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“So Molly Hooper,” Sherlock sets down the pint I’ve just bought him and brushes the foam off his top lip. I wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t have a little speech planned it seems, because he just smiles at me. Waiting. 

“Erm.” I take a long swallow of my own pint. Then another. 

Concern and amusement mingles on Sherlock’s face, “Everything all right?” He sips again. 

I thunk my pint down on the bar and make that little false laugh I’m trying to stop doing, “Oh yes. Erm. I just. Have something to tell you. I’m thinking how.” 

Sherlock turns bodily in his chair to face me, clasping his hands under his chin and fixing both eyes on mine, “Yes? I’m listening. Something troubling you?”

“No!” that was a bit loud, I think. Cough a little and sip my pint again. “No, just. Something I’ve just sort of. Just worked out. And I’ve got to tell someone, and I don’t know when or how it happened, but. Erm. You’re sort of my best friend, so.” 

Sherlock raises his eyebrows and smiles, “Oh indeed? Well, I’m all ears.” 

“And figuring it out had a lot to do with. Well. Hope you don’t mind my saying. I mean. It wasn’t very like but. Anyway. If I hadn’t ever known you, I’m not sure I would. Erm. Well.” I cough again, just so I can lower my face. Maybe that will account for the blush, too. I’m fairly sure I’m blushing. 

“The ends of these sentences must be very important, Molly. I’m afraid I don’t follow you.” 

Blow out a beery little breath, then sip from my pint again. It’s half gone by now. “I. I’m. I. I like women. Only. I’m a. I. I’m gay,” the last in a whisper, followed by a weird little giggle that I can’t quite swallow. I chance a glance up at Sherlock. 

He’s beaming at me. I’ve never seen him look so pleased. “Well!” he taps his pint glass against mine, “Welcome aboard!” 

I burst out laughing at that, and Sherlock grins and grins watching me. “Thanks,” I tell him, still giggling. I take another long draw on my pint and hiccough. “I’m a lesbian,” I say quietly, trying it out. 

“Congratulations!” Sherlock grins at me, then leans over the bar, trying to catch eyes with the barman. “So many of the best people are.” 

Inevitably every time I draw Solas’ face this happens.

*looks at chin and jaw*

Needs more pointy

*fixes and looks again*

Too much pointy!

*adjusts and looks again*

Not pointy enough

Rinse and repeat about 20 times.

So when some of you have said you love how I draw his face just know that you legit made my week because his jawline is love but it also gives me sooo many problems haha

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement in this creative journey of mine on my art and my writing.

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Cute Symmetra/Lúcio things

- Lúcio finds out that Symmetra likes to listen to calming sounds and music to go to bed with, so he creates soft lullaby melodies and ambient sounds for Symmetra to fall alseep to

-Since Lúcio’s gun is Vishkar tech, Symmetra generally knows how it works. So when something breaks or starts acting funny, she fixes it for him

-Symmetra loves to rest her chin on Lúcio’s head,since he is at the perfect height for it

-Symmetra personally finds Lúcio’s concerts to be a bit loud for her tastes initially, but after going to one after lúcio begged her, she begins to see the appeal. She doesn’t go to all of them, but she certainly finds she enjoys herself when she does decide to go.

-Lúcio loves to run his fingers through Symmetra’s hair and put it up into cute hairstyles he makes up on the spot. Some of them are a bit more.. interesting than others, but she can’t find it in herself to take them out once they are in.

-Lúcio is generally relatively clean, but some days he tends to look for something last minute and create a huge mess before leaving the house. When Symmetra gets home she is mortified by the mess. She cleans up what is necessary, but leaves quite a bit for him to do. So when he’s home, she eats him out on it. The next morning though, Symmetra will always wake up to Lúcio cooking her an apology breakfast.

-Lúcio loves to curl up to Symmetra and watch her make little geometric shapes with her hard light constructs. It’s a relaxing thing for both of them and Symmetra loves his reactions to them.

Can you imagine what it would be like for the first BIGBANG member to get married though

He’d have four groomsmen in varying stages of hysterical laughter. One would fix his collar. Another would permanently stick his chin on the groom’s shoulder to get rid of the anxiety. Yet another would tie his shoelaces for him. The last one would sneak off and pay the bride an earlier visit and tell her that the groom looks slick.

The rest of BIGBANG yelling “SWAG!” like they did for Tabi at the Commitment opening when the member and his fiancee is pronounced man and wife.

To be honest the first one to get married would probably be youngbae. If all goes well with his current gf it would make sense for them to get married after he returns from the military. But think about what would happen when Ri gets married.

Think about the wedding guests staring at the front seats because they don’t just hold two sets of crying parents, but four proudly sniffing hyungs as well. Our Riri is getting married. Our panda has another half. We’re so proud.

Needless to say, each wedding reception has suddenly the best live music in the country, with the rappers composing diss-dirt raps to poke fun at the couple. Daesung singing trot for the older generation family members. The photographer mistakenly thinking TOP in his beautifully tailored suit is the groom, and not whichever member is really the groom.

And when the party is over, the four members stay behind to usher out the guests and cover any extra costs of the party. When the manager of the place asks why, they say they are family of the groom. It’s only right, after all.

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things to fix when i am home: eyes, jaw/chin/render eyebrows better/ FIX THE LINES IN HAIR CLIPS BECAUSE I MERGED THE LAYS TOGETHER