fixed his name

Ok but Chris’s handwriting is 👌 and so is Steph’s new haircut.

I don’t know anything about numbers but I put Wonwoo’s number (10001) into a binary translator and the decimal came out to 17.

Food for thought.

  • Nic: Doctor Strand, have you been flirting with Alex?
  • Strand: Mr. Silver, we live in a severely heteronormative and romance-focused world in which it is assumed that any two people of different genders who spend a significant amount of time together will inevitably form romantic and/or sexual attractions to each other. You expect to observe me flirting with Ms. Reagan and so you convince yourself that that is what is happening. This is a symptom of a very common condition called 'apophenia' and--
  • Nic: that's not what I asked.

No it wasn’t, Jake Goldman. The girls already had distinct personalities. All you guys did was change two of the main characters into copies of Simpsons characters (Buttercup and Blossom are Bart and Lisa now because you didn’t even bother to see how the two acted in the original series). You made one of the greatest side characters of all time (Robin Schneider) act and sound like a complete idiot. You got rid of a female character who was the smartest, most competent character in the entire series because she had boobs. You’re already being transmisogynist, misogynist, misandrist… all the -ists. You have so far done nothing to improve upon any of the characters of this series. You have no clue how to structure narratives and your episodes just jump all over the place.

And worst of all? You’re trying to separate the girls. Yeah, they have their personalities, but they’re the strongest as a team. And you’ve totally destroyed the team dynamic by so far constantly having Bubbles and Blossom in peril and Buttercup as the gallant hero who saves these two damsels.

You’re delusional. You’re not adding spokes. You’ve driven a car into what worked and pushed it off of a cliff and sent it to its fiery death.


The remaining shuffle units have been announced! 
Their names are QA, Warlock and Yaseiji

There will also be a shuffle unit mini album! It will contain 5 new songs by the shuffle units and cards illustrated by the shuffle unit leaders’ artists.

The songs are:
Victim Collection ~Gokujou no Ikenietachi he~ - Warlock
Setsuna no Ma Chérie - Grandmaster
Do!Do!Journey! - Yaseiji

Okay but hold up

Tommy Bracco announced on Instagram Live late last night that he had to shave to look like a sixteen year old again for a Newsies photo shoot because they had very special news to announce on April 10????

I don’t know about you guys but I’m hoping for Netflix or a DVD release

Watch as it’s just that they’re finally fixing his name and Spot’s in the end credits #justice

So I stalked the Twitters of 3 Trumps

Melania, Ivanka, and Barron (the acct was unverified tho so idk)
There are some things I observed from stalking them.

-her smile was so beautiful pre-botox/es
-it was mostly active 2014-early 2016
-she really likes flowers
-and her porch
-and the new york skyline
-she loves calling her husband and son “my two boys”
-she tries to be ig aesthetic but it probably was acceptable in those years to filter most pics
-she looks so uncomfortable ???
-it looks like she forced most people to take pics w her “for the memories” HAHAHA
-okay but really her husband cannot smile without looking forced
-she had a pregnant photoshoot and her husband’s fave part was the big fan bc it proved he wasnt in a toupee wtf
-boi u have a wife that is hot and preggers appreci8 her
-my fave tweet is this one tbt of her parents and Barron because it really is the best pic there

-she supports LGBTQ ppl (idk about ++ but this is from a pride month tweet)
-also she spread awareness abt gender gap
-okay her tweets were too boring to stalk too deep
-but she loves her little boy !!!
-and her daughter !!!
-she shares lots of articles that seem pretty okay
-I’m sorry she bored me but what a proud mom she is hahaha

-little boi asked to be added on steam
-tweets went from “i love my fam” to “i like tanya from youjo senki”
-he’s currently looking for fan-art of himself for a new icon
-he’s retweeting some of them !!!
- and complimenting the artists
-whatta nice boi
-he also has crunchyroll premium
-and asked suggestions for “japanese animations”

TL;DR they are normal people too despite their riches and that one relative they have in common. Also Barron is a weaboo dont @ me.


Danny + Charlie Edwards Williams

dr d is the only person who knows tommys real name. not even cherri knows.

kobra (the curious boy that he is) once asked him what it was. d’s only response so far has been “it’s not thomas.”

it’s become an inside joke amongst the four and friends

show pony almost exclusively calls tommy Not Thomas

tommy hates everyone