fixed gear conversion

quick story

I had a really nice bike ride home from work and head about 8 miles down when I got to a monster hill that’s near my neighborhood. As I was flying down this wall and doing some skips to make sure I could stop at the intersection if I had to, I threw my chain.

Suddenly my bike was silent for a moment followed by a creaking winding sound as I felt the resistance leave the cranks and prepared to re-open my harry potter wannabe scar. 

Apparently this bike likes me, and the cog pulled the chain tight around the bottom bracket shell - the excess chain wrapped around the inside of the cog and locked up the back wheel. It worked so well that you might’ve thought I had planned it, the cranks even locked in a neutral position that didn’t bottom out and toss me over the bars. 20 feet later I skidded off the road up a driveway entrance where I fixed it up and before riding home.

And that is why you ride track bikes instead of fixed gear conversions.

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These road dropouts may be the end of me.


Project #2 - Old School to New Old School - Change of plans. This project is going to be a Restoration.