fixed his name


Danny + Charlie Edwards Williams

dr d is the only person who knows tommys real name. not even cherri knows.

kobra (the curious boy that he is) once asked him what it was. d’s only response so far has been “it’s not thomas.”

it’s become an inside joke amongst the four and friends

show pony almost exclusively calls tommy Not Thomas

tommy hates everyone

anonymous asked:

/goes through your tumblr loving every second. /finds Seto gets fucked when he duels the Yugis. /finds Seto gets fucked by the Dark Magician. Are you trying to put thoughts and images in my head?! Filthy, filthy thoughts. There isn't a name for Seto/Dark Magician or Seto/Mahad. And is it Covetshipping if Atem is only...observing, intently? /blames you

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(Not My Gif)

“Hey Soda” you greeted walking DX station.

“Morning doll” Soda replied. He was fixing his name tag and he didn’t even need to look up to know it was you. He was used to you coming here by now.

You’ve been coming to the DX everyday for a longtime. It was now a routine of yours. You just loved to see Sodapop. You’d taken a liking to him a long time ago but you could never do or say anything. You weren’t much of a flirt like some of the other greaser girls.

“Hey ah [Y/N]” Soda suddenly said as you roamed around the store.


“You doing anything this Friday?”.

“Ah no” you responded your cheeks starting to heat up.

“Could I take you out then?” Soda asked rubbing the back of his neck. He was becoming a bit sheepish now “to a movie or something”.

“I’d really like that” you smiled.

“Great I’ll pick you up at eight”.

Painting I did of Yinepu, I may end up going back and touching him up, fixing things I wanted to fix when I first did him, then allowed my stupid art teacher to make me put a background, when I didn’t want one (this was before the background, because I hated it too much to take a picture of it). Plus He’s been pretty insistent I fix it in his name lately. Now if I can just find my easel..