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Warframe but like in high school

Atlas: Senior. Workout buddies with Rhino. Has a rock collection. Surprisingly good at cooking.

Ash: Senior. Bros with Excalibur. Closet weeb. Thinks Banshee is attractive.

Banshee: Junior. Loves listening to dubstep. Headphones never come off…NEVER. Very quiet and shy.

Chroma: Senior. Has a large pet lizard that he feeds live chickens named “Draco”. Plays Dragonborn in Dungeons & Dragons. Has multiple dragon posters.

Excalibur: Senior. Plays Quarterback on the football team. Has high grades. Also closet weeb. Has a crush on Mag.

Ember: Junior. Has a thing for Valkyr. Throws lit firecrackers at people. Smokes weed.

Equinox: Freshmen. Creepy twins. Finish each other’s sentences. One wears black, the other wears white. ALWAYS together.

Frost: Junior. Has a thing for Ember. Is always wearing a hoodie because he’s cold…all the time.

Harrow: Sophomore. Really into occult stuff. Has Demonic pentagrams on his notebooks and lockers. “Do you have time to talk about our Lord and savior, Satan?” is the line he uses to break the ice. Taken a liking to Nekros. History teacher’s favorite. Scares the hell outta Mag. (Poor girl.)

Hydroid: Sophomore. Likes pirates of the Caribbean. Wears a pirate hat everywhere. Perverted. Tells terrible pirate related puns.

Inaros: Sophomore. Has a beetle collection. Timid. When threatened throws pocket sand. Nekros’ younger brother.

Ivara: Freshman. Loves Archery. Reads comics. Green Arrow and Hawkeye are favorite heroes. Pro Hanzo in Overwatch. Always falls asleep in class.

Limbo: Junior. Wears a Tux everywhere. Thinks he’s good with the ladies. Not very good with the ladies. Terrible at Math.

Loki: Sophomore. Ash’s younger brother. Plays pranks with Mirage. Has a criminal record for Vandalism and Public indecency. Also smokes weed.

Lotus: Principal. Knows everything about the students. Chooses to do nothing about it. Inexplicably always drinking coffee. Plays handheld games (like DS and PSP) during work hours.

Mag: Freshman. Trusted by Lotus to keep everyone in check. Never acts out. Straight A’s. Makes Nyx jealous because her boobs are bigger. Loves Astrology and Physics. Has science blog. Smallest in school

Mirage: Senior. Teases Loki with “Perverted acts”. Loves playing pranks. Blew up Principal’s bathroom and didn’t get caught. Rarely shows up for class. Likes to dress Mag up in outfits.

Mesa: Junior. Plays Overwatch with Ivara, mains McCree. Loves to tell you what time it is (you know damn well what I mean) Has a bunch of old Cowboy movies. Remembers every scene of Walker Texas Ranger.

Nyx: Senior. Small boobs, big brain. Everyone listens to her, Sorta the disciplinarian.

Nekros: Senior. Always wears all black. Never smiles. Childhood friendswith Saryn. Unaware that almost every girl and Limbo (excluding Nyx, Saryn, Ember, and Mirage) is afraid of him.

Nezha: Sophomore. Only Transgender in school, loves to tell everyone about it. Burned down the gym one time and didn’t get caught. Wrote his name in fire in the school courtyard.

Nidus: Junior. Owns every zombie movie ever. Likes to wear zombie makeup to school. Jumpscares Mag all of the time.

Nova: Freshman. Best at astrophysics…beats Mag actually. Has a weird thing for blowing shit up. Respected by Ember. Tutors Rhino and Valkyr.

Oberon: Junior. President of Nature club. Loves butterflies. Extremely dense but has an A in biology.

Octavia: Junior. Banshee and her are the female equivalent of bros for life. Made Banshee’s Spotify playlist. Makes her own mixtapes. Plays said mixtapes on morning announcements. Lotus would do something about it if she didn’t really like the music.

Rhino: Senior. Jacked! Pretty dumb. Great football player.

Saryn: Senior. Owns a Katana for God knows why. Pretty chill. Student Council president. Smokes weed and drinks. Developed feelings for Nekros. Created the dogmatic teaching of “Biggest boobs makes the rules”. Also not very liked by Nyx.

Stalker: Sophomore. Emo. Probably planning school shooting. Hates everyone but Nekros. Has a really creepy crush on Mirage.

Titania: Freshman. VP of nature club Huge crush on Oberon but will never say it. Even dressed up as a butterfly to get him to notice her only to be outshined by his butterfly costume.

Teshin: Gym teacher. Doesn’t give a fuck.

Trinity: Junior. Goody two shoes. Helps out the school nurse. Wants to be a doctor. Asked Volt to play Doctor. Volt thought she wanted to like practice medicine which they did…sorta.

Vauban: Senior. Engineer. In robotics. A’s in physics. Heard of sports at most. Always in charge of fixing everyone’s….everything. Lotus even bribed him to fix the computersin the lab rather than paying for an actual professional. Worked out in the end.

Volt: Junior. On track team. Listens to Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack while jogging. Crush on Saryn. Avoids Trinity actively.

Valkyr: Sophomore. Good at gym but not much else. Anger issues. Pummeled Hydroid to a pulp for looking at her butt too long. Rhino’s younger cousin.

Zephyr: Junior. Owns a pet hawk that creeps out everyone considering it follows her every command. Does parkour and hanglides.

Wukong: Freshman. Practices gymnastics. Practices martial arts with the Bo staff just to say he can. Showed up to practice drunk one time. Has a pet monkey named Pyjak that he puts sunglasses on and takes selfies with.

Clem & Darvo: College kids that hang out near the school. The suppliers of all of the contraband that goes around the school.

Amaryn (New Loka Lady): Vice Principal. Lotus’ advisory and all-around babysitter. Struggling to find a way to hide Lotus’ video games from her.

Cressa Tal (Steel Meridian Lady): English Teacher. Claims she hates men yet has a new boyfriend every few weeks. Every class is like a sad romance novel.

Arbiters of Hexis: Mean teachers I forgot to cover.

Ergo Glast (Perrin Sequence guy): Math Teacher. So boring he sometimes puts himself to sleep while he’s at the board teaching.

Red Veil dude: History Teacher. During class he makes random Conspiracy theories. Everyone thinks he’s crazy.

#41 “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

The title pretty much sums everything up. Also I kinda suck at summarizing this kind of stuff. 

Word count: 1720

Author: @chrixa

Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this with Peter Parker! I’m sorry if it took some time writing this, my brain got jammed for a while. Hope you like it! 

PS: Also thank you to my bae @stvrktony who helped me write this. x

You were relaxing in your bed in your spacious room in Stark Tower, Dad really overdid himself in making your room comfortable, reading a rather good book and just enjoying your evening. Sipping into the hot chocolate that Nat made earlier (she makes the best hot chocolates, mind you), you sigh in contentment. You had a great and peaceful day, as peaceful as a Stark can get though, but still, it was rare to have days like this. 

“Ms. Stark, your father says dinner is ready,” FRIDAY’s voice interrupted your thoughts and you willed yourself to get out of bed. 

“Right, thanks, FRIDAY.”

“Anytime, Miss.” And with that you got down to the dining room where everyone is gathered round. You sat on your usual seat which is between Dad and Wanda and received a couple of ‘hey’s and smiles, which you returned gratefully. 

“Anything exciting today?” Your dad asked you as he hands you your plate. 

“Besides Nat’s hot chocolate? Nah, don’t think so,” you shrugged. 

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some sketchy sketchy sketches playing with the relationship dynamics in my  mass effect high school sports team au that nobody asked for! ya I’m aware most of these don’t ACTUALLY look like high schoolers, but if I could be assed to draw them up proper I swear they’d look much younger okay. 


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Things Can Only Get Better Part 5 - Red

Slow Burn!Steve Harrington/Reader (UST, URT)
Word Count:

A/N: Happy Saturday, lovelies :) Don’t feel embarrassed to ask to be put on the tag list, lol. I think I’ve gotten everyone that’s asked. Remember, updates are on Saturdays. As always, requests are open Here and on AO3, under the same username.

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Patient Namjoon(Namjoon Version Smut)

Well, I know I said i wanted this to be a Dr. Namjoon smut but I’ve decided to make him the patient this go round. You’ll see why..  In my next smut which is the threesome with Namseok. This story is a special story for all of you but for four people especially. @dlcute @princess-of-luxury @xnamjoons-slutx@thegirlthatlikesasianboys

I don’t know how to warn you other than saying this is an smut that you may not want to read if you don’t like bdsm that much. It’s also AMBW. I don’t even want to tell you guys what kinks is in it. Just read it. You’ll enjoy it. Word Count: 5501

Your name: submit What is this?

Sitting at your desk with your legs propped open underneath the closed space your fingers danced across your wet clit, the soft sounds of your pussy being played with echoing throughout the quiet room. You had your lab coat bunched around your hips, sliding one finger inside of you curving and wiggling it to find your spot. Back arching a soft sigh left your lips as you felt your stomach muscles starting to clench indicating you would cum soon.

