeat.” And when he feels it against his ear, reaching up to him, Clear can’t help but smile sadly. He wishes he could give Aoba the came sense of comfort that his heart does, but it’s impossible when there’s nothing physically inside him to offer. For the first time in a while, he hates his body again.  

Now imagine though that Tae proposes that they can give him a heart. The process would be a lot simpler than fixing his malfunctions from before. Clear is kind of in shock over the possibility, but he’s also excited. Aoba agrees that if it’ll make him happy, they’ll do it. 

As soon as the operation is done, Clear feels different. There’s something heavy in his chest, softly pounding under the surface of his skin. It’s his own heart, moving inside him. Tae explains that she made it so that it’s hooked to his activity circuits, so that if he exerts himself, his heart will beat faster just like a human’s. 

And Clear is so happy, he smiles brightly at Aoba, saying, “I have a heart, Aoba-san…! I really have a physical heart now.” He wants Aoba to feel, and Aoba thinks Clear should feel it too. So he takes Clear’s hand, and both of them press lightly right over his chest, where there’s a gentle but fast pumping. 

“That’s funny… Why is it beating fast now? I’m not doing anything.” Clear is scared there’s a malfunction.

But Aoba smiles, bringing Clear’s other hand to feel his own heart. It’s racing too. “Sometimes that just happens,” Aoba explains, “by just being around the one you love. I’m not sure why they do that either. Maybe they’re happy too. It’s not a bad thing, don’t you think?” 

As if one cue, both their hearts pick up rhythm at the same time. They blush, but smile happily at each other as they both feel their feelings and life conveyed right under each other’s palms. 

“You’re right, Aoba-san. It’s not bad at all.” 


My friends don’t always seem to understand when I say “my room is a mess”. It’s a complete disaster, just like my bed was. I’ve been doing small things on and off for the past week, but it was time for a big move finally.

The first pic was after I already put my sheets and comforter in the wash, but otherwise that’s exactly what I was living with. No more! It’s a small step compared to what I still have left, but a good step nonetheless.

3. シャドウ (shado [shadow])
  • 3. シャドウ (shado [shadow])
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シャドウ (shado [shadow]), track 3 of cinema staff’s blueprint.

i downloaded the Youtube video and converted it to audio. i am in no ways financially benefiting from having had acquired this. no copyright infringement intended. song, video and cover art all belong to cinema staff.

p.s. if you’re like me whose perceptions are affected by simultaneous simulation using a different sense, i strongly suggest listening to this before watching the video. it is very beautiful even without the visuals. (: