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You're amazing. But Liara? I mean, her clothing at least, like you got Jack's perfectly? You can't have Mass Effect dedicated CCs and not include Liara, every true fan knows that c'mon give us those perfectly accurate clothes for her :P

First of all, Thank you :D Second, believe-you-me, she’s one of my top 3 characters from the Mass Effect trilogy (guess which are the other two XD), and I’ve been meaning to fix her up. She’s there though, a long-standing WIP and one the is one of the first ME characters I re-created. But when I finish clothing for ME sims, it’s usually after I’ve refined their face to a recognizable quality. She’s not quite there yet (and I need a face mask to remedy that, but that requires some painting that I haven’t had the time for), so it’ll be a bit of a wait before she’s ready, her or her clothes in an capacity. Sorry :P

Although it’s worth noting that I do have her clothing. Had it for a while actually. Hell, here’s a picture post from March of last year XD

So yeah, patience is kind of key here :3

BTS Reaction Where They Get A Boner While You Try To Get Comfortable On Their Lap

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

I hope you guys enjoy! <3

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Namjoon: “Umm could you hold up for a sec while I fix my pants”. He would panic at first but then would quickly try to fill his mind with the thought that maybe, just maybe, you didn’t feel anything but as soon as he felt you fidget a little bit as you continued to try to get comfortable, he would know then that you would definately feel something and would in a smooth way, move from under you to quickly “readjust” himself before letting you sit down again.

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Suga: “Yah don’t fidget so much”. Even though he would be nervous, he would try his ultimnate best to keep his cool and keep you from moving anymore because he knew that something was arising down below and he definately didn’t want you feeling it

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Jin: “I’d rather hold you like this”. Jin’s whole body would get hot as soon as he felt the friction from you trying to get comfortable and trying not to risk you feeling something poking you, he would gently place you next to him and wrap his arms around you, hoping that changing postions would help hide his little situation.

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Hobi: “Ah sorry Jagi but im still a little sore from practice”. He would get nervous when he felt that oh so familiar feeling in his pants, but would quickly come up with the best solution, telling you that you couldn’t sit on his lap at the moment due to his legs being too sore from dance practice, ultimately saving him.

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Jimin: “Hey Jagi if you sit like that then I won’t be able to see your beautiful face”. Jimin would nervously try to sweet talk you off of his lap, trying not to seem nervous and like he was acting strange as well making it obvious that he was trying to hide his boner.

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Taehyung: “Jagi do you wanna play a game?”. Feeling extremly nervous and struggling to find ways to hide himself, he would jump at the idea of using his hyperness to try to distract you as best as he could, most likely suggesting a game or something to just get you off of his lap.

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Kookie: “Hey I think I hear someone calling me!” His whole body would tense up as soon you even sat on his lap, let alone start moving while on it and while in panic mode, he would just jump straight up and scurry away, coming up with an excuse like he thought he heard someone calling him, giving him the chance to escape unembarrassed. 

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S<>… I’m pr<>bably n<>t g<>nna be able t<> answer asks f<>r a while (but you can still ask stuff!) , picture wise, because I’m getting my c<>mputer fixed and it sh<>uld be back t<> me in ab<>ut 2 weeks…. maybe… unless they give me a new <>ne

S<>! have these 3 little pups! Karkat, Sollux and Gamzee!
Here is a little bit ab<>ut these y<>ung <>nes
-Very shy, he’s a shy fox
-Loves cuddles and loves being held
-Unfortunately has frequent nightmares
-If he wakes up from a nightmare he’ll find the nearest person and curl up in their arms before falling back asleep
-Tail and ears are very fluffy
-If he’s angry or freaking out really badly, he’ll have to be calmed down before something goes up in blue flames

-Quite stubborn
-Loves to tie his sleeves
-If he finds something he can tie, he will tie it.
-He will make a small pillow fort if there are pillows around, that is usually where he ends up sleeping cause it’s like a cozy snake den for him
-He’s a biter, but his fangs are too dull to do any damage
-Usually if he’s upset he will throw a hissy fit ….. pfft xD… then proceed to hide in a pillow fort if he made one.

-He’s a climber
-He loves cuddles and loves being held
-If he can hug something, he will hug it
-Heavy sleeper
-Will sleep anywhere
-If he is upset he’ll just get sad and will probably sit somewhere for a while


I get asked very often how long it took me to lose weight. You know, weightloss takes quite some time but it’s soooooo worth it. It took me 3 years to go from 96kg/212lbs to 62kg/136lbs (I’m 166cm/5’5 btw😎) It was hard. I had days where I wanted to give up. But most of the time I was motivated to finally change my life and feel good about myself. And I did. And so can anyone else! Forget about the quick fixes. Eat healthy and workout a bit and the changes will come✌️❤️

This is my Christmas Special for you guys <3 Merry Christmas! ^^

Akashi:  You two were standing on the balcony, watching the night turning into dawn. He stood behind you and you could feel his warmth from his body warming you. You leaned back and rested your head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and when the first rays appeared on the clear blue sky he kissed you softly.

“Merry Christmas ______”

Aomine:  You woke up late. Looking at the clock and panicked a bit. You had to fix the Christmas dinner before the guest would arrive. But Aomine had other plans. He pulled you down. “Don’t leave the bed _____, let’s stay a bit longer.” You tried to protest. “No Daiki, it’s already late and…” he pressed his lips onto yours.

 “Merry Christmas ______”

Kuroko: You were out walking with your boyfriend and Nigou. You stopped at a hill on your walk. Looking over the sleeping city. It was early in the morning. The ground was covered in snow and crunched under your feet. Kuroko took your hand in his, giving it a small hug. 

“Merry Christmas” you two said at the same time. You two giggled at the situation. “I love Tetsu” you said and kissed him. “I love you too_____-kun” Kuroko answered and responded the kiss.

Kise: You woke up with Kise clinging onto you like a koala. You smiled. His head rested on your shoulder and his blond hair tickled your nose. You lifted both of your hands and hugged him. 
He looked up at you with a sleepy face. But even if he just woke up he looked like a model. You sighed at his perfection. “Merry Christmas ________-cchi” he said and kissed you.

Midorima:  You woke up pretty early this morning, you turned around and bumped into something or someone. You looked up. Your boyfriend was still asleep. Funny, you were always the one who had to be waken up in the mornings. You looked at his beautiful face. You bent over him, started to place kisses on his face. On his forehead down to his nose and then on his cheeks and jaw. His eyes finally fluttered open.

 “Nanodayo! What…” you silenced him with a kiss on his lips.

“Merry Christmas Shin-chan”

Murasakibara: You were already up making breakfast for you and your lazy boyfriend. You had to start early because it took so long time to prepare because Murasakibara eat a lot.

You had tried to wake him up but he just turned around continuing his sleep. You tried again but then he dragged you down in the bed.

Suddenly you felt arms tugging you in. His long hair tickled your neck.
“Merry Christmas ________-chin”

Request: Most Kickass Thing I've Seen All Day

Request: Hello lovely! I know you have a lot of requests right now but could you possibly do a den x reader fic where the reader is getting cornered by a group of drunk guys and dean is going to rescue her but she breaks one of the drunk dudes arms and seems fine while doing that but afterward she breaks down since it was actually really scary and dean helps her get through it? And they’ve known the reader for a while? Thank you so so much! You have a wonderful blog! It’s perf bae

Word Count: 785

Aw, thanksie<3 Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks for being so patient:3

Warning: Slightly threatening bit with drunk guys sorta harassing reader, but she fixes it. Nothing bad, just letting you know.

“I’m going to head out. See you later?” You prod Dean’s shoulder, drawing his attention away from the blonde before him. He nods.

“Alright, whatever.”

You roll your eyes but laugh, straightening up and heading out of the bar.

Stepping into the cool night air, your attention is immediately commanded by a hollering from your right. Sparing the group of guys a glance, you realise that the group of about six drunk guys’ attention is focused on you.

Keeping your gaze ahead, you take a breath, watching the white cloud dissipate in the cool night air and take a step forward.

“Hey, hot stuff, boyfriend stand you up?”

You spin to see one of the guys leering at you. You instinctively cross your arms over your body and turn away from them, but upon hearing footsteps coming towards you, you turn back, not wanting to be caught off guard.


“Want to come have some fun?” Another of them grins. As they surround you, you can smell the reek of alcohol.

“I’d really rather not. I’ll be going, now, if it’s all the same.”

You struggle to keep calm- they’re far bigger than you. Even with all your training….

Meanwhile, Dean leaves the bar, coming to search you out. You can’t have gone far, surely…

That’s when he sees you, well and truly cornered by these six huge, drunk guys. He watches as you fumble out an excuse, and when one of them grabs a hold of your wrist, he starts into a run.

There’s no need. You twist his arm forcefully, ripping it from the socket and hearing a crack as the bone snaps in two. He overbalances in his inebriated state, and hits the floor with a thud. His friends flounder.

“The chick’s nuts!” One of them says, and they all make a run for it, leaving their friend on the ground. You start walking away, hardening your face and forcing yourself to stop shaking.

“Y/N?” Dean asks, approaching you. “A-are you okay?”

You glance back at the man, lying on the floor and clutching his injured arm in agony, and you nod stoically.

“I’m fine.” You assure him, “Can we leave now?”

He nods, “Yeah. Yeah, of course.”

You drive home in silence and you try to keep your mind off of the panic lingering in the back of your mind. You’re still shaking, despite your efforts to stop.

When you arrive back at the bunker, you immediately head for the kitchen and pour a large glass of water. Unable to hold it in, you let a few tears fall.

“Did he hurt you?”

Dean’s voice behind you startles you, almost to the point that you drop the water. You breathe and shake your head, facing away from him.

“I’m okay.” You try to say, but it comes out as a tear-ruined, garbled string of uselessness. He sighs, walking towards you.

“No you’re not.” He states. You sigh, swallowing back a sob.

“It- it just freaked me.”

“Want to talk about it?” He asks. You laugh.

“Not really.”

“Come on. You know you can tell me anything at all.” He prompts. You turn to him, and shrug.

“I kill monsters for a living. Hell, I’ve effectively stabbed people before but this… I just… he was huge and there was no way I could stop him but I just… I didn’t think about it! I don’t know what happened!”

You place the glass on the countertop with such force that water splashes over the rim.

“I-I-” You stumble, shaking your head. “I didn’t want to hurt him! I save people, I don’t hurt them!”

He shakes his head slowly, lowering himself so he’s looking into your eyes.

“No. You’re wrong. You hurt things that pose a threat to you and those around you and that’s what you did. I would do the same. Did you even see the disadvantage you were at? He was easy double your size and you wrecked his ass!”

There’s a vaguely proud tone in his voice and you laugh softly.

“What matters is that you’re safe and every single one of those guys is going to think twice about going anywhere near anyone again. You protected even more people, yet again.”

You nod, “Thanks.” You say, your eyes on the floor. He places a finger beneath your chin and lifts it up, making you look into his eyes.

“Do you trust me?” He whispers. When you nod, he softly presses his lips to yours, a smile on his lips. When he pulls away, he grins.

“By the way, that was the most kickass thing I’ve seen all day.” He states, totally matter-of-fact, and you laugh.

“Good to know.”