“Ms. Y/N I’m here for my appointment!” A familiar husky voiced called from the door. Jumping you pulled your hands from your wet pussy straightening up as Namjoon pushed open the cracked door and came inside.

“O-oh yes hello Namjoon please come take a seat, I’ll be right with you.” You spoke softly your cheeks flaming with heat.

“Is everything ok?” You heard him ask slowly, the mock concern in his tone made you groan inwardly. What if he found out you were fingering yourself? You would be in so much fucking trouble. Shaking your head, you straightened up faking a sneeze and quickly reaching for the tissue to wipe your fingers and your nose looking back at him.

“Oh, good heavens! I’m so sorry about this Namjoon please forgive me I have to go wash my hands and make sure you don’t get sick.” He smiled with understanding moving to sit in the chair beside you. Getting up you quickly dashed into the bathroom in the hallway washing off your fingers, scrubbing them so that he would only smell strawberries if he was to for some strange reason grab at your fingers. Smiling up at yourself you fixed your white lab button up coat, looking down to check and make sure your red pumps were intact. Hair and lipstick was straight and thankfully not sweaty. You made your way back into the room and Namjoon lifted his head to give you a bright smile his dimples showing as he drank you in.

“My my Y/N. You’re such a beautiful doctor.” He purred lightly sitting up a bit.

“Thank you Namjoon. You’re such a handsome patient. But I’m sure my fiancé wouldn’t like it if he found out you said such things or if I did so let’s keep this professional.” You smirked walking towards your desk.

“Professional. Got it!” Namjoon stretched out, his long limbs moving with him. You watched as the peak of his abs came out while his shirt rose the little teasing show causing your breath to stop momentarily, his hand swiped across your pen holder on the desk in the midst of him stretching causing him to knock it over. “Doctor! I’m so sorry.” He was going to bend down to reach it but you stopped him with your hand up.

“No need. I got this.” Bending over, you picked up the pen holder, also taking your time to pick up the pens as well. Your lab coat had rose up your legs, you knew the peak of your blue underwear were on display for him, how quiet he had gotten. You could feel him becoming stiff, you could feel that heated glare staring at your chocolate thighs and your nice round ass. You knew also that the panties you had on were a size too small showing the outline of your pussy how it would give him a clear view of it with your legs squeezed together.

“All better.” You smiled once the pens were up putting them on the desk sitting back in your black swivel chair grabbing at your dark blue notepad flipping it to a clean sheet of paper. You grabbed at a blank pen looking at Namjoon.

“So, what can I do for you today sir?” You asked him, seeing the faintest of a jaw clench you felt victory in your gut but you made no move to say anything right now.

“Well Y/N –“

“It’s Dr. Y/N.”

“Y/N” Namjoon rasped out your name and you swallowed thick nodding your head.

“Y/N it is then. Continue.”

“Do you always interrupt your patients?” Namjoon asked you. Scoffing you glared at him pinching the bridge of your nose. You clenched your teeth together before you looked up at him who was looking expectantly at you. “Well?”

“Well I was trying to let you speak. No I do not interrupt my patients usually but also my patients don’t try to test my patience.” You growled your voice rising a bit.

“Are you getting an attitude with me?” He asked his voice changing tone lightly and you shook your head.

“I’m not. Let’s start again. I am thankfully that you have come in today to see me. I just want to help you, because I’m the doctor! And whatever you need I will give it to you.” You smiled hesitantly squirming in your seat as he watched you.

“Very well then.” He rumbled out flicking his tongue across his bottom lip. “Doctor. Y/N. Lately I have been feeling a bit tired, my energy is not all the way there. Also, it seems I’m having problems having problems with my releasing process. I’m not cumming right.” He frowned patting his member.

“What do you mean not cumming right?” You asked jotting down some notes in your notepad eyeing him.

“Well, I will have an orgasm. But it’s not a lot. Maybe one or two little drops. And sometimes it’s hard for me to even get turned on or feel the need to fuck my girl. Do you think it’s me?” He asked licking on his bottom lip as he watched you.

“Well, I don’t know. Tell me how do you feel about this girl you’re seeing. You guys are engaged, right?” You asked tapping your pen on the notepad. Namjoon nodded perking up as he stared at you.

“She’s amazing! She’s the most beautiful brown kitten I’ve ever seen in my life. You know how they say that some girls are a tall glass of milk? That’s how I feel about her, except she’s chocolate milk so she’s much sweeter and it’s much better to lick on her nectar. She is so caring, charming and all around just a great blessing for me to have. I can’t keep my eyes off of her when I’m with her, and trust me whenever I see her do little things like show me skin. Whenever I go to her job and see her work I just want to pin her down on the desk and fuck her until she has bruises implanted on her hips and thighs from my fingers digging into her plumpness. And don’t even get me started about those curves that she has. Her full breast, oh and her sweet ass slapping it is the best. I mean she makes me weak doctor. Makes the monster come out of me.” He grinned playfully. Chewing on your lips, you nodded your head feeling the heat starting to rise in your face as you jotted down more notes.

“So, then maybe it is you Namjoon. Let’s give you a regular checkup and see what we can do about your hormones. If anything, one pill of Viagra will do.” You almost choked on your laughter at the glare he gave to you but your hands quickly dashed to grab your stethoscope from the drawer. Hearing something fall, you moved to look back seeing Namjoon stretching again, this time a vanilla file was thrown to the ground, some paper scattered in a pile at your feet. “Ok God of destruction.” You griped out leaning down to pick up the files. Your breast pressed together the peak of them being shown because your buttons were not buttoned that far up. Once you had everything up, you smiled at him standing up. Moving to place the stethoscope against his chest you asked him to take deep breaths. You could feel his heart beating fast, smirking you decided to fuck with him a little more. Pushing the stethoscope against his back your breast pressed against his right arm, your plump mounds resting against his toned muscled arms. He took deep breath, his face turning so that he could breathe against your breast.

“Doctor. You have smooth skin.” Namjoon purred sliding a hand up on your outer right thigh. His finger moving up dangerously close to your heat, fingers ghosting under the confines of your coat.

“I-I do indeed. Please keep your hands to yourself.” You softly whined, trying to move his hand but he was slicker. Moving his other hand upwards on the left side he managed to surprise you and reach his hand around grabbing at your ass cheek.

“Wow doctor. Your ass feels. So, fucking soft.” Namjoon squeezed at your ass cheek with his hand as your hand tried to pry his other hand away from sliding up farther.

“Well it’s not supposed to be hard, now is it?” You asked him. Namjoon chuckled pulling his hand back only to slam it down against your ass cheek causing it to jiggle as he rubbed the flesh. It surprised you and sent a jolt of pleasure dancing up your spine. Your hand stilled for a moment too long and Namjoon had you, his hands grabbing on both cheeks kneading them. His eyes looking up at you as he bit the top button close to your cleavage. A soft gasp left your lips, your hands moved to press against his shoulders. You tried to push him away with some effort but Namjoon only opened his legs wide so that he could pull you close against his body. His hand reached up from your ass cheek to grab at your panties pulling them upwards causing them to dip between your ass cheeks and press tighter against your pussy.

“You cannot t-treat a doctor like this.” You tried not to moan, your eyes were becoming hooded and your mind was becoming jumbled.

“I can when the doctor said she was going to do whatever it took to make me feel better.” He countered looking up at you as he flicked his tongue to lick up the crevices of your breast

“Yes! But doctor still needs to finish your checkup. You were concerned about your energy and parts below right? If you let me go I can help.” Your voice was failing you becoming more of a question and uncertainty when you spoke. Namjoon chucked nipping a part of your skin slapping your ass again. His middle finger sliding down your panties slowly until he was teasing your opening. Sliding his long finger inside. Without thinking you slapped his hand away from you your eyes going wide as you realized what you had just done. Namjoon froze in place, and you felt your doom coming.

“Oh no.” You mumbled softly and with a growl he was charging at you. Picking you up by your legs Namjoon threw you on the bed, he turned you around in his hold, your mind that was frozen for a split second tried to move from him crawl or do anything that would set you free. Namjoon saw your attempts but he wasn’t having any more of you denying him when he knew what you were doing before he even came inside.

Looking around your place, he grabbed at your ankle pulling you down so that he could walk towards the drawer. He kept you with a tight hold around your ankle. You whimpered slightly clawing at the sheets. You brought your leg up bending your ankle and then pushing it down making Namjoon fumble. Crawling off the bed in a quick motion you dashed towards the door with wobbly legs.

“Where the fuck are you going kitten?” Namjoon asked grabbing at a tape measure that was used for measuring your body. He ran after you catching you before you got out of the door. Shutting the door, he slammed you against it, his hands working to tie the tape measure. Once your hands were secure he picked you up over his shoulder walking backwards to the bed, he threw you on it with your face against the sheets. Letting your legs hang over the edge of it he got behind you grabbing at your hips bringing you back to rub against his growing erection.

“Mm someone is such a fucking naughty little doctor. Treating your patients like that.” He jutted out his lower lip as he ground himself against you, his dick starting to harden in his panties. “But now I get to have all the fun in the world. Because doctors cure you, don’t they?” He asked you spreading your legs wide with his. Once you didn’t answer he slammed his hand down to land against your ass raising his voice. “DON’T THEY?”

“YES!” You shouted out throwing your head back. Your legs bucked and you could feel your pussy starting to become wet from just his rough voice alone, but the grinding didn’t help anything it just made it worse.

“That’s right.. And with your sweet little pussy doctor. Daddy is going to make sure he feels cured by the time he is done with you. And look at that, my monster is ready to devour your sweet tight pussy. Or maybe I should fuck your ass and just leave you to bury your fingers back in your pussy like you were doing earlier.” He taunted. You were beyond embarrassed that he caught you, but instead of staying quiet you shook your head looking at him over your shoulder.

“Keep dreaming. You’re a patient who needed the doctors help. I bet you can’t even make me cum.” You smirked wiggling your ass against his bulge. Namjoon gripped at your hips, stopping all movements he slowly pushed up your lab coat to bunch around your waist, he leaned forward dark eyes baring into your own unsure ones.

“I bet I do make you cum.” He spoke in a low tone, pressing his forehead against yours. “I bet I make you cum a lot actually. You’re going to cum so much you’ll be crying for me to stop and I won’t. I’ll only keep pushing you to your limit doctor.”

All hope that you had of getting free or redemption went out the window with that phrase. Namjoon chuckled sadistically pulling away from you he walked from the bed. “Don’t move doctor. We wouldn’t need to prescribe you pain killers, now would we?” The threat that he made to you cause you to bury your face into the sheets staying perfectly still or as still as you could. But after sometime of him not coming back, you peeked up through your hair. Namjoon was treading back towards you with a multitude of things in his hand. Your stomach clenched at the mere thought of what he was going to do to you. He bit his bottom lip placing the toys down beside you coming to stand back behind you.

“I didn’t know doctors kept such things at work. But then again, you’re such a little slut are you Y/N? My little slut.” Namjoon grabbed at a brown paddle that had the words ‘obey’ carved into the front of it. He rubbed it across your chocolate cheeks softly dancing his fingers across your skin. “Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet, chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings.” Namjoon sung the part out before slamming the paddle down against both of your ass cheeks. Pain shot through your back causing you to yelp out loud, your hands fisting up as you rested against the bed. “Oh look at how red you are.” He commented running his finger softly across your heated skin. Smirking he pulled the paddle back to smack against your ass again the pain making your eyes brim slightly with tears. Your legs shook, the heels becoming wobbly against the floor. Namjoon frowned playfully squatting down he flicked his tongue repeatedly against your heated flesh. “Does it hurt doctor?” He teased biting gently on the space under your ass cheeks. Dropping the paddle, he licked up and down your panties, his index finger finding your clit. He rubbed his finger against the spot watching as your whole body shook with desire. He hummed kissing at your ass cheeks. He pulled his finger back standing up he grabbed at the paddle, moving it to hit just across your ass cheeks. Giving you a round of five smacks that sounded off in the quiet room but your whimpers broke free. “Come on doctor we wouldn’t want your other patients outside to hear you nor the receptionist.”

He moved to your left ass cheek repeating the same process, dropping the paddle on the bed he gripped at your panties that were soaking wet, pulling them down he pressed a long kiss against your pussy. Sliding you out of them and your heels. He placed your feet back on the floor before tapping your ass. “Up on your tiptoes and hold it.” He quietly ordered and you obeyed. Pushing yourself up, your ass was stinging the tears that started to escape your eyes were finding little puddles along the bed sheets but you loved it, the pain was simply amazing though in the time it hurt. You loved it when he was rough with you reminding who was in charge here despite titles. Namjoon used his index fingers to open your wet pussy lips looking at the wetness before him. He puckered his lips blowing air against your slit causing you to whine for him. Your hands tugging to break free but it was no use you were stuck there. Namjoon leaned forward pressing his tongue flat against your slit he licked upwards until he was licking against your asshole and he pulled back to start the process again. Long slow kitten like licks against your slit that would frustrate you to no end because he wasn’t doing anything more. Finally, he pressed his tongue against your clit flicking it rapidly. Enclosing his mouth around the bud he gave a few sucks to your clit, tongue dancing against it while you became a wrecked mess above him. Once he was satisfied he pulled his mouth back pressing two fingers against your entrance. Sliding his fingers inside of you slowly he groaned at your tightness around his fingers the warm walls taking him in fully. He used his free hand to palm himself through his pants letting his fingers stay in place he kept them there until you were clenching them around his digits taking that as a sign to continue. He pulled his fingers out together only to thrust them back into you at a slow pace. Over and over he kept them straight not giving you the satisfaction of having him curl them for you and find your spot.

“Fuck yourself on my fingers.” He told you, not replying to him, Namjoon nodded his head growling. He stood up pulling at your hair roughly his elbow of the same hand pressing against your middle back as he bit harshly on your ear. “Either you fuck yourself on my fingers. I’m talking about bouncing this tight pussy and fucking yourself for me or I will leave you here and I won’t fucking untie you. Take your pick now then, either you’re going to behave as my little slut and get fucked nice and deep or you going to stay here while I go find another doctor that will.” Of course, that was like a slap in your face. Glaring at him you nodded your head you started to push your hips down trying to ride his fingers. Namjoon released his grip a little so that you could move your body more. Eyes drifting shut he tugged harder on your hair. “Keep those pretty brown eyes open baby girl. I’m not through looking in them.” Moaning softly, you kept your eyes on him pushing back on his fingers. Your body moving up and down the bed, nipples rubbing against the lab coat that you had on. “Faster.” Namjoon commanded and you did so pushing your hips down on his fingers as more moans slipped past your lips from how it felt to have him fingering you. “Fuck, look at those nice plump ass cheeks bouncing for me. I can hear how wet your greedy pussy is taking me in. Just imagine the sound it’s going to make when my dick is shoved inside of you.” Your pussy gushed with more juices causing Namjoon to laugh as he leaned down and bit into the left side of your hip. “You feel so good, and you’re getting wet. The little kitten likes my dirty talking.” He smirked pulling his fingers back from you slowly. He brought them to his mouth while looking at you, sucking your essence of his fingers with dramatic licks and slurping noises. He reached down to grab at a rotating dildo aligning it with your entrance. He pushed the toy inside of you turning switch onto the lowest setting. The toy started to move inside of you thrusting in and out of your walls. Head rolling forward in his hold you let his name fall of your lips. Namjoon pulled back to let your head fall forward, moving to grab at the spreader bar he locked your feet in place so that even if you tried to close your legs it would be difficult for you.

He grabbed at his paddle, starting to hit your ass once again he relished in how good it sounded for you to cry out for him. He put the paddle down as he helped the toy thrust in and out of you, turning the setting up he moved to grab at a purple bullet pressing it against your asshole. He watched it pucker up as he played with it, leaning forward he licked around your hole slowly moaning against it he pushed his tongue inside of your asshole.

“Namjoon- I’m.” Your words were short, hips thrusting back against the toy to fill more of the force of it thrusting inside of you, your words were failing you. Your eyes drifted shut and felt your stomach tighten up wanting to feel your release you kept jerking your hips downwards fucking the toy. Namjoon just hummed against you, switching the angle of the toy to press it against your spot. In a few minutes, you were cumming on the toy your hips jerking from the pleasure. Namjoon kept thrusting the toy inside of you not letting it against your spot repeatedly. He moved the bullet to press it against your clit earning a loud shout of protest from you. “Please Namjoon.” You begged gently but he wasn’t hearing it, both hands moving the toys against your clit and soaked pussy you were feeling overstimulated. Namjoon didn’t care though, it was your punishment and you were going to have to take it. Moving back from your ass he licked it again, smirking as another wave hit your body, how you crumpled and deflated against the bed he let you ride out your orgasm again and moved it from your clit sucking your essence off it. He put it down on the bed moving to grab at a row of anal beads circling them around your entrance. He slowly pushed the beads inside of you one by one each one getting bigger until he had all of them buried inside of you. He moved back watching the masterpiece in front of him. He pulled the dildo from your clit licking and sucking it clean throwing it beside you he bent down to grab at your hips turning you over to lay on your back smiling down at you. He lifted your legs upwards and placed your feet on the bed. His hands spread your legs wide pressing them down against the mattress, grabbing at a smaller vibrator he taped it against your clit turning it on max settings from the get go. Moving back, he slowly stripped himself of his shirt and his pants keeping on his boxers. He gripped at your lab coat unbuttoning it until it was open moving you to push it off of your body his hands gripped at your breast. Playing with them he jiggled them and slapped them a couple of times. Moving back, he gripped at a riding crop striking it against your stomach. He watched as the skin turned red, moving to slap it against your pussy it hit the end of the beads causing you to feel them push deeper. Back arching off of the bed you bucked your hips upwards. Namjoon grinned pressing the riding crop against your nipples he started to hit against each one of them seeing how your nipples puckered up and became hard for him. He licked his lips leaning down to enclose his lips around your pert nipples sucking on them. Letting his tongue paint your skin with his spit. A wicked flash across his features as your body tensed up and your third orgasm sucked through your body. He licked a trail over to your other breast circling his tongue around your nipples slowly biting into the flesh. Once he pulled back he put the riding crop down getting in between your legs he licked up to the toy and back down shoving his tongue inside of your wet pussy. He slurped at you shaking his head side to side curving and thrusting his tongue to taste all of you.

It was starting to hurt, the overstimulation and cumming. Your eyes were brimming with tears once again as mixed feelings swam through your body. He held your hips down not letting you move while he ate you out. Body twisting and shaking your orgasm was taking longer to build up due to the fact that you had cum already three times and he was trying to make it a forth. He curved his tongue to roll against your spot picking up the speed of his tongue to make it vibrate against your spot. He let his tongue stay in that place watching as you shifted your hips and arched harder of the bed head rolling back and cries of pleasure escaping your lips. Your voice broke, heart beating erratically as another wave of pleasure slammed into your body.

“PLEASE NAMJOON! I’M SORRY!” You knew what it was about. Telling him no. And you regretted it. Namjoon pulled back from you after he sucked up your cum and kissed at your parted thighs.

“Sorry can’t fix everything.” He reminded you as he freed his dick from the confines of his boxers. Crawling on the bed he moved until he was straddling your chest, not sitting on you he let his knees dig into the mattress. One hand gripping at your hair and the other on the bed he tilted his head. “No will I have to make you use your pretty little mouth?” He asked letting his dick tap against your bottom lip the tip smearing precum against them. Shaking your head, you opened your mouth slowly for him letting your tongue roll against the head of his heated shaft. Moaning lowly, he lurched his hips forward burying his dick inside of your mouth. He thrust his hips forward, letting his balls smack your chin every time he entered into your mouth. His head rolling back, he moaned lowly enjoying the feel of your wet tongue sliding up and down against his hardened flesh. He moved to let his hand pinch at your nose instead cutting your air off he slammed his dick faster going as deep into your throat as he could. He watched you not letting you or letting you breathe. When your eyes started to get low he slid his dick into your mouth holding it at the back of your throat feeling you squeeze around him. Enjoying the sensation, he repeated it three slow times, you could feel your oxygen leave your body and the light-headed feeling was creeping up your bones until your vision was blacking out.

Namjoon released you, your ears popping as he pulled back to let you breathe before you passed out. You coughed and joked, not seeing much but tiny little bursts of color. Namjoon growled at the sight before him, his hand fisting his dick he stroked his large member until he was releasing his cum over your face. Against your lips and over your forehead and cheeks trying to avoid getting it into your eyes. His thick ropes painted your face white with his cum. Namjoon picked you up, moving to lay on the bed he spread his legs wide pressing you down against him. You were coming around once again looking around you growled slightly.

“You expect me to ride your dick with cum on my face?” You asked and nodded his head picking you up by your hips. His still erected dick was pressing at your entrance.

“I could always go back to the toys.” He mused out. Without hesitation, you were pushing your hips down burying him deep inside of you. Head rolling forward you slammed yourself down onto him. Not taking the pace slow because who were you kidding you liked to have him buried deep inside of you. Hips snapping down against his as he thrust up into you, your walls tightened around his shaft feeling the sting of him stretching out your pussy. Your groans and pants could be heard out of the room, the air turning thicker the heat radiating off of both of your bodies together. Namjoon felt his balls tightening up because he needed release, looking down at your plump cheeks that jiggled every time his hips met your ass he was a wreck full of lust and need the words from the paddle showing up faintly on your skin that was still bright and agitated. Namjoon gripped at your hips slamming you down more than letting you take the pace at your own speed. Your bound hands behind your back rested against his lower stomach as you wound your hips down against him. He shifted his hips ever so slightly pulling all the way out only to slam you down on his shaft. You were crying out his name, your voice breaking and becoming softer from how hoarse you were. Namjoon breathlessly chuckled, watching as you lost yourself for him his hand moving to slowly pull the beads from you one by one until none were left. You didn’t even need to touch yourself he was ruining you just fine by fucking you. Your breast bounced harshly from the impact of his hips against your ass the soreness of the paddle coming back.

“Daddy may I cum please?” You asked softly and Namjoon hummed in approval not speaking because he himself was on the verge of releasing.

Once he gave you the permission you nodded your head letting your orgasm consume you. Not even having the strength to yell you released a quiet whimper as your stomach clenched, your pussy throbbing as you released once more for him.

“Y/N.. Shit.” Namjoon groaned as he held you down cumming inside of your sore pussy. He rolled his hips gently, the cum sliding down from your entrance. Namjoon pulled you back to him, his arm wrapping around your waist as he kissed up your skin tiredly. The moment was quiet, both of your heart rates going back down to normal. Smiling at yourself you were proud that everything turned out well until the door pushed open.

“Well well. It seems neither of you could have waited for me.” Hoseok accused crossing his hands over his chest as he watched you both.

“It was Namjoon’s fault.” You immediately blurted feeling your insides drop.

“Oh really?” Namjoon questioned pushing his dick deep inside of you causing you to moan out and nod your head. “You little slut.” Namjoon growled pulling out of you. You wiggled trying to get free, and Namjoon got off the bed going to wipe himself clean. Once he was done he stood by Hoseok who looked down at you a disapproving frown etched on his features.

“We will think about your punishment.”

“What do you mean we! He fucked me!” You cried out in protest.

“You touched yourself first. That’s your punishment. Not that he fucked you, we both expected that. But you know the rules about self-pleasure around here.” Hoseok turned to walk away with Namjoon winking at you following him.

“At least untie me! Please daddy.” You pouted jutting out your lower lip. Namjoon looked up at Hoseok and he looked at you.

“No. You have been a bad girl, you need to stay there and think about what you’ve done princess.” And like that you were left alone in the middle of the bed, your fate lying in the hands of two very dominate men.

medical!seungcheol au

Originally posted by caramelgyu

req by anon:  hi can i ask for a any medical!seventeen au?? like it can be with any member or maybe college seventeen majoring in those medical fields? i dont really know but any medical!svt would be really appreciated! i love your works, keep it up!

so i went ahead and randomized all members’ names, and coups was the first one to pop out, hope you like this! i went w hospital!svt bc i noticed i do a lot of college au stuff lmao SO THIS WAS BASICALLY THE 2ND THING I HAD WRITTEN FOR THAT MEDICAL!AU N DONT WORRY @ THAT ONE PERSON WHO SENT IT I SAW UR REQ!! (i just had this written b4 u sent it in but i was working on it earlier!)

