fixed it


AKA what if Killian had been the one to follow Emma to the Wish Realm?

When Emma disappears to a realm where the Dark Curse never happened, Killian finds a way to follow her, only to find out that she doesn’t remember him. But he realizes that true love can break any curse… So all he has to do is make her fall in love with him again.


Fixed it!  Philadelphia antifascists taking care of some trash that popped up.  

“Post Trump election days have empowered every sort of white supremacist
across the states. Northeast Philadelphia, always an active, stinking
cesspool of racist skinheads, has seen the reemergence of the Keystone
United (previously known as KSS/Keystone State Skinheads). They have
been a menace for years. Their legacy has nothing to do with “heritage.”
Their “heritage” is about about a trail of murders, violent attacks, and
rapes wherever they pop up. Recently, the bigots have been back at it,
covering the area with their fascist propaganda, showing up along major
corridors, spreading their vile filth in their old recruiting grounds.Local Philadelphia Anti-Fascists were quick in killing their messaging
dead in its tracks. They cannot be allowed back into Philly’s hoods and
communities, and racists will be met everywhere they are.
They will not recruit.
They will not have a place to speak.
They will not feel safe.
No quarter, no inch, no space to breathe for fascists.”