The long, lean lines of your body press close against mine. One of my hands rests gently on your waist, just enough pressure to keep you near, while the other clasps your hand firmly. We breathe together as we begin.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

We’ve been practicing my wedding waltz for the last week, and though it was incredibly unnerving at first to hold you like this–so near to what I’ve wanted for so long–the awkwardness has dissipated through repeated rehearsals. It’s beginning to feel quite comfortable instead, almost like you belong here. My arms now remember the shape they make when we’re together like this, finding the position easily, as if this is how they’re always meant to be.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

There’s one thing I still haven’t been able to bring myself to do though, and that’s look at you as we dance. At first I kept my head turned away entirely, my gaze fixed on the nearby floor. You chastised me for that–improper form, apparently–so for the last few practices I’ve glared steadily at your chest and the small patch of exposed skin I can see there, the hint of sharp collarbones peeking out from behind your collar. It doesn’t help my heart beat any more slowly, but it’s the better of the two options.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

Your voice pulls me from my thoughts. “John.”

“Hmm?” I ask, risking a quick glance up at your face before returning my gaze to the bit of you directly in front of me.

“John, you need to look at my face.”

“No, I don’t. Mary isn’t as tall as you are. She’s my height. This is better practice.”

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

“Maybe based on her height, but you’re still tucking your chin down, which is ruining your posture. And you need to get used to the eye contact so you don’t look awkward tomorrow evening.”

“I’m pretty sure I can handle making eye contact with my own wife.” I nearly stumble over the final word. Referring to Mary that way is going to take some getting used to.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

I can feel your impatient sigh where it ruffles my hair. “Maintaining steady eye contact for the duration of an entire song without breaking it or becoming visibly uncomfortable is much more difficult than you think, John.”

Is that a challenge?

I shake my head exasperatedly but force my chin up anyway so that I am looking into your face. My eyes find yours, jade green in the warm light of the sitting room, and the corner of your mouth twitches upward.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

You’re right. (As usual.) It is harder to do this than I expected. My heart is hammering against my ribs, begging me to look away, but I’m not one to step down from a challenge. I force myself to focus on putting my feet in the right places rather than focusing on your face hovering mere inches from mine. But when you inhale deeply, your lips parting just a fraction of an inch, it’s all I can do not to take it as an invitation to push my mouth to yours, to feel your breath mingle warm and moist with mine, to lick all those clever words from your tongue, to savor the tea and tobacco and temptation taste of you.

1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3…

The final notes of the wedding waltz you wrote drift from the speakers and hover in the air around us. Whereas I didn’t want to look up at you before, now I don’t want to look away. Silence settles, but neither of us tries to step apart. Your eyes search mine, flicking gently back and forth as if you can somehow read whatever it is you want to know. A soft, sad smile plays across your lips, your deep voice hushed as you murmur, “We should give it another go.”

If only we could.

Close as Strangers (Michael)

background: due to your boyfriend’s time on the road, you had never gotten a call from michael during a right hour during the day, leaving you to have midnight conversations about you and your strained relationship.

background: this is so long and it sucks but oh well..enjoy?? x

word count: 2068


Michael was supposed to call you after his show ended, which was around five hours ago. You stayed up for as long as you could before you started dozing off in front of your television and sighing to yourself again. This was probably the millionth time Michael said he’d call you after the show, and the millionth time he didn’t follow through with what he told you. You dragged yourself to bed alone once again with a heavy heart as you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about him.

It was 3 AM when your phone suddenly rang, pulling you out of your deep sleep, making you groan. Your eyes fluttered open as you grabbed your phone and scanned the bright screen as it made you squint. Michael’s name and specific ringtone flashed and played, making your eyes widen suddenly as you pulled some hair away from your face. You sat up in your bed quickly, fixing yourself as if he were about to come into the room before answering the call.

“Michael?” You asked, sounding a bit groggy still.

“Oh, shit, sorry,” he muttered suddenly, “did I wake you?”

“Well, yeah, it’s 3 in the morning,” you said as you glanced at the clock on your wall and scratched at your head.

“I’m sorry, babe. I’ll let you sleep,” he said, sounding slightly disappointed in his horrible timing.

“Well, you’ve got me awake now. We can at least chat.”

“You sure? You’re not too tired?”

“I’m fine.”

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