word count: 1.3k

  • studying for your bachelor’s in medicine, one of the last things you needed was either an internship or volunteer work at a certain hospital*
  • you had a few other friends who were also studying in that major in college, but most of the hospitals really had no room for learning assistants
  • however, you were friends with joshua, who was currently studying in pediatrics
  • he gave you the recommendation and that’s how you eventually ended up as an assistant at the same hospital
  • your main interest of work was sports medicine, and when you showed up the first day, you were given a slip of paper with the doctor who you’d be assisting’s name on it
  • of course, you ended up getting lost around the hospital
  • not only that but you had no idea where joshua was so you couldn’t ask for help
  • anyone that passed by you always seemed busy or unfriendly and you didn’t want to ask if they knew who this was
  • but eventually you built up the courage and stopped the first doctor-looking person who was passing through the hallway
  • “um.. excuse me! i’m looking for a dr. choi seungcheol, can you help me find him?”
  • the man stared at you for a few moments, before breaking out into a grin
  • “you must be my new assistant! i’m doctor choi, it’s nice to meet you!”
  • you walked through the hallways of the hospital with doctor choi, and you had to admit, he was extremely good looking
  • he did little mini introductions of everyone else, pointing out them out and what they did
  • “that’s dr. kim mingyu over there, and he works in pediatrics. over to your right is dr. xu minghao, and he works in speech therapy.”
  • he mentioned a lot more names that you were sure you wouldn’t remember later but you at least tried to remember the routes around the hospital
  • in another building was where most of the doctors’ offices resided, and you saw other physicians, some in and out of their offices, speaking idly with others
  • another boy with lighter, golden hair ran up to both you and seungcheol, waving
  • “morning, hansol! this is my new assistant, y/n”
  • you bowed, introducing yourself
  • hansol also bowed and you noticed how young a lot of the doctors here appeared “nice to meet you! i’m choi hansol, and i’m the only other ‘choi’ here, but i work in physical therapy”
  • “most of the patients we’ll have will go to him or one of the other physical therapists after,” seungcheol explained
  • after your first week at the hospital, you got to know a lot of the other physicians there, and even met with joshua a few times
  • when not seeing a patient (which was rare for you and seungcheol), seungcheol normally had you run simple errands while he filled out paperwork
  • a lot of the patients you met had joint injuries, and a lot of them were, as expected, due to sports or exercises
  • it was rare when you ever met a patient who was younger than 14, but seungcheol always commended you on your patience with them
  • while doing errands one day, you passed by jihoon, a neurosurgeon 
  • “morning, jihoon! happy friday!”
  • jihoon snorted “so optimistic, even early in the mornings. no wonder cheol likes you so much.”
  • you were like ??????? wait i heard that
  • jihoon waved it off “ask jeonghan about it”
  • you ran off to go do exactly that, and jihoon smirked as the plan seemed to be going well
  • jeonghan was another one of the physical therapists, but since it was early, you chose not to bother them as they most likely had patients
  • however, you ran into hansol in the hallway
  • “good morning, hansol! running late?”
  • he chuckled, nodding “kind of have an 8:15 appointment that i’ll be late to tend to if i’m not there in 10. you looking for someone?”
  • you nodded, stating that you were looking for jeonghan, who unfortunately, was booked until 3:45
  • “you should probably go see jun in imaging.”
  • and so, there you went, on a wild goose chase, looking for different people who were all either busy or somewhere else
  • after looking for the twelfth person, you heard your name called over the speaker “y/n to sports medicine, your 11:45 appointment is here”
  • sighing, you figured you’d put it off until later
  • you chose not to speak about it to seungcheol until after the day was over and it made things awkward for you while looking at patients
  • going for the last appointment of your day, you noticed that seungcheol had apparently left this one for you to treat alone
  • not like you hated doing it, as it gave you a one-on-one meeting with the patients
  • and this was a follow up, with a 10 year-old girl named seolhee, who was returning for checks on her arm, which had broken from gymnastics
  • you did everything necessary, examining her x-rays
  • seungcheol never walked through the door, which you felt was odd
  • however, seolhee just seemed to need a paper signed for school, so you nodded, inspecting her arm once more
  • “doctor y/n!!” seolhee yelled, gaining your attention quickly
  • u were surprised bc normally she’s really quiet n attentive
  • “does it hurt somewhere? did that hurt?”
  • she shakes her head
  • “i wanted to ask you a question”
  • you blinked, “oh okay, what is it?”
  • “do you like the last name choi?”
  • that was kind of a weird question
  • u were like ????
  • you checked, and you knew that wasn’t seolhee’s last name so you were kind of like “??? why do you ask that?”
  • “because doctor choi said he might wanna give you it someday”
  • you were like uMMM????? WHAT wHAT iS GOING ON
  • u see seungcheol kind of crash through the door, seolhee giggling in the process
  • he’s a little flustered, but he fixes his lab coat anyways, running a hand through his hair
  • “did you do it?” he asks seolhee
  • with a mischievous grin, she nods
  • “so what do you think?” he turns to you, suddenly looking a little embarrassed
  • “of giving me your last name????”
  • seungcheol blinks at you for a few seconds, then turns to the little ten year old, who is happily humming
  • “what did you tell her?”
  • “the last name thing”
  • he manages to explain himself, even if his explanation is a little…. messy
  • in the middle of his rambling, you stop him, putting a finger to his lips
  • this looks a little awkward just cause you’re a little shorter than him (and even if you’re not it still looks awkward cause he almost got your finger stuck in his mouth)
  • he makes a confused noise, and u can now see the exact shade of beet red that he has turned
  • wonderful
  • anyway you stare at him for a few seconds, a little embarrassed yourself
  • “did you really send me to go see several different people just to tell me you liked me?”
  • he stares down at the floor, nodding in half-shame and embarrassment
  • “well, okay.”
  • “okay what?”
  • “um, we’ll go on a date.”
  • “i didn’t even ask yet”
  • you stared bizarrely at each other for about 10 seconds until seolhee cleared her throat, and the both of you turned to look at her
  • “can I get my paper signed now please?”
  • the two of you sent seolhee on her way back to her mother, and the ten year-old continued to giggle about how her favorite doctors liked each other
  • both you and seungcheol walked out hand-in-hand, jun wolf whistling at the both of you as you walked by
  • “who do u think x-rayed her arM”
  • laughing at your antics, seungcheol wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he walked you through the hallways of the hospital

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pleasee write nb!alex in college, like could they meet maggie in college too? also just as a personal preference cause I love the idea could alex have a really cool undercut? wow I love your writing and college nb!alex would be amazing

It’ll all be okay next term.

Next term, when Kara comes to school with them, when Kara will be a freshman.

Because Eliza is always talking about Alex needing to take care of Kara, and Alex is always thinking of taking care of Kara.

But it’s been a while since they’ve realized how much Kara takes care of them, too, without even meaning to.

Because the phone calls and the FaceTime sessions aren’t enough.

Especially now.

Especially now with their new undercut – it took a couple anti-anxiety meds to actually go through with it, because you’re already underperforming in your coursework, Alexandra, and now you’re distracting yourself further with ridiculous haircuts? – and especially now with the binder they’d saved for all of fall term to be able to afford.

The binder that finally helps them be able to wear henleys, because the damn shirts never fell right on their body before. The binder that will undoubtedly draw cries of protest from Eliza, because oh Alexandra – or would you prefer Alexander? You know this is all so much for me to take in – your body is beautiful, and aren’t you concerned about the wear and tear with such intense compression, and what will you do when you have to spend hours in the lab and you get overheated in that thing? You are still intending to spend hours in the lab, aren’t you? Because after you failed that last test, I keep worrying that you’ll just forsake all that you’ve spent so long building for… what? Some girl? Is there a girl? God, can you let me deal with this gender stuff before bringing home a girl? Would that girl be a lesbian, anyway? Oh, Alexan – Alex – why can nothing ever be simple with you, it used to be so simple with you.

The binder that will draw protests, but hell, they’re failing a couple of classes anyway – and Eliza makes sure they can’t forget it – so why not fail at everything, right?

At least, when Alex looks in the mirror with their new binder on – their roommate Lucy had grinned like a fiend listening to Alex stumble around the bathroom, pulling it up over their legs and ass, upside down and backwards, so they could slip it up their body properly, and Lucy’s grin had only gotten bigger at Alex’s excited squeals as they tossed open the door and kept running their hands over their flattened chest, standing front ways, sideways, all ways, tossing on shirt after shirt after shirt, just to watch them finally fit properly – at least when they look in the mirror now, they see their own smile, their own tears, Lucy’s grin, hear Kara’s squeals over FaceTime, rather than Eliza’s disapproval.

“The girls are gonna love you even more than they already did, Danvers,” Lucy nudges them as the two friends sit very illegally on the ledge of their first floor dorm room, their legs hanging out of their window, a couple of feet off the ground, and Alex pffts, and Alex splutters, and Alex blushes.

But then Alex glances down at their newly-bound chest, first with excitement, first with pride, then with… panic, and they grow serious.

“But what if my mom’s right? What if the gay girls just want… well…”

“Straight up girls?”

Alex nods with tears in their eyes.

“You’re amazing, Alex. Binding or not, whatever pronouns you use. Any girl can see that a mile away. And uh… hey. Looks like that gorgeous one already has.”

Alex’s heart plummets and they try to follow Lucy’s gaze, the slight nod of her head, subtly, subtly, subtly.

And then they almost tumble right off the windowsill, because the girl Lucy’s talking about?

The girl who just parked her motorcycle in the lot across from their dorm room, all thick leather jacket and boots and denim and dimples?

That girl is the most beautiful girl Alex has ever seen, and she’s staring right at them.

Alex sends a silent thank you to the queer goddesses that Lucy’s lawyerly aspirations include a military-style commitment to fitness, because somehow, even with her much smaller frame, she manages to grab Alex subtly enough to not make it obvious, strong enough to make sure they don’t splat out of the window.

The girl notices despite Lucy’s subtlety, and she grins.

Her eyes are bright and her dimples are adorable and Lucy mutters a reminder for Alex to breathe.

“Alright there?” the girl calls, and Lucy nudges Alex in the ribs.

“Nice ride,” they call back, and Lucy sits a little straighter, proud of her friend for using… words.

The girl struts over – Alex doesn’t know how to think about her walk as anything other than a confident, almost cocky, strut, and Alex is gone, gone, gone – with a small grin still on her face, a thin backpack slung over both shoulders and her helmet still in her hand.

“You two supposed to be hanging out of your window like that?”

Alex thinks of a lot of possible responses.

You supposed to be so hot amongst unsuspecting queers?

You supposed to be riding that motorcycle on campus? You can cause an accident with how good you look on it.

You supposed to have a voice that sounds like my first kiss and a face that looks like my heaven?

They think of a lot of possible responses, but they only splutter one.

