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I turned off anon

I’ve been getting a lot of questions through anon about having issues with cc, and it is hard to work with you guys to fix problems if I don’t know who you are. Most of these issues aren’t as easy as “oh do this!” and require a bit more conversation to diagnose the issue, and it’s hard to have a conversation when you’re anonymous. I hope you all understand ♥

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Hopefully the little pigeon friend makes a speedy recovery! If I may ask, where did you find it? I'd be worried about the other birds if it was a neighbor or someone close by that shot it.

Hopefully! And we went to a shop where the guy was fixing our mini fridge and found him wandering around favoring his right wing. I chased him down and picked him up, and was sitting there petting him and I could tell the guy we were talking to looked guilty. So we talked about other ways to try and get the flock of pigeons to move on, like removing the weeds around there to get rid of their food source, keep the trash cans closed, and possibly put up some of those fake owls. He said he would try that before shooting any others, which I appreciated :)

Lance: *lays down on Keith’s lap and looks up at him angelically* Keith, tell me I’m pretty. 

Keith: *cups his cheek and looks at him lovingly* You are the love of my life and the most beautiful boy I have ever met. I love you. 


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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redraw of a very scenic scene (couldn’t find that line in english so i had to improvise hehe)

i’ve never watched this movie

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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I’m aware there’s flaws in my theory…but I think I’m on to something