“Sure, we – I mean, no, but pfft, rules? I mean, you rode a Triumph to school, like come on, screw rules, right?”

Lucy grimaces, claps Alex on the shoulder, and swings her legs up and back into their dorm room.

“Well. Good luck with this one,” she says to Maggie with a grin. “I’m Lucy Lane, and their name – if they never get around to telling you – is Alex Danvers. Feel free to stop by any time…”

“Maggie Sawyer,” the girl answers, but her eyes are on Alex’s face, which has gone pale since Lucy used their proper pronouns to introduce them to this gorgeous girl, since Maggie’s eyes traced slowly up and down Alex’s body, taking in their undercut, their flat chest, their boy jeans, their black, short-sleeved henley.

“Well. You kids have fun,” Lucy claps Alex’s shoulder again, and Alex thinks about asking her – begging her – to stay, but Lucy’s hopped back inside before Alex can form words.

“So, college has you so busy that you’re window hanging, Danvers?” the new girl teases. Maggie. Maggie Sawyer.

Alex rolls the name around in their mind, on their tongue, and decide they love it.

They shrug. “I’m usually in the lab.” They point haphazardly in the direction of one of the science buildings. “But I uh… I’ve had a lot going on lately, depression and whatever, and my mom’s been ragging on me more than usual, so I haven’t been doing so great in classes, so they gave me time off from the lab to fix my grades and – shit, I’m sorry, I… I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”

“They tend to ramble in front of cute girls, Sawyer!” Lucy shouts from inside their living room, and Alex nearly leans in to take a swipe at her, but Maggie just grins.

“They’re lucky I find rambling charming, then,” Maggie calls back with a tilted head and a bright smile.

She used my pronouns. She used my pronouns. She used my pronouns and she’s smiling at me like maybe she can like me and holy shit, is she – she is – oh shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck I’m gonna either kill Lucy or get her a car or something as a thank you…

Because Maggie is swinging her backpack off her back and gingerly placing her helmet on top of it on the ground, and she’s arching an eyebrow.

“Want some company up there, Danvers?” she asks, holding up a hand, and Alex gulps, and Alex leans down to grasp it.

They both inhale sharply at the other’s touch, at the strength in the other’s grip. At the spark, the heat, that shoots through both of their bodies on contact.

Alex tugs her up easily, and Maggie situates herself next to them on the window ledge.

“So your parents have hella painful expectations of you too, huh?” she asks, her voice deliberately light.

“Just my mom. My dad, he uh… plane crash.”

“Oh shit, Danvers, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to – “

“No. No, it’s okay. Your parents too? Expectations?”

Maggie grins wryly and studies their fingernails. “It’s whatever. But hey – looks like you got yourself a nice roommate.”

“Damn right they do!”

“Oh my god, Lucy!”

“What, am I cramping your non-existent style, Al?”

Alex groans but Maggie just laughs. “She looks out for you,” she says softly after a few moments, like it’s hard for her to believe that people have relationships like that. Friendships like that. Family like that.

Like it’s a foreign concept to her.

Alex runs their hand over the side of their head that’s shaved, and bites the inside of their cheek.

“Do you not? Have people who look out for you?”

Maggie just shrugs. “I’m new here. New to… cities, generally.”

Alex studies her for a moment. “Welcome, then, Maggie Sawyer. Consider yourself looked out for.” They hold out their hand, and Maggie looks wary, like touching them again will catapult her into a world she’s scared to go, terrified to trust, petrified to hope for.

But Alex’s face is kind, and it’s open, and damn, it’s cute as hell.

And cute queers always were Maggie’s weakness.

Or, now, maybe… her hope.

She takes Alex’s hand, and shakes it, and she watches Alex groan good-naturedly when Lucy whoops from inside their living room.

“Can you get your own life?!” Alex calls back inside, not bothering to take their hand from Maggie’s.

“Not when yours is so straight out of a movie!”

Alex blushes and Maggie beams and Alex thinks, for once, that maybe, if this is part of their life movie, that they’re not such a failure after all.

Writer’s Block 4.1

So I’m taking a different approach to finishing this story. Instead of writing a monster chapter, it’s easier for me to do chunks of it at the moment. I’ll post every 2000 words here, and when it’s complete I’ll post it as one continuous chapter on the archives. Just seems easier for me. Hope you like this one! 4.2 isn’t far behind… Let me know what you think!

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What the fuck am I reading? I toss the book aside and try to forget about the alien species commingling with human women as they take over the world with their disappearing magic lube, never-ending sexual appetite and nanocytes that heal the bruises they leave behind from their love-making. If it can be called that.

None of that garbage is going to help me write the next scene. The scene. The one I have zero experience with. Every time I sit down to write it I get nervous and edgy. But I need something written down that at least Peeta can make changes to. He won’t be much help to me this week since he’s busy finishing up an art project that’s due at the same time. I told him not to worry, that I would wrap things up on this end so he could focus elsewhere.

Keep reading

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AHHHH THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE i should be doing my chem prelab and yet

you heard a loud smack! echo throughout the gym. pausing in your spot, you scanned the room on autopilot, as did everyone else after hearing the sound. you saw peter parker standing there, rubbing his nose, and when he turned you could make out a red mark, presumably from where a dodgeball had made contact.

you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, making eye contact with peter right as it happened. he looked shocked, his eyes wide and his nose starting to drip blood. it sobered you up a little, your smile starting to waver, but then peter smiled widely, ducking his head sheepishly.

you bit back a wider smile, looking away from him and wondering why your cheeks were suddenly feeling so hot to the touch.

Accused. (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Steve Rogers x Reader (Requested by @createdbytinyaddiction)
Request: Hey! could you write out a Steve Rogers x Reader where Steve thinks the reader is cheating on him because she is spending time with Tony and screams at her and is completely and is just moments away from breaking up and the reader is already crying showing him a little Photoalbum she made for him asking Tony to find all the old pictures of Steve and Steve is completely sorry apologizing and just huge fluff of calming the reader down and lots of love? :)

Note: My second Steve Rogers request! This one was interesting to write. I’ve never dated, so I don’t know what it’s like to feel like you were cheated on, but I think I got this. 

Other note: Don’t ever cheat on anybody, please. Cheating has broken up and destroyed families, and sometimes end up in murder. Don’t get into a relationship or marry if you think you’re ever going to cheat. Writing this has actually gotten me mad when writing this, and it has a lot of angst and anger that you can even feel it as you read this story from your screen. So please don’t ever cheat or flirt with others if you’re married/in a relationship.

Other other note: I can’t for the life of me see Steve scream at anybody, other than in the MCU, but that wasn’t even him screaming in the slightest, and that’s what I imagine when I read “XXX screams at XXX for XXX”, you know?

For the last few weeks you and Tony have been spending together in the lab doing some experiments together, seeing what you guys can invent in a certain, and who’s invention can destroy who. It’s pretty fun, considering your boyfriend, the amazing Captain America, Steve Rogers isn’t  appreciating the time you’re spending with the billionaire Stark.

You take your goggles off from your eyes, and looked at the dirty Stark, as his invention blew up in his face, blackening his face, leaving you laughing. “Looks like I win again, Stark. Face it, I can make better inventions than you.” You quipped at him, smirking that well-known smirk that everybody loves so much, making him sigh in defeat. “Yea, yea, Y/N. There’s no chance in Hell I am going to say that. You know I’m way better than you.” He replied, taking his goggles off, showing his eyes, and white parts of his face where the goggles where placed on his face.

You laughed, punching him in the arm. “Oh yea, did you get everything I asked for? It’s almost the fourth of July, and I want to make this a perfect gift for him.” He smiled proudly, puffing his chest out in victory. “Yep, now you just need to put it together.” He pointed out, giving you a brown package. “I will. It’s tomorrow, so I can put this together tonight, and give it to him.” “He’ll love it, Kid.” He smiled at you, and you laughed. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.”

While you and Tony were talking, Steve went to the lab to get you so you both can hang out, and watch a film together, and he hear’s you and Tony laughing. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate all for this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.” He wondered what you two were doing, and walked into the lab. “Hey, Y/N. Whatcha guys up to?” You quickly hide the brown package behind your back, and moved away from Tony, causing suspension between you two. “Nothing, Stevie! We were just finishing up for the day.” You smiled at him, and ran past him, but he grabbed your arm, stopping you in your tracks. “What’s wrong baby?” You asked him innocently, gazing up at his sky blue eyes. “Tony, may you please leave? I need to talk to Y/N…” You gulp, and Tony nods respectfully, walking pass you two, and grabbed the brown package out from your hands before leaving, “Got it, Cap. Don’t touch my stuff.” He doesn’t move his gaze away from you, “Thanks.” His voice was lace with anger, and Tony leaves the lab, leaving you two alone.

“What’s-” “What was that?” You looked at him with a confused look, not understanding what he’s talking about. “I don’t follow, Stevie. What-” He cuts you off again, holding your arm tightly, but not tight enough to snap it in two. “What did he give you that you had to hide it from me? And you two are actually getting a little bit close for comfort.” You were taken aback, is he getting jealous cause you’re working and hanging out with Tony more than him? “Stevie, we’re-” “You’re what? "Just friends”? I see how you two look at each other, Y/N. I can’t believe this! I trusted you, Y/N! And you’re going to take me for a fool! Or was it to say that you dated or were dating Captain America?“

You were on the verge of tears, stumbling over your words, "Stevie… I’d never cheat on you… We… We…” “I don’t want to hear it Y/N!” You whimpered, and broke out of his grip, running out of the lab, sobbing in your hands as you pass Tony, running to your room, making Natasha notice, and motioned Wanda to come and follow her to comfort you. “Steve’s fucked up this time…” Natasha mumbled under her breath, walking into your room. “Oh, my god, Steve. What the Hell did you do this time?” Tony grumbled under his breath as he walks into the lab with a little package with red, white, and blue coloured stars on the wrapping paper.

“Ok, Capsicle. What the Hell did you do?” Tony snapped at the super soldier, putting the little package on the table next to him. “She’s cheating on me with YOU, Tony!” Steve snarled, groaning in frustration, running his hands in his blonde hair. “You guys are always spending time with each other even if it’s not work related! And what did you give her? What was in that brown package?” “Calm down, Steve. Y/N is not cheating on you with me. She’s a lucky catch you got there. And I won’t go near her that way. And of course we hang out more than you two do, it’s our job. We’re inventors, we build shit, and sell it for money. It’s what we do, and we use the failed projects to fight against each other to see who’s more of a failed project. Or to piss of Banner when he’s in here with us. But she is not cheating on you!”

He looked at Tony with a surprised look, “What’s with the package then?” He asked annoyed, pointing to the package on the table by Tony, assuming that’s the same package. Tony let’s out a deep sigh in annoyance, “For being 99 years old, you are so clueless on how woman work, and what a surprise is. But if you want it, the take it.” He hands Steve the decorative package, and he opens it up carefully to reveal a leather-back photo album. “She was going to give it to you tomorrow, but since you insist, that’s your birthday present from her to you.” He opens the photo album, and sees photos of him when he was in the army; a few with Bucky before the fall, Peggy before he left to face Red Skull, and a few others with him and other comrades he used to fight with, and before he was given the serum. He brushed his finger on the picture of himself when he was tiny and unable to go into the army, almost tearing up from the past memories.

“Oh, my god… What did I do?” “You broke her heart, that’s what you did. Go to her and make things up, I’ll get you back for accusing me later.” He stated, crossing his arms at Steve, shooing him away from the lab. “Go fix things up with her. She must be devastated right now.” He nods at Tony, and leaves the lab, making his way up to your room, holding the photo album in his hands. Bucky sighed, shaking his head at Steve, “Good luck, she’s crying and in her room… Nat and Wanda are in her room comforting her… Try not to piss them both off… You know how they are when it comes to Y/N…” He nods in agreement, and walked to your room, knocking softly.

“I’ll get it. Don’t get up, Y/N…” Wanda’s voice was heard on the other side of the door, and he steps away from the door, knowing she won’t be welcoming once she know’s it’s him. “Yes?- Oh, it’s the captain, Y/N…” “Don’t let him in, Wanda… He needs to leave her alone…” Natasha implored to Wanda, and he puts his foot by the panel to keep it open if she slams the door in his face. “Please, I need to talk to her…” “So you can break her heart again? No thanks, Rogers.” Natasha snapped again at him, holding you tightly in her arms, as you sniffled in her arms. Your voice was rasp and quiet when you spoke up, “I’m fine, Nat… Let him in, Wanda… I want to talk to him in private… I got this…” She gives you a protective but understanding look, before asking if you’re sure, and if you’ll be ok with him by yourself. You nod, giving her hand a tight squeeze in reassurance before she gets up, and leaves the room, Wanda following suit, and left you and Steve along in your room.

He closed the door, and holds out the photo album you and Tony made. “I am so sorry for being an arsehole to you, Y/N…” You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red from crying too much, holding the little Captain America stuffed bear Bucky gave to you as a joke. “I wasn’t cheating on you, Steve… I would never do that… I love you too much to do that… But you really did hurt me…” He sighs lowly, scratching his head, “I know, Y/N… I am so sorry for that…” He walks to you, siting on the edge of your bed, “I guess…” He gets closer to you, pulling you into his strong arm, and you leaned back into his body. “I love the present, Y/N… Thank you… I am so sorry…” He strokes your hair softly, making you tired from stress of today’s events. “I forgive you, Stevie…” He sighs in content, squeezing your free hand with his free hand, “How did you get those photos of me?” You giggled, and looked up at him, smiling warmly. “Tony found them… Howard had left the photos from when he was in the army with you…” He smiles, laughing from the old memories, shaking his head. “Good ol’ Howard… Such a ladies man..” “So are you, Steve Rogers…” You pulled him into a kiss, and he melt into the kiss. “Happy Birthday, Baby…”

Thank you @createdbytinyaddiction for giving me this request to write out! I posted it today, cause it’s in the same settings as today, and it is Steve’s 99th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Steve Rogers! -Moose

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Friends ➵ to More Than Friends. Barry Allen x Reader

Pairing(s): Barry Allen x Reader
Note: I’m going to base this off the Arrowverse, which means this will be Grant Gustin’s Barry, but I can so totally do Ezra’s if someone would like.
Grant plays such a great Barry, I truly enjoy watching the show.
This imagine is going to be filled with fluff and angst but it’ll be a happy ending.
Bold writing will be Barry and Italics will be reader
I’m planning on filling everyone with happiness then later dropping some sad ones.
Word Count: 926
Summary: You and Barry have always been close since the day you two met. You have always had a crush on him, but everyone knows he loves Iris. Will your crush on Barry ruin your friendship or will it become something more?
Working at Star Labs was something you were happy doing. You enjoyed being surrounded by amazing technology and having the ability to do so many things with it. So the day Dr. Wells came up with the particle accelerator you were kind of excited. This was going to be the biggest project that you were going to work on. Your best friends, Cisco, Caitlin and Ronnie, were all up for this new project. Unfortunately, when the explosion happened you were slightly disappointed in yourself for the failure it was, considering you helped build it. You were also really heartbroken due to losing one of your closest friends, Ronnie. You helped Caitlin with anything as much as you could, you know how tough it is to lose a loved one. Cisco, Caitlin and you all decided to stay with Dr. Wells and help fix up Star Labs.
    Though, one day you walked into work to see an unconscious man in the medical area. When you first saw him, you thought he was cute. It’s kind of strange isn’t it? Having a small crush on a guy who’s in a coma, you just assumed it was a crush because he was cute. You didn’t know him, for all you know he was probably a jerk. You all tried your best to keep the guy, who you found out to be Barry Allen, alive and healthy.
   Months later Barry woke up. His awakening caused many questions. Everyone helped explain why he was in Star Labs, but after the explanation he ran out and you thought you would never see him again. So when he came back telling everyone he can run extremely fast, you were excited to see what he meant and maybe because of that small crush you harbored. Now to say you were impressed was an understatement. You never thought the impossible would ever be possible, but here’s Barry proving that it’s possible. Having Barry around started to make you enjoy working at Star Labs again. You’ll never forget your friends that you’ve lost, but being friends with Barry has brought you happiness.
    You have grown extremely close to Barry and you guys are the best of friends. You were there when he found out about his long time crush, Iris West, being with Eddie Thawne. The look of heartbreak made you sad, but you knew that you had to cheer him up. That’s best friends duties after all. Throughout that day you took Barry to Big Belly Burgers, watched a movie and later helped him, along with the team, stop a new metahuman. What you didn’t know was that every little gesture you made, Barry began to slowly fall for you.
    At first he assumed it was just him wanting and trying to move on from Iris, but every time you were with him laughing, smiling, speaking and just being there helped him realize that it was so much more than trying to move on. He was actually falling for you. He knew that he had to tell you before it’s too late, however, he still had that fear of rejection.

-”This is your chance Barry. You need to be obvious.”

Hey y/n. Can we talk?
Hey Barry. What’s up?
We have been such great friends ever since I woke up and it really means alot to me-
Are you talking to me to tell me how much you appreciate my friendship?
Yes and no. I wasn’t done yet, so please don’t interrupt me.
Sorry. Continue.
Thanks um… well ehm, we’ve been hanging out together a lot recently and I have been realizing some feelings and they’re really strong feelings. So what I’m trying to say is that I love you.
Barry. You don’t love me. You’ll never love me. It will always be Iris!
You can’t tell me what my feelings are! What do you want from me?!
Just be honest with me! You don’t love me, you just think you do since Iris is with Eddie!
Keep talking all you want but you can’t deny that you want me as much as I want you

In the heat of the argument you haven’t realized how close Barry had gotten.
- “he’s really close… no way that he actually means any of this. Right?”-

Stop. Just listen to me. Every day that I’m with you is the best day of my life. You care about me and will do anything to make sure I’m happy. Hanging out with you helped me realize that the reason I get excited that you’re around is because I love you. The reason my heart races when you gently touch my arm or hug me is because I love you. When I wake up, I get so excited to be with you again and just be able to hear you laugh and talk. I love you. Iris is in the past. I want you, I want us, not Iris.

With that said Barry finally decided it was time to close the distance between you two. When Barry’s lips found yours, you were shocked at first but once you realized what was happening you gave in and kissed him back. This was something that you have thought about before and now it’s really happening.

I love you.
I know

As Barry was leaning in, you couldn’t help the little chuckle that fell off your lips.

Did you just quote Star Wars?
I love that.

Barry let a small chuckle before he pulled you in for another kiss.

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zack addy + flirting (or trying to at least)

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“We’ve got a case.” Hodgins knocked on Dr. Brennan’s door. 

“Come with me, Ms. Y/L/N.” She led you out. “I’m very pleased with your work so far and very happy that you could come in today.” 

“It’s an honor, Dr. Brennan.” You smiled and followed her. 

“Oh, Ms. Y/L/N,” Zack fixed his lab coat, “it’s nice to have you back.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Addy. It’s a pleasure as always.” You smiled at him innocently. 

“Dr. Addy and Ms. Y/L/N, you may begin cleaning the bones now.” Dr. Brennan pulled off her latex gloves and exited the platform. 

“Centuries ago, prostitution was seen as a reputable profession for women.” Zack looked down at the victim as he said this. This was not the type of conversation he really wanted to have with you. He knew that this was not how people talked socially to someone they were attracted to.

“Do you know where the term ‘hooker’ comes from?” You raised an eyebrow.

Zack simply shook his head. 

“A souther general during the Civil War was named Joseph Hooker. He moved from town to town, pillaging and taking anything he wanted, him and his band of merry men. A group of women would constantly follow them. Soon enough, they began to call them Hooker’s, as in Hooker’s girls. Slowly, it simply turned into a euphemism for a working girl.” You looked up at him to gage his reaction. 

“That’s fascinating.” Zack’s eyes sparkled. You could swear it. 

Something inside him clicked. He knew that you were trying to meet him halfway and that his awkwardness and trepidation didn’t frighten you. 

“Thank you.” You nodded and chuckled. 

“Do you know a lot about the Civil War?” He cleared his throat. 

“I do. You should come by some time and see my collection.” 

“I’d like that.” He was beaming. “Maybe, we could, uh, get something to eat first?” 

You could tell he was nervous. “I’d like that a lot.” 

I think my nerd was showing on this one. I know some weird facts sometimes. Thanks for welcoming them! 

Thanks for requesting! XOXOXO

Artificial Intelligence Part One

Triggers: None

Word Count: 1,423

Based Off Of: What-even-is-thiss’s post

 This as actually pretty hard to write! I’ve been pretty distracted by my schoolwork lately! Either way I hope you like it!

Logan had been working his whole life to get to this point. It had been his dream to make the perfect android for as long as he could remember. Now that dream had become reality..or at least, he hoped it would. On a metal table in front of him lied a robot so realistic it could have been mistaken for a human corpse. He couldn’t wait to try to turn it on, but he knew that he still had one thing to do. It wasn’t anything big, thank god. He just needed to look over his work and the blueprints, to make sure when he turned the android on it wouldn’t malfunction.

He had tried on two other occasions to make androids, each with a different design and a different purpose, each one a failure. The first one he called R0M4N, he had been too eager to turn it on and didn’t realize he had made a mistake in the wiring, resulting in the android exploding. The explosion had practically destroyed most of his equipment, and he had received some injuries himself. Logan had to fix his lab and heal before he could attempt it again.

The second time he called V1RG1L, he hadn’t gotten as far as he did with R0M4N with this one.  A virus had corrupted its coding beyond repair, he had tried to fix it but it hadn’t worked. He ended up keeping the old model though, even if he knew it would probably never work he thought if he managed to succeed the third time, then he would go back to V1RG1L to try again.

This time he had made sure he had done everything right. He was more cautious than before, checking and rechecking everything he did. He, he needed to get this right! If he failed this time then he doubted he would continue with another android. After all, his parents had always thought that he was wasting his life away on these ‘silly projects’ as they called them. And to be honest.. Logan was starting to believe them. But he had promised himself after the second failure that he would at least try one more time.

Logan looked over the blueprints he had made one more time before setting them down on a smaller table, only to pick up his notebook. He had logged every single thing he did each day so he would be able to be absolutely sure that this went over perfectly. He flipped through the pages of the book, eventually setting that down as well. His excitement only grew with every minute he grew closer to turning the android on.

After he was done going over everything he walked back over to the table, lifting up the machine so it was as if he was sitting so he could get to the switch on the back of its neck. Logan knew he did everything he possibly could to get it right, so naturally he was hopeful that this would work. He took a deep breath before he switched on the machine.

Logan stepped back from the machine, waiting for a moment before frowning. Did something go wrong? Did he make another mistake? Those thoughts were shut down when the eyes opened. It worked! Logan couldn’t help but grin, after so many mistakes, and two complete failures he had finally got it right!

“Hello! I am P47T0N! But you can call me Patton!” The android spoke with a remarkably human voice. Logan was incredibly proud of himself, so much so that he had actually wanted to hug it. He stared it down in pure awe. He had put everything he possibly could into this machine and more. He had done everything he possibly could to make sure it would work and yet he still couldn’t believe it. “You work..” He spoke, awe filling his voice. “You actually work!”

Excitement lit up his eyes, his weak attempt to keep himself from embracing the android failing and he ended up pulling it close. The android-Patton, blinked and quickly returned the embrace. Patton was clearly confused about the situation, but definitely enjoyed it. It was understandable that it was confused, after all, it had just been created. It only took a moment for Logan to collect himself, pulling back from the hug and brushing himself off as he looked over at the confused electronic. It may seem to be running perfectly, but there was still more to do.  He cleared his throat and stepped back, trying to collect his thoughts. “My apologies about that,” He spoke, “There are some tests I’m going to give you, alright? I need to make sure that you really are working fully.”

The electronic nodded, “Okay! What kinda tests?” Patton tilted his head to the side as he spoke, eyes on him. It seemed that it could mimic human emotions perfectly. Logan felt another, smaller amount of pride at that. At least he knew he got that part right.

“Well for today I plan on testing your mental skills, like your memory and intelligence.” Logan walked over to his desk, motioning for it to follow him. He waited until it was behind him before he continued, opening his computer. “I figured we would keep it simple today. You’ll be doing a memory game on my computer. Do you see the cards on the screen? Those cards will flip over to show you what they are, and they’ll stay like that for ten seconds. Then you have to match up which one matches with which. After that, then you will have less time to look the cards over.” he explained the instructions as it sat down in a chair, “Alright! I can do that!” Logan moved the computer over and pressed start.

Logan timed how long it took him to get them all right, the first time it took Patton eleven seconds to match them all up, with no mistakes. In the second round it only had eight seconds to be able to see the cards, and that time it took it twenty seconds. The time wasn’t ideal, but the lack of mistakes were good. However, the third time it only had six seconds to be able to look at the cards, it took Patton a full minute with one mistake.

Alright, so he must have made a minor mistake with some of the memory, after all, he had made Patton with the purpose of helping him with work, he had had the intention of making it so it would only be a matter of seconds before everything was solved correctly. However, it was still a minor mistake. So he convinced himself that it would be fine.

The other tests ended up pretty much the same as the first, it clearly had no problem with the easier puzzles, but the harder they got, the longer it took and more mistakes were made. By the third test, the android seemed to be getting frustrated, and it was getting late, so Logan set down the clipboard that he had been using to record the results and walked over. “Lets call it a night, shall we?” He questioned, Patton perked up at that and nodded. “Alright! That sounds good to me!”

 Logan walked over to a charging cable he had set up, picking it up off the counter. “Okay then, come on. Let’s plug you in for the night.”  It walked over, with a smile, hopping up onto the table. “Are we going to do more testing tomorrow?”

Logan nodded, “Yes, tomorrow I plan on testing your physical abilities.” The android hummed out a response, “Okay! It won’t take that long, will it?” He shrugged, “I don’t know for sure, but it most likely won’t take too long. Let’s plug you in for now. I’ll get you up in the morning.”

“Alright then! Night!” It spoke as Logan plugged it in, he turned around and moved back over, a small smile on his lips before he turned it off. “Good night, Patton.” He watched as the android’s body slumped forward, Logan caught him and laid him back on the table. Patton worked, it was the farthest he had ever gotten to making the perfect android. Even with the mistakes Patton had made in the testing, he was still excited with today’s work. Logan looked back into the room fondly one last time before he shut off the lights and headed down the hall to his bedroom to get some well deserved